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20 modern ideas for decoration gray living room

Modern white gray deco salon

The latest trend is decorative gray deco salon. Gray is a stylish neutral color that gives depth to the piece and combines well with almost all other colors.

The gray color is a good choice, but only if the gray shade is chosen. If you like the idea of ​​a gray deco salon, in this article you would find 20 modern and inspiring decorative ideas.

Deco Modern gray living room

Deco gray living room modern idea

When you select the gray shade of the walls, furniture or accessories in your living room, pay attention to the temperature of this shade. The warm gray shade and cold gray shades evoke different feelings. The walls in light gray are cool and pleasant while darker shades create a sensual and comfortable atmosphere. A very common mistake is to use a cold shade to decorate the walls. A gray with brown shades can help to "warm up" the room. Play with anthrax shade for dramatic design and use of misty gray if you want to create a more relaxing atmosphere in a bright room. Here are some ideas in pictures:

elegant living room decorated in gray shades

Deco design shades gray lounge

Gray living room and accents in red

Deco lounge gray walls lighter shade

decorating idea of ​​modern living room gray

deco original design lounge

stylish design furniture

Deco gray living room design idea

Light Gray Deco Lounge and pastel colors

deco light gray interesting living

dark gray decorated modern living room

deco dark gray modern lounge

Gray Design Lounge with lacquered furniture

gray deco style lounge contemorain

interesting wall art salon

living room design contemporary wall art

Wall decoration in dark gray

idea gray wall deco lounge

gray stone wall decoration living room idea

deco living room shelf gray wood furniture idea

contemporary lounge deco gray white

deco elegant gray living room

Modern living room sofa comfortable design

living room modern design large gray sofa

lounge elegant deco gray shades

modern living room decoration elegant gray

modern living room furniture gray design

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