Deco wallpaper or how to enlarge the space in a small room –

Deco wallpaper or how to enlarge the space in a small room

But the white walls are not the best option. It's best to choose a color among them la crème, beige to light yellow, sand, pale pink, peach, gray, blue-gray, gray-green, light green, light blue and blue-green. At the same time take into account the brightness in the room. If it's a small dark room, you need to warm colors. If, however, the room is bright enough, you can take cold colors.

Here's how a small room can appear larger if you alternate different types of wallpaper decoration

wallpaper deco idea bedroom Layouts

The embossed wallpaper can enlarge any space. It creates a play of shadows and volumes that gives the impression of a larger space. The shiny wallpaper can also give the illusion of a larger space.

You can also use a small room in a patterned wallpaper. If you want to stick it on the wall, it is better to take with smaller patterns. But if you have high ceilings, choose horizontal patterns. If you have many pictures on the walls, choose a monochrome wallpaper.

Color Wallpaper clear fishing grounds

ideas wallpaper modern wall decor

Combine the pale young and cream colors with bright violet, dusty pink, pale green or red amortized. The pale pink goes well with green salad, light purple and blue. The light green combines well with dark green, purple and pink. The gray-green goes with gray and cherry. The green light will be well with the purple, magenta and light magenta.

The decor with wallpaper could be very stylish if you follow our advice

Deco wallpaper modern house wall

Various tips for wallpaper

The idea of ​​our first tip is to put a wallpaper monophonic or simple patterned wallpaper on three walls and a flashy or wallpaper with a large pattern on the fourth. This fourth wall will be chosen depending on what you want to show. You may want to put your big TV screen, a backsplash or shelves? Or perhaps do a work space or relaxed space?

Here is a small bedroom where thanks to wallpaper the space infinity air

wallpaper wall decoration interior idea

Tip division

Use wallpaper of the same color but a different material in the same room. This may be a monochromatic or patterned wallpaper. Put a dark wallpaper on the lowest part of the wall and a lighter on the top of the wall. The boundary between these two parts of the wall must be very fine. A wide border will visually reduce the height of the room.

The horizontal or vertical lines can help you visually enlarge the space in your small room

wallpaper flowers deco lines

alternating Tip

If the room is really small using two different types of wallpapers. You can use three in a larger room. The wallpapers must be in color and similar motifs or at least go well together. Put them as usual but at intervals interned. For example put two rolls of the same type, after a roll of a different kind and try again.

When one has a different wall of the other three the result is very design

wallpaper decor diagonal lines

3D Tip

If you like wallpapers with large 3D elements but this type of wallpaper is perhaps a bit too much for your part in this case take a roll, cut some of these elements and pour them on a clear wallpaper. They will look like decorative elements on tiles.

Tip Decoretto

The clear wallpapers without annoying patterns in a small room can be embellished with an even greater Decoretto sticker. For example you can snag some great chrysanthemums on the wall vertically or horizontally. They will not visually reduce the space in your room.

Be creative and use as you see fit decorettos

Deco flower wallpaper

Deco 3D boat wallpaper

Alternate deco wallpaper

Deco wallpaper Decoretto fishing

Deco wallpaper patterned blue

wallpaper pink purple deco

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