Creative ideas for creative DIY decor –

Creative ideas for creative DIY decor

Deco DIY colored paper

The decor DIY, it's about you? DIY that comes from the English expression Do it Yourself is a trend that is gaining more and more popularity these days.

You would animate your apartment or house?

You find it lacks color? You do not have the means to buy expensive artwork? Engage in the creation then! With the right materials you can make masterpieces. If you are not able to imagine the decor DIY was some creative ideas for you!

Let's start with objects and materials that can easily be found at home. The use of paper for making 3D art is a practice in vogue. The work below represents a geometric pattern made from paper. For manufacturing steps, visit the blog Just a Girl.

The decor DIY: a trend that rises in popularity

Deco apartment diy paper

For a similar look but a little more floral

DIY original creation

Shoe boxes can be turned into pretty decoration

blue deco DIY shoe box

The cupcake decoration: give free rein to your imagination!

Deco DIY kitchen paper

Wood, paper, plastic ... any material can be used for DIY

Decorative wooden frame

Create your own masterpiece cheap

Deco DIY painted wood

You are not strong in geography? Make your own map!

Decorative paper card

Make good use of these cards lying around in drawers!

Deco DIY postcards

Dare contrast: create a wall decoration in yellow and gray

Decorative wall ideas

Decorative DIY paper flowers

Deco design idea

original brightly colored decor

Decorative DIY paper art

Deco DIY wallpaper

Deco geometric painting DIY

Deco DIY dots

Deco yellow diy living room

Decorative ceramic wall diy

DIY typography

DIY interior decoration idea

Blue wall decoration

minimalist white paper Green DIY

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