pink and gray bedroom – trendy decor ideas for adults and children –

pink and gray bedroom – trendy decor ideas for adults and children

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We usually associate the color pink to decorate children's room and baby daughter. But did you know that there are shades of pink that are just as interesting and suitable for adult room?

This is the case clear and pastel colors of pink that you to rediscover today in a special article on the Deco pink and gray room for child and adult.

The decor pink and gray bedroom incorporates many trends of interior design.

Cozy and bright, it reflects the colors in decor in a gentle manner, calm and balanced. And, thanks to trendy materials and accessories, it exudes a natural atmosphere, serene and comfortable.

The decor pink and gray room combines two very different colors

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The decor pink and gray room based on the combination of two colors which are known to produce very different effects. To begin with, so see what the symbolism attached to each.


The Grey is an associated color, psychologically, compliance, lack of emotion and monotony. Although, for many, the gray has a negative reputation, though this color is very popular for interior decoration.

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To explain this, we must remember that the gray is a neutral color. So, it easily blends with all other shades. It is therefore ideal for painting an interior wall. Shortly dominant it is also chosen for large furniture that need not be required in a room.

room-gray-and-pink-decoration-ideas-child painting

As to pink, it is a color that we tend to associate with youth and femininity. In nature, pink is present on the petals of flowers. For this reason, it symbolizes the delicacy and finesse but also fragility. psychology side, clear and soft shades of pink are supposed to be soothing.


It is interesting to note that in some Eastern cultures, and particularly in Japan, pink is seen as a masculine color. This is because the light pink of Japanese cherry trees symbolize, in this culture, young samurai fell in battle.


The decor pink and gray room incorporates these two colors of various and varied ways. Gray is often favored as a color painting adult bedroom, child or baby; Pink then is a way to vary the decor. It's also a way to vary the color scheme of the master bedroom or child through delicate and refined shades.

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How to create a successful pink and gray room decoration?

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The idea of ​​combining pink and gray to decorate a master bedroom or child seduced you? In this case, see how to achieve a gray room decor and successful pink! You will see, the options are many and varied!

Successfully Deco pink and gray room with a cozy bed linen that puts us at ease

room-gray-and-pink-decoration-adult machine-to-bed

The easiest way to incorporate pink into a room painted in shades of gray, it is betting on a bed linen in pastel colors. In the bedroom decor, bed linen occupies a large area of ​​the interior. It has the power to transform the atmosphere of the space. And that does not even require the efforts of paint or very large expenses!

Invite Scandinavian atmosphere in a gray and pink bedroom

color-paint-room-gray-and-pink-decoration-modern ideas

Gray is a color that attracts many fans of Scandinavian design. But the ideas of decoration and painting adult room that come from the Nordic countries does not exclude pastel shades of pink. Why not bet on a Nordic ambience to the decor of your room pink and gray?

pink and gray room clear-deco-wood white paint

To do this, go for other elements characteristic of Scandinavian design. The white paint will help create a bright space and relaxing. And light wood buttons allow you to invite nature into your bedroom!

Combining the colors of pink and gray room with an original headboard

Pink Room and gray cloth-of-bed-pastel textiles and decoration wood

As the machine, the headboard is an element that attracts attention and is not likely to go unnoticed. Take the opportunity to realize a gray room decor with touches of pink! You are free to select the shades you like best.

idee-room-adult-deco-pink-and-gray-copper lamp

Note: the color of the wall that is just behind the headboard is important. It will influence the perception of shades of gray and pink. The bright colors will highlight a gray headboard and soften the effect of shades of pink. The mural in dark shades have the opposite effect. Just take a look at both images at the top to be convinced!

Balancing the mood in her gray and pink bedroom with an original wall decoration

pink and gray room idea-deco-trends of machine-bed

We saw, shades of gray and pink are regarded as very different. To balance a room the atmosphere of adult or child who combines these two colors, one can use an original wall decoration. Photos and paintings of black wall decor is white are a good option in this regard.

color-room-pink-and-gray-deco-chair hairdresser

Another nice idea to highlight the presence of gray through the painting of some the architecture of the room elements. A gateway, one or two picture frames or mirrors, an overhead shelf ... Here are some examples of possible gray deco accents for a bedroom!

Create a trend pink and gray room decorated with metal buttons gold or copper


The metal keys are one of the major trends in interior decoration recently. It is found in the kitchen, in the living room and the bathroom and, of course, in the bedrooms trendy. The good news is that these metallic accents harmonize perfectly with the decor of pink and gray room. The bottom pictures will give you some ideas for incorporating gilded metal buttons or copper in a pink and gray room.



pink and gray room deco-suspension-copper-trends

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