Making an original piggy bank is fun and easy with these 5 projects!

original idea piggy-manufacturing-child activities

Summer is a good time to discover creative outdoor recreation. But when the heat outside becomes too intense, we turn to the cool our homes.

During these times of the day, many parents propose ideas for crafts to their children. It is a way to enjoy them inside the house, while teaching them how to make various objects for decoration of the nursery. Today we just interested in this kind of creative projects. We decided to talk about

Original piggy manufacturing projects,

since this friendly subject also has the advantage of learning how to small raise money to then invest in a gift or an activity that makes them dream. The months from June to September are precisely a time when children and teens are free to devise activities that can bring them a little money aside. And what better than original piggy bank to keep safe from prying eyes?

original pig piggy bank painted slate color

Original piggy bank-painting-black-idee-DIY-child

We start with a fairly simple manual activity project. It involves repainting a pig piggy bank we already have on hand to give it a more trendy and fun look. The materials that will be needed for this original idea piggy bank are:

  • an old piggy bank;
  • the slate paint;
  • brushes or paint buffer;
  • chalk to decorate her piggy bank (optional).

Original piggy bank-idee-manual-child activities

The first step of this project is to prepare its work surface. If the piggy bank that we will use is an old and dusty object is cleaned with some soapy water and a cloth. Is allowed to dry before tackling the next step.

diy-piggy-original-a-manufacture-it-yourself paint-slate

The second part of the project is devoted to painting. Before launching, its work plan is prepared by covering the paper or other type of protective equipment. This is an important step, especially if you rely delegate painting to your child!


It covers the old piggy bank with one or two coats of paint slate. For best results, it is ensured that the paint we bought is adapted to the type of surface you will paint.


Once the painted surface completely slate color, allowed to dry. Finally, when the piggy bank is completely dried, decorated with chalk.

idee deco-room-to-child-piggy-piggy-black

And now, your little already has its own original and personalized piggy bank!


Of course, this idea of ​​customization can be applied also to other forms of money boxes; also we are free to experiment with different colors of paint. Good idea for those who dream of a trendy decoration object shaped silver or golden piggy bank!

Moneybox original superhero to be made from a glass jar

Original piggy bank activity-manual-child-super-hero-jar

Our second idea of ​​manual activity for children also involves painting but in a slightly different form. This is to create an original piggy bank from a glass jar. For this, armed himself with the following materials:

  • a glass jar
  • painting a color of choice
  • a knife
  • paper stickers or plain paper and glue

Original piggy bank has-how-it-yourself-idee

After preparing the materials, it is first of all proceeds to cut an opening in the lid of the jar. It will transform simple glass container in a personalized piggy bank in which to hide its treasures. Then they move on to painting the jar; allowed to dry and is decorated DIY piggy bank with a superhero motif. This is to print on sticker paper or on a single sheet, to be attached to the jar with glue.

Original piggy boy-super-hero-diy-deco

In the picture above, some ideas of patterns which can be used to make this decoration. They are available free of charge by the blog Fireflies and Mud Pies; so feel free to enjoy your creative activity project!

Make an original piggy decorative clay or plasticine

Did you know you can also make a personalized piggy clay deco or plasticine? The idea is interesting and very creative. The tutorial video above shows how to achieve such an object inspired by Starbucks. Once we understood the basics of making this object, you can decorate as desired!

Original piggy manufacturing Idea cereal box

diy-piggy-child-making tutorial

The cereal box is a subject we like to recycle in projects of various child crafts. And there is also a piggy bank to achieve an original cardboard! Here is the list of materials that will be needed for this manual activity:

  • a box of cereal ;
  • of colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue ;
  • decorative eyes and tail.

piggy-a-do-it-yourself paper and cardboard

The first step of the original piggy bank project is to cover the cereal box in colored paper. The precise shade depend on the animal or object you want to represent. In our example, the chosen animal is a pig and color - a bright shade of pink. It may also decide to paint the box; in this case should be applied several coats of paint to completely cover the coverage of cereals.

Personalized piggy-idea-it-yourself-to-child-paper

The next step depends on the age of the child. For smaller, the parts of the animal is cut in advance; those greater can cut themselves slips of paper into the desired shape.

Original piggybank child-a-do-it-yourself

then proceeds to the next step of sticking the cut pieces of the box. Again, it follows the pattern of the selected animal.

manufacturing-piggy-child Personalized cardboard

Finally, the finishing touches are added to it. A funny line at the back of the cereal box is further obliged to a piggy bank. Not to mention a small opening to insert money!

Ideas original piggy banks in cereal boxes

Original piggy bank has make-oneself-child activities

Projects DIY original piggy banks adapt to the interests of children. For small who love technology, it transforms a cereal box in friendly robot. We then use the pieces of colored paper to create buttons and other appropriate decorations.

Original cardboard piggy-a-do-it-yourself-child-hand-activities

For large, it produces a paper piggy bank with letters. They can then write a message to further customize their creation. Messages are cutting paper and stick to the surface or draw directly on the sheet that will be applied on the box.

Make an original piggy Recycling materials'


Devotees of ecological Deco can enjoy this child manual activity project to teach small few good reflexes. Collect materials and recycle them in a creative DIY decor is trendy and it helps to protect the environment.


Here is an idea of ​​piggy plastic bottle and paper that takes the shape of an airplane. Submit the project to his son or daughter will need the following materials:

  • an empty plastic bottle (small or large, depending on the value);
  • Color paper of cardboard (shades of blue, green, or other);
  • of double-sided tape;
  • scissors;
  • a pencil.


Once provided with the necessary materials, you get into the project by cutting a hole in the plastic bottle. This opening will serve to slide money in the piggy bank personalized child.


The second step requires a little more attention. It consists in drawing the design of the aircraft and is to do with precision. For this, we use cardboard paper and draws on his back pieces that will be used to dress the bottle. For a more accurate result, we draw a piece and is a model for the second. Then we cut the second piece.

idee-piggy-original-has-to-paper bottled water

Proceed to next step in which is fixed the cylinder dressing on its surface. For this, the double-sided adhesive is used. It allows us to put the pieces of paper to the plastic bottle. Warning: trim will also cover the opening we have already achieved. therefore used the scissors to make money available to open.

How to customize its original piggy bank shaped aircraft


Then both engines of his plane is drawn and cut. For this purpose, carries two pieces of rectangular paper is wound and that sticks together. Then, they are fixed on the plastic bottle by using the adhesive. Good to know: the well made engine will fly to remain stable when placed on a flat surface.


For the next step, we draw and we cut the wings of the plane. Again, we proceed using a wing model for the other. This little trick will make the two parts of the same plane.

piggy bank paper-airplane-bottle-manufacturing

The wings are cut and to stick to the original piggy bank with double sided tape. We end by drawing the propeller of the plane. It will then be secured between the opening of the bottle and its cap; for this reason, it would be best to use it as a model. Finally, one has only to add decorative touches to his personal piggy bank!

how make-a-piggy-child-paper-idee


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