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Like fashion and sewing? You love experimenting with bag making projects, clothing and textile decorations? In this case, you probably have a large inventory of pieces of fabric in various colors.

If you are looking for ways to use them, we offer you an idea:

Learn more about DIY Patchwork

and perform original creations, while recycling these textile pieces. Explore patchwork three tutorials to see how to make a cover for notebook, a fancy purse and a handy bookmark!

Patchwork DIY - make a laptop bag


Who does not need a notebook sleeve practice? Today, fans of sewing can make themselves. The good news is that such a project does not even require the purchase of fabric; yes, you have understood, a computer case can be easily performed remaining pieces of fabric of another project!

diy tutorial-patchwork-model-idee

The materials needed for this DIY patchwork depend on the size of the computer you want to dress. In addition to pieces of textiles, there must be a piece of leather (for closing the cover), liners (for patchwork and the cover itself).

DIY tutorial quilt cover easy computer

patchwork-easy-bag-tutorial computer

For this project DIY patchwork, one begins with the arrangement of fabric scraps. The size and shapes of the pieces are to be selected according to the taste. The same goes for the reasons and the colors of the fabrics. Note: the more pieces are, the more the assembly work will be long. For the first phase of this manual activity, it decides the arrangement of pieces of cloth. We try combinations of various colors and patterns!


Once finished this step, it is time to put the textile pieces together. For this, we use a first liner. The principle fabric pieces must be attached to it, like a mosaic.

Patchwork diy tutorial Fitted Case-computer

After this phase, one passes to the next step. It consists in adding a chic and soft lining on the inside of the cover. For, let us remember, it is about creating additional protection for their computer!


The last phase of this tutorial patchwork involves adding a closing cover. In our example, we use a piece of leather and a metal closure. But this is not mandatory; So everyone can bet on a closing of his choice!

Patchwork DIY model handbag to make yourself

Patchwork DIY bag-a-hand-tutorial-making

Want to make a new handbag? Again, you do not need to spend much money. In fact, with our patchwork DIY tutorial you will learn to make a handbag by recycling pieces of fabric not used!

Patchwork diy-tutorial-free easy-pictures

Regarding materials, as in the previous project, the number of pieces of fabric depends essentially on the size of the purse. In addition to these, you will need two liners, a zipper bag and two handles. Note: depending on the types of handles, you may need materials needed to fix the handbag.

Patchwork DIY Tutorial - idea handbag to make yourself


As each patchwork DIY project, we first decide the arrangement of the pieces of fabric. So we play with colors and patterns to get the best result. To facilitate this, it uses rectangular pieces. But it is also possible to try this project with bits of triangular or square fabric.


When we have found the best combination of colors and patterns, we move to the next step. That's when the project that will put the pieces of fabric together with a needle and sewing son. Of course, the more fabric scraps are many, unless this step will be. Depending on the wishes, so you are free to add a first liner and sew the pieces on it.


Immediately after this step, it is time to add the primary lining of the purse. It must cover the whole DIY patchwork, as shown in the bottom image.


Then, continue adding the zipper to her purse. At this stage, we are still working on the inside of the bag, as shown in the following image.



In the final step, and returns the selected handles are added. The bag is then ready for use!

DIY easy patchwork - idea to make a bookmark

Patchwork diy-tutorial-free model

With our last tutorial patchwork, you get into making a cloth bookmark and paper. It's a fun little DIY quilt project that complements our collection of creative DIY bookmarks for lovers of reading.

Side materials needed in addition fabric scraps, one still will need the following things:

  • a pencil ;
  • Cardboard paper;
  • cutting templates (to yourself, your choice);
  • a ribbon ;
  • a lining;
  • of adhesive paper;
  • a punch;
  • the son and a needle;
  • scissors.


Tuto patchwork DIY - how to make a creative bookmark


To make its brand page patchwork easy, first you get into a bit of cutting. This will prepare the paperboard to the addition of pieces of fabric in the next step. thus cutting the paper into the desired shape for the bookmark. Then, makes holes on its side following the selected slit pattern.


This phase is achieve using cutting patterns, pencil, paper cutter and scissors. The image on the photo below shows the result they sought to achieve.


After this step, one passes to the working fabric scraps. the desired shapes are cut from the fabric ends to be recycled and in the liner. For this, we use the same cutting patterns as those used earlier. Then, with the son and the needle, is made small fillings for frames cut from the paper above. We do not forget to fill the liner.

Patchwork diy easy-tutorial-making-bookmark

Before closing, we fix small pieces of cloth on the paper with tape. Finally, the bookmark can decorate a tape inserted into a hole on the end of the paper (to using the punch). And that's a fine idea to bookmark to offer!

DIY patchwork-bookmark-activity-manual-easy

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