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Wood Created: 10 DIY projects and tutorials to test!

DIY accessory wooden creative idea creative idea deco wood project

After talking DIY ideas with a branch of wood in a recent publication, we now turn to a series of small projects sympathetic to achieve with the same genuine material to decorate your home or to complete your outfit with an interesting gem.

wood design - our ideas and DIY tutorials not to be missed!

wood floated creation easy DIY deco jewelry making

Whether you use wooden objects made you want to restyle or branches or pieces in recovered material you want to incorporate into your home, you can browse our collection of 10 original tutorials and experiment with a wooden creation to do so- even !

Wood Creation to customize a kitchen that lacks color: paint his utensils wooden kitchen!

wooden creative idea craft activity cookware

We start with an idea of ​​easy wooden creation that will help you customize cookware with a little paint. This project involves painting the handles of tools found in every home, such as wooden spoons.

How to decorate kitchen utensils and give pep to his table accessories dining

wooden accessories creating kitchen makeover manual activities

Customize this kind of utensils to cook or serve proves a fairly simple task. Just bring along various color paints and dip handles. For more accurate results, use of paint protection adhesive and thus delimit the area you want to paint. Let dry and use your custom wood creation as usual.

Idea to relook its garden tools with color handles

creating wooden garden tools customized creative project

Take inspiration from this DIY method to customize other objects with wooden handles in your home: wooden planks, doors coats, gardening tools ...

Make a wooden Scandinavian inspired creation: candleholder small pieces of organic materials

wooden candlestick creation Scandinavian style make yourself

If you like working with pieces of wood, try a project of Scandinavian inspired DIY: make your own original candle holder Nordic style! Given the size of this object, it can be manufactured in pieces of wood that you are of another project; you only have to make a hole in the wood to fix a candle.

Customize its candle holders with paint, it's easy!

creating wooden candlestick model to manufacture natural home deco idea

For a more interesting result, decorate your wooden creation with paint in a color of your choice. Again, you will get a successful effect if you delimit the area to paint with protective tape.

Organize your garden with natural wooden sticks labels

Wooden creation vegetable garden stems labels deco exterior model diy

The wooden rods are a material that is easily obtained without spending money. Use these natural products to decorate your vegetable garden outside or inside organic labels.

Have fun embellishing your plant pots or your vegetable garden with functional wooden creations!

wooden creative diy easy deco exterior idea labels

Select rods of a similar size or cut a twig into equal pieces. Next, trim the ends of the stems imitating the shape of an arrow, you will thus introduce them more easily in the soil. Then grab the stems one by one and cut their ends so as to create a smooth surface on which you can write the names of your herbs or plants you have in your garden.

Create a flower pot from a cream jar and wooden rods floated

Wooden creation floated hides idea deco wooden pot making itself even

Here is another project of original wooden creation for gardening lovers: make a flower pot personalized driftwood!

Creating wooden float to enjoy more flowerpots without spending much

creation idea deco house wood floats flower pot to do

To realize this simple DIY project, grab an old jar of cream, paint, brush and wood float rods.

Refresh an old flower pot with wooden twigs floated

wood floats idea creation decoration flower pot cover

Apply the paint to the surface of your pot, then store it your pieces of driftwood using paint like glue. This same technique will allow you to relook pots antique flowers Plastic facts or other material: for this, replace the paint with glue and attach the pieces of wood on the surface of the pot, as shown in the picture above .

How to make a wooden dock floated to his mobile or his tablet

make a wooden decor fleet station'accueil mobile telephone

If you live near the sea or ocean, you're lucky because you have access to a popular material for many DIY: driftwood.

Creating Original wood floated as a gift

cre = wooden shelf éation floated home of station make yourself

It is well known that the branches of driftwood are used to create wall full of decorative items but have you ever tried to make a docking station for your mobile phone or tablet?

Natural decoration rhyme with new technology!

driftwood original creations mobile tablet dock to manufacture

Contrary to what you might think, it's a simple enough idea to implement: you only need a fairly long leg for supporting your mobile! Make a hole for your phone and another for cable.

Creation wood floated to customize a mirror or picture frame

Wooden creation driftwood mirror frame diy natural decoration

Do not throw small pieces of driftwood! Collect them in a bag and build a truly impressive mirror frame!

