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tiled bathroom paint – everything about this easy method of renovation and cheap!

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Painting tile bathroom is an easy and cheap to renovate this room in the house way. Revamp bathroom or shower room has never been easier.

No more work long and costly interior refurbishment. Today, everyone can revamp his relaxation area with

a tile painting adapted bathroom.

If this bathroom renovation coating technique might seem exotic there are still a few years, it is, at present, one of the most popular solutions. In fact, many of the major paint brands now sell products adapted to clad surfaces tiles. Some are getting even in the realization of a range of materials necessary for a tile painting project (products for additional layers). Moreover, the painting of tiles is not only a renewal option; it is also a fun way to give a personalized touch to these coatings with decorative motifs. Zoom to paint bathroom tile, products and the steps to follow for such a project!

What are the advantages of a renovation project using paint tiled bathroom?

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In this text, we offer ideas and clever tips for successful painting project tiled bathroom. Many people wonder whether or not each may use a technique DIY renovation bathroom. The best way to find the answer to this question is to learn about the subject in detail. This way, everyone can reply to his specific situation.

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First, know that painting tiled bathroom is really the least expensive option and easiest for coating renovation. This is also a technique that allows us to make the bathroom a makeover DIY project deco.

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You'll understand: this idea of ​​renewal does not require the intervention of a professional. It is also less demanding in terms of time required. Not to mention that it can easily adapt to any size space. As many advantages not to be underestimated by the owners and the tenants!

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Paint the tile her bathroom seems like the best option for all cases and for all situations. After all, the tiles are manufactured to form durable coatings resistant. If all these benefits and arguments have convinced you, read on to discover what you need to know about such a project DIY.


Why paint the tile bathroom is a good idea

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Paint the bathroom tiles can be a good idea for several reasons. It is important to examine to understand the situation in which use this renewal option.

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First, the surface of ceramic tiles is made in such way that they are capable of protecting the coating from all impurities. Even the task of oils and various beauty products leave no stain on their surface. In other words, the bathroom tiles are manufactured to be durable and easy to clean. Why replace such a surface that is designed to last over time?

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The bathroom tile paint can help to extend the life of coatings for interior space. In fact, if executed successfully painting the tiles can transform the look of the entire interior space. So, we can use it to double or even triple the life of the bathroom tiles or kitchen!

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The modern decor encourages us to employ daring and interesting nuances in its interior decoration. This is an approach we adopt more and more frequently for bathroom renovation. The tile paint this room of the house allows us to work with colors you love. And even if these colors are very rare! It is much easier to find a specific paint tiles with a particular shade.

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Not to mention that painting tiled bathroom allows us to conceal imperfections coatings! And this is an advantage especially significant if one wants to revamp a bathroom quickly.

How to paint a tile bathroom - the steps


You have decided to embark on a project to paint tile bathroom? In this case, this section will be of great interest. Below we offer a detailed description of the steps for your project.


The first stage of a project DIY paint bathroom tile touches the surface preparation. This step is required regardless of the type of paint and the technique chosen. It allows us to ensure that the paint adheres perfectly to the surface.

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Then we move to the second stage. After preparing the surface of the tiles, you can apply a product that facilitates the adhesion of the paint tiles. The use of this kind of product is recommended because it helps in rendering the project. It is especially important in areas we use regularly, such as the bathroom.


Finally, we move to the final stage of the project: painting tiles bathroom itself.

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These are the three essential steps for any painting project tile bathroom. They follow one after the other, because this is the precise work step by step that ensures the successful effect of the work. Let us see what are the tips to know to facilitate the work in each of these steps.

tiled bathroom Painting - Step 1: prepare surfaces for painting


We start with the preparation of the surfaces on which they apply the paint tiled bathroom. This step primarily affects the cleaning of tiles.


In principle, regularly maintained tiles do not pose great difficulties in cleaning. However, in some cases, this step can be long and laborious. So please have patience!

