Brand original page to make it yourself in some creative ideas –

Brand original page to make it yourself in some creative ideas

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In this article we will show you some ideas page original brand to easily create yourself. Lovers will love reading all these creative ideas.

No more corners folded page! With all these ideas that we will offer you, you would need to use your metro tickets and your additions to remember where you stopped. In short, we intend to make your life with beautiful bookmark DIY that will bring joy during your reading time.

Ideas page original brand to realize in himself a few steps

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Let's start with this sparkling bookmark for the female audience. To achieve this, you need to color cardboard, yarn of your choice, scissors and a puncher. First, begin by cutting a rectangular shape from the carton. Then, using a perforating punch a hole at the end. This will serve you and help thread the will to keep your bookmarks. Finally, personalize your creation by adding some decorative touches. This idea will only take a few minutes and you can do more to give to friends.


Here's an idea original page brand that few people think.

You have old books that no longer interest you and that are falling apart? You can use it! Take the cover piece on the side and use it as a bookmark. To make it stronger, just stick to the back of a box of the same size and attach a wire or ribbon there to help you find your way more easily. Mark a book by a book end - who would have thought?


What can be a simple paper clip?

We all have a trombone lying around on the desktop. Well, we have a suggestion for you! You can turn it into original brand page to hang on the page of your book. But also to leave some nice words to your lover, on leaving the house. It's simple and it only takes a few seconds! Just twist the side of the trombone and voila! Do not believe us? Try !


This original bookmark is a discovery for young and old! If you decide to do, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. In addition, it will only take a few minutes. Follow our tutorial brand page below and try to do it at home, alone or with your children.

* Beware of sharp objects!


For this original bookmark you need to:

  • lighter
  • well-cut knife
  • a trombone
  • a pair of bend
  • small plastic toy or silicone

First, begin by cutting the little toy here as dinosaur. Choose the right size, so it is not too big to bother you. Then take the paper clip with pliers to avoid burns and heat it in the end. The purpose of this exercise is that you can easily push it in half small toy. Once you have finished, you can finally hang your bookmark to the selected page.


Also in the same style, you can hang any items to this clip, like buttons of colors in the photo above. As you see, the trombone can be the basis of several original ideas. So be creative and try different options.


Writing Designmag love this original idea to bookmark book and hope you will too.

For this project, you need to:

  • an ice stick
  • a thick elastic portion
  • needle and thread
  • glue
  • scissors or a cutter

First, start by cutting the ice stick 3 cm. from the edge. The rest of the stick cut into two equal parts. This will serve to create the arrow. 2 Arrange the sticks just halved in parallel against the long end and draw a triangle. Cut with the cutter parties around the triangle. Your arrow is ready and now we have the stick. Now take your elastic and sew the ends together. Make sure that it is long enough to coat the book. It's time to personalize your arrow. For this you can use paint or covering it with a cloth. Finally, attach the arrow to your elastic. Your original bookmark is ready!


The tassels are very trendy right now. They are everywhere in fashion stores - on clothing, but also jewelry. That is why it would be a good idea to make one for your book. But instead of going to buy, you can save money by doing it yourself. Look !


Tuto tassel wool yarn or rope

  • A ball of yarn or colored string
  • A piece of wool or string of another color
  • Box or similar object
  • scissors

Take the box or similar size object of the photo above. Then switch your thread end of one side in length. The next step is to wind the wire around the box passing over the starting wire. Once you have finished, tie a knot and remove. You are almost ready. Finally, should cut the ends with scissors and wrap a piece of wire on the top of tassel to have the look of a tassel.

diy-textile-book idea

The pompoms are also available in round version. For this, you should wire wool so that it forms a ball and tie it.

scrapbook tape-girly tissue

Making a beautiful and fun bookmark can be a really fun hobby. The easiest would be to do from cardboard or fabric and decorate a few accessories. For a girly look with beads, ribbons and lace. For men, choose more refined patterns and colors.


This animal shaped bookmark will fill children. To achieve this, you can download it here. Ensuiye, you have more than to cut the top in gray.

Do not miss to watch the video some interesting ideas!

monster-cloth-edge decoupage

paper decoupage hand-colors

tissue paper, jute-idea



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