DIY tutorial wooden mirror frame float

DIY tutorial timber fleet deco mirror frame was make yourself

This DIY project you take a little more time but the end result is definitely worth the effort. Take the mirror you want to decorate and place it on a table or other work surface. Mark out the area you want to decorate with the adhesive; Then, apply glue and start to fix your small pieces of driftwood.

photo frame or wooden mirror to make for a natural style inside or oceanfront

creation floated wood frame mirror wood model has to

As you would need several layers of wood to create a truly unique setting, let each dry before applying the glue and attach the following pieces. Once this step finished, seal your wooden frame floated with a little hairspray. Follow the same procedure to decorate a photo or picture!

Wooden Storage floated for a harmonious home

creation floated wood wall decoration easy jewelry door idea to do

The branches of driftwood transform into various arrangements for our interiors! Above, we offer an idea of ​​coat hanger or jewelry storage in this kind of material.

Make personalized jewelry door with driftwood to regain its accessories in a wink! *

wooden jewelry creation colors door decoration idea natural

Of course, all these arrangements are suitable for a lot of personal interpretations. Thus, a chic bohemian style jewelry door will look natural and more will be decorated in bright colors.

Tutorial DIY door wooden jewelry floated: What are the necessary materials?

creation driftwood idea carries jewelry wooden branches

To make such a small storage, grab a branch of driftwood and several stems. These are to be decorated according to your desires with paint but with tissues or glitter glued on their surface.

Easy manual activity: decorate and assemble the wooden door floated jewelry

Manual wooden branch business idea decoration door jewelry

To give your wood creating a finished look, make holes in the branch and insert your decorated rods (if you have used paint or glue to decorate the stems, leave to dry before moving at this stage). If you want to fix the rods more securely apply a small amount of wood glue on the end of each front to locate it in the corresponding hole.

original wall storage model materials Recycling '

wooden wall shelves creative DIY deco original wall storage

Need an extra shelf for storage of your books or a few small items? Do not rush to buy this kind of furniture before thinking of clever storage options and cheap materials recycling craft!

DIY tutorial for wooden hanging shelf

diy DIY decorative wood tutorial original wall units to make

Eh yes ! No need to be an expert in DIY to create a hanging shelf by recycling two wooden boards and two leather belts that you no longer use!

Using two wooden boards and two belts to a wall shelf
deco wall wood floats DIY storage shelf model

Take a few nails and a hammer and made of wooden planks supports worn by your old belts. Put everything on your wall and ask them your favorite decorative items!

Example of wood to create original wall decoration

model deco wooden wall shelf hanging DIY Creation

In addition to decorating our homes, wood easily becomes a fashion accessory, especially in the form of necklaces and bracelets DIY.

DIY personalized wooden jewelry with wooden beads

Creation necklace wood beads DIY hand painted adult manual activities

Everyone is capable of making a necklace with large wooden beads to wear as an accessory to an outfit Arty!

Prepare its wooden beads for decoration

Easy wood jewelry wooden beads DIY DIY Creation

Here are the steps to follow to have this original jewel: Get wooden beads large format (13 or more) of protective adhesive, paint three different colors (for example, metallic shades, the very fashion at the moment) and a chain.

Paint each bead in a trendy color

Creation idea wood necklace wooden beads make yourself

Place the adhesive on a portion of each wooden bead, so as to apply paint to half of its surface only. Then decorate pearls with the colors you selected.

Allow to dry and remove the protective tape

DIY DIY wood beads necklace wooden accessory

Let dry before removing the adhesive, as shown in the picture above. Then, put on your custom beads on the string. And now, your necklace is ready to wear!

Give her jewelery a finished look

model wooden necklace beads make yourself paint

And to complete your outfit with an additional wooden accessory, remove one of your old bracelets and decorate each element component with geometric patterns in varied shades. Here's an easy to follow tutorial to make this type of custom jewelry:

DIY custom wood bracelet

wooden creative diy wooden accessory jewelry bracelet to wear

Wooden bracelet decorated with trendy motifs

idea creation jewelry wooden DIY wood strap model

How to create a custom wooden accessory

wooden creative diy tutorial strap wooden jewelry itself even

* Photo and design by Rebecca's DIY

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