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Wooden pallets: Furniture craft ideas

wood pallet recycling idea diy furniture manufacture

Wooden pallets are designed to be reused and are perfect for creating furniture, planters or to design your terrace or patio. Construction of objects from pallets is an activity that recycles waste while demonstrating creativity.

If you too have always pallets lying around at home and you do not know what to do, you will find below some ideas to help you make design and original furniture.

Designer furniture that cost next to nothing

table wooden pallet deck idea

More and more furniture designers fun to reuse the wooden pallets benches, coffee tables or coat rack, creating a movement called "Deco Recycling". This is a trend Triple E - ecological, economic and elemental. It remains to choose the furniture that you want to create in the following ideas, where some furniture does not even require removal of the pallet!

wood pallet furniture - a trend "Deco Recycling"wooden pallets DIY idea dining room table

Once your furniture in wood mounted paddles, you can decorate it as you wish. However, the wood of the pallet has a charm that gives an authentic look to your creations. Wooden pallets are often poplar, spruce, Douglas fir, Scotch or sea.

The coffee table is the simplest furniture manufacturing

wooden pallets DIY table layout idea

Coffee table for living room on wheels

wooden pallets table seating wheels design idea

Better than purchased coffee table, coffee table wooden pallets is ideal for tight budgets and for artistic souls who wish to integrate recycling style home. Gather two wooden pallets of identical size, set six wheels and repaint the entire agreement by choosing a color with the decor of the lounge.

Choose a color for your wood pallets sofa or let the natural wood color

wood white cushions sofa

Improvise a bench pallets which is perfect for your holiday. Layer four pallets, Cinch and dress all the foam and a beautiful fabric, to be comfortable and pretty. Use decorative pillows to accent its cozy look.

Blankets and cushions accentuate your creative furniture

terrace lounge sofa pretty

The pallets can also be transformed into a great headboard It takes only two or three repaint the line side by side, linking them with a drill and nails, then place the long and rectangular mass behind the bed The feeling that this creation, costing next to nothing, will the room be surprising.

The office is also easy to manufacture furniture

ammeublement wooden pallet

Even the workspace adheres to the trend of furniture Recycling release. The hardware required is three pallets, two placed on the ground vertically spacing them so as to form the desktop support. The third will land horizontally on the first two to form the desktop tray. It remains only to fix and strengthen the structure and finalize with a glass part, for example.

Combine the natural color palettes with flashy walls

velo door range

Simple to perform, the pallets coat rack taking shape after it has fixed hooks on its wooden planks. One can even create a wall cabinet ranks bike!

The coffee table can take all forms

low wooden pallet table

The size of your sofa depends only on your desire

sofa garden patio pallet

Your creations can have all shapes, colors and functions

chairs pallet tables

A sauna everything in wooden pallets? It is quite possible, look:

You can even create a wood pallet in sauna

sauna pallets

Exhibition of modern garden and a small priceterrace furniture design

There is nothing more natural than to arrange his garden or terrace with wooden furniture. Using pallets to make it, you enjoy not only the natural look of wood, but you'll save.

wooden pallets Garden furnitureWooden garden furniture

black wood pallet table

recycles furniture range

A palette, many functions. The shape of the pallet goes anywhere at all. It is not surprising then that it is the star of our indoor and outdoor contemporary for some years.

Let your imagination guide you and you will make real works of art

wood pallet furniture ideas

Making a long-chair wooden pallet, it is possible and it's class. The necessary equipment is three pallets of which must be removed to serve as armrests.

Chaise-long pallet wood, brilliant!

chair wooden pallet

Forget the bed frames expensive wood. Just find a few pallets to create a modern and comfortable bed.

bed wooden pallets

Table manufactured with dismantled palleteco wood garden furniture

coffee table with storage - here's an idea really practicalpallette lounge table

The couch, the pallet furniture became a true classic. It is installed where desired, in the lounge or in the garden, according to his needs and desires.

bench eco wood

pallet wood garden bench

Bench made of wooden pallets

DIY wooden pallet hanging lamp table bench minimalist black and white

Shelf wooden pallet DIY kitchen shelf wooden pallet idea

Bureau of wood palletsfurniture wooden paddle DIY idea cheap office pallets

The palette is not difficult to disassemble. To do this, you will still need tools. If you are not experienced handyman, start with yourself projects with pallets - table, sofa, armchair.

Shelves storage of wooden palletsshelves wooden pallets storage room decor practical framework

The palette is invited in the kitchen in the form of bar or kitchen island.

Bar Ideasoriginal bar storage timber pallet cheap restaurant

Coat of wooden pallets colored green idea pallet wood coat hanger cheap garment comfort storage

coffee table wooden palletscheap coffee table living room table in wood pallet

Coffee table on wheelslow wheel paddle table idea DIY cheap living

pallet wood furniture design table mat

pallet table seating recycling not expensive furnishings idea not expensive living

Long range chair

decoration pallet

kitchen furniture range

Design Larder interesting pallets

wood furniture

garden furniture pallet wood

The wooden pallet can be your cabinet for bathroom.

storage pallet timber

garden outdoor wooden table

The table is the project to be realized with the simplest pallets. Making an armchair pallet too. All you need is three pallets. two is placed on top of one another and the third is fixed to form a folder.

Garden armchair made with paddle

garden chair

Even the dog enjoys the comforts sofa down wooden pallets:

long wooden eco chair

Three ideas DIY pallet quilting, island kitchen, bathroom and stairs:

stairs wooden pallets

furniture drawers pallet

Garden furniture with pallets

Wood patio furniture cushions table plants

terrace furniture pallets

wooden coffee table seating range

wooden garden swing

We do not all get to enjoy a cellar. Yet many people like to collect good bottles of wine home. Making a storage unit for your simple bottle collection and affordable with pallets.

wood furniture range

Nowadays, almost everyone has tried at some point to create a wood pallet furniture. And yes, it's so convenient and it costs next to nothing.

pallets sofa lounge

decoration furniture

The decor and pallets: possible union

wood decoration ideas

crib pallet

The palette incorporates everywhere and easily adapts to all design styles. If you have a domestic industrial style, our advice is to leave it as it is without the paint. Its rustic old wood effect will fit perfectly in industrial style.

wood suspended bed

patio sofa

patio furniture

Color palettes small sofa

terrace table

sofa colored boards

sofa idea wood

sofa bed wood boards

sofa bed wood board

idee sofa seating range

Like multifunction solutions? US too ! A single pallet can be your table and chair at a time.

idee sofa garden table

ideas sofa wood

Two modern rooms equipped with pallet furniture

living room decoration ideas

color pallet table chairs

sofa bed terrace

decoration pallets

Sofa beautifully decorated lounge with cushions pallets

cute mini sofa

recycled furniture pallets

patio garden furniture

In search of ideas ranks towels for your bathroom? Here's an idea to achieve with a half-pallet: Wooden pallets: Furniture craft ideas

And yes, the pallets can even serve us to create modern stairs!

Wooden pallets: Furniture craft ideas

Large corner sofa made of pallets painted white Wooden pallets: Furniture craft ideas

Idea cabinet storage for laundryWooden pallets: Furniture craft ideas

The wooden pallet is often used for vertical gardens. Enjoy the green every day without your pots invade all the space, it is possible.

Wooden pallets: Furniture craft ideas

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