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To facilitate the work during this stage and enjoy better results, think about getting the necessary cleaning products. Mold is one of the most common problems in bathrooms and toilets. If you are facing such a problem, plan a product to apply anti mildew on tiles. Do the same for any other tasks.

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The application of each cleaning product must be made according to the instructions on the packaging. Many strong cleaning substances give off unpleasant odors; some may even be harmful to health. For your safety and that of your family, always work in a well ventilated bathroom.

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Good to know: especially resistant to clean task, you can use sandpaper. Try to work carefully to avoid lasting effects on the surface of painted tiles. The essential thing is to remove the layers of various products accumulated on the tiles.

Painting tile bathroom - Step 2: Decide if you want to use an undercoat


After thorough cleaning coatings that will work, one is free to move to the next step. It is whether or not it wishes to use an undercoat. Here are some details that are useful to know about it.

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The use of an under layer is a step prior to laying tile painting bathroom. The under layer has the essential function to facilitate the grip of the paint on the flooring or wall. It is made specifically for this purpose and it is quite easy to find in stores.

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The use of a layer increases in working time and effort to invest in the project. This is particularly the case if one has to treat a larger area. For this reason many people decide to save the extra effort.

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But it is good to know that the laying of a sublayer is recommended by specialists. According to the opinions of the pros, the application of a product of this kind has the ability to increase the life of the paint tile bathroom. So that's an important detail to consider!

Painting tile bathroom - Step 3: Apply a painting on its old coating

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Now to the third step regarding the application of the paint itself. As one can guess, this is the most awaited and most interesting stage of the whole project. It also produces the visible effects of all the work; and that is what matters most for any handyman!

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What bathroom tile painting choose? This is the most asked and most commented issue. And for good reason: the type of paint is equally important for the final rendering its color. The types of paint tiles available on the market today can be divided into two categories:

  • live tile painting;
  • colored resin.

Each category has advantages and disadvantages. We examine one by one in the following paragraphs.

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Good to know: in addition to these categories, there are also paintings adapted for different types of tiles and surfaces. For optimum Always use paint designed specifically for the type of tiles you want to work.

Painting tile bathroom with direct application

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The first category of bathroom tiles painting is currently available direct type of tile. This is a product that can be applied directly to the coating; it does not require the use of any additional layer beneath.

Tile Mural-bath-tub-renovation-paint

It is a type of product that gives quick results but variable in sustainability. Its main advantage: the rich range of colors and shades available in the market.

Painting bathroom tiles in colored resin


The second paints category is colored resins. His job usually requires two layers: the use of acrylic paint and the specific protection. With these two layers, the final report is more durable and more resistant over time. The final layer ensures durability of color applied to the flooring or wall.


The major disadvantage of this option deco tile? The lack of a fairly rich color palette. In fact, the colors available with colored resin are still fewer than those live painting. It is also discouraging many people bet on that option.

How to create a finish to his painting tiled bathroom - tile joints work and decor options

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We conclude with a final section on paint finish tiled bathroom. We examine two issues: work on tile joints and decorating ideas for tiles with suitable paint.


To work the joints painted tiles of the bathroom, there are two possible. The first, which is the simplest, is to cover as paint. The result: renovated joints in the same color as the tile. The second possibility is to pass an acrylic pen in a shade of your choice.


This same type of pen can be used also for DIY decor projects tiles. In addition, such projects can be carried out using a stencil. The procedure is quite simple: you select a pattern and the cut.

painting tile bathroom idea-deco-tile-mosaic

Applying the cut pattern on one or more tiles of his choice. then applied the paint according to instructions and allowed to dry before removing the stencil. This is a simple and effective way to make decorations for bathroom tile mosaic effect, so trendy right now! Here are some ideas for interesting patterns that you could try:

paint coating tiled bathroom ground-idea-deco

tile painting room decoration Tile Mural bath

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