DIY easy decoration: 6 creative projects with rope –

DIY easy decoration: 6 creative projects with rope

DIY home decor easy rope DIY projects

The rope is one of the natural materials we like to see in modern interiors that are simple to handle. That certainly explains why it is used so often in DIY projects decorations and furniture makeover inside.

Below, we explain how to use them to achieve 6 DIY projects easy decoration for home.

DIY decor easy for the home: furniture room divider idea rope

diy rope Deco easy tutorial

We start immediately with a DIY tutorial easy and original decoration: a rope room divider furniture. This is a cheap and simple idea to realize that allows you to divide the interior space in an open apartment, in a loft or a studio. With its manufacturing technology, furniture allows light to flow inside the house.

DIY Idea deco easy and cheap using the rope

DIY decor easy furniture inside

The production of such furniture is quite simple. In the example in these photos was used a custom-made wood frame to match the best in the available space. You too can make a structure similar to the area where you want to install your rope creation.

Rope furniture DIY Tutorial

Deco furniture diy easy rope

After attaching the timber frame, you should place the rope on it. To do this, secure it using nodes. So that this space separation solution to be successful and aesthetics, he would then try to hide these nodes inside the wooden structure, as shown in the picture above.

room dividers and furniture creative idea with rope

easy diy rope furniture home decor

You would have seen: it is a creative project that requires a little time (to repeat steps and fix the rope on all of the selected surface) but is very economical in terms of investment it request. Clever is not it?

Original idea of ​​easy DIY decoration: make a coffee table adorned with rope

diy home decor easy chord table

We turn to our second tutorial easy DIY decor with string: how to make a coffee table (or a night table) Original and very pretty.

Deco wooden table with rope feet

Low rope original deco table

DIY decoration with string to natural interior

DIY decoration easy rope home coffee table

To succeed in this project manual activity, you would need a wooden board feet to fix this on this board (in the example above, we used steel feet), the paint, a drill, screws, glue and paint.

How to make a coffee table with rope adorned feet

Home decoration rope easy activity

Not to mention the rope course!

Furniture DIY tutorial with rope

DIY home deco coffee table tutorial

The manufacture of this piece is to first set foot on the board of your choice.

coffee table DIY tutorial or custom night table

make rope deco house

Then he would dress the feet of rope using glue.

DIY decor easy with rope and coffee table idea homemade

deco furniture rope home coffee table

Furniture Decoration with rope

how to make a coffee table rope

These pictures show how close this procedure.

Furniture customization idea for original decoration of the house

rope diy easy table decoration

If you like the natural look or a rustic décor, you can leave it as what furniture: its authentic look will be perfect for decorations of these styles.

DIY easy and cheap decoration: how to paint the feet of his cabinet

table decoration diy furniture makeover

Contemporary furniture and decor for cheap inside

idee decoration easy coffee table

But you can also paint the cord in a color of your choice.

Making a personalized rope furniture

make a coffee table deco home easy

This will allow you to give your coffee table or night a contemporary look that blends into your interior.

Photo of rope and wood furniture

DIY decor easy chord table night

DIY easy and contemporary decor rope

easy DIY idea deco furniture diy rope

You can also adapt this project to an old piece of furniture: it would be enough to dress his feet of rope to revamp an old table that you already have at home!

DIY easy deco cabinet to self *

DIY decor easy small storage string

How to customize a storage unit with rope *

DIY idea rope basket Easy DIY

Our third suggestion DIY decor easy using the rope will allow you to decorate a storage basket and make it more stylish.

storage basket DIY Tutorial rope *

decoration and DIY storage rope

Rope image for furniture storage home *

DIY decor easy DIY idea rope

To do this, follow the cord application technique using glue which we have spoken above: cover your furniture glue and place the rope!

Table end custom sofa with rope

table decoration diy rope creative activity

Here is a DIY idea with rope that will quickly revamp an old table end table. It would be enough to wrap the feet of the piece of furniture a little rope and decorate the top with a piece of the same material. The result: a decorative object personalized style seaside!

Subject Deco easy DIY: rope container

easy diy rope DIY Deco vase

With this creative project, you can make a small object natural decor: a rope container with very migonne colored buttons.

Tuto manual activity and easy decoration with rope

manual activities easy rope DIY deco

Making your small container rope by creating a solid base using a little glue, as shown in the steps above. Then continue to apply the paste and to turn the rope around the base. Add splashes of color by wrapping a part of the string of a finer yarn, as shown in the images below!

DIY home decorating easy with rope

idee home decoration vase easy DIY rope

* Photos and DIY idea by Celebrate Creativity

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