The jewelry storage DIY 20 examples

storage DIY jewelry branches blue bottle

For some people, the jewelry should be hidden and out of sight, but DIY jewelry storage will perhaps change some attitudes. The jewels have become as a decorative asset that will, without integration, completing, the decor of the house or in private rooms instead!

It is this second option that we present today. After all, this is nothing but ideas and examples that you can copy!

A DIY jewelry storage with a small tree in a vase

Storage jewelry DIY vase tree

You can keep your priceless trinkets in a safe place if you want. But sometimes it's fun to make your less formal rooms, a decorative asset to your interior. A DIY jewelry storage can take many forms and can be designed in different styles. We start with jewelry trees, which help to create artistic events strands and bracelets. Remember that you can spray with paint your jewelry tree to give it a special glow!

DIY jewelry storage with branches painted bench

DIY jewelry storage branches painted bench

Then we present a jewelry storage technology. In fact, the strategy is to maximize the effect of the plates, bowls and other containers commonly used elegant. This often involves choosing a few pieces for the showcase, taking into consideration their impact on the decor. Take the time to choose a stylish photo frame, add mesh nets or floral patterns, you can even paint it, if need be, to make sure it adheres to your interior.

A branch to display jewelry in a bathroom

branch view room bathroom jewelry

We conclude with a series of DIY jewelry storage and display solutions that will amaze you! A DIY jewelry storage or substantially integrated into a spacious closet with translucent doors. Another arrangement with the effect museum in the more glamorous ways! Or a display area with some stands, so your jewelry will air by posting!

Branches in an elegant wooden handles expose jewelry

branches elegant wooden jewelry

Bracelets in a colorful bowl

bowl colored bracelets

Jewelry and trinkets in a bowl

jewelry trinkets in bowl

Original idea to put the jewelry in a tea cup

original idea to the cup jewelry

white bowl for hanging earrings

white bowl hanging earrings

Tea can also be a theater for your jewelry

tray for jewelry

Table with metal mesh

Table wire mesh

view original door DIY Jewelry
Storage chic jewelry

door white design jewelry
storage area jewelry chic design

wooden frames jewelry store

white jewelry storage frames
earrings white frame
jewelry original wall storage

jewelry storage cabinet modern design

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