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Wall decoration with wooden pallets

Deco table wooden pallets

There are plenty of ways to use wooden pallets. One can even turn them into wall art. In this article we will present an original project with wooden pallets.

The framework that we will use is like a palette but it is made of wood and measures scratches are 15 '' x 15 ''. After the frame was manufactured, it was covered with a layer of brown paint and then some cream colored paint. The edges have been sanded with sandpaper which gave them a distressed look. As you see, you can make the same frame with remains of wood. A palette will be perfect as well-on.

Wood pallets - an original decorative idea with a wooden paddle wooden pallets DIY idea

Once the frame is dry and paint, it's time to write a message on it. The message on the photo is only an example but you can write what you like and according to your interior decoration. But make sure before starting to write the message that it is not too long and you have enough room on the table. You would probably need a stencil to write letters but you can just as easily use a spray or brush. This idea DIY gives you the opportunity to have a beautiful picture very original you can put eg on the front door, outside or inside. Be positive in the message and express your personality!

Spend a brown coat of paint on the palette and then some cream-colored paint layer wooden pallets Deco idea

You can write an original message and set the table decor at the location of your choicedecoration wooden pallets
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