Save space in a bedroom. –

Save space in a bedroom.

Where did the idea of ​​building the bed to make it less cumbersome in a bedroom hiding the almost! Yes feasible through coulissages systems that save enough space especially if you are in a house with a fairly limited space.

A bedroom with a wall bed

bedroom space saving idea

The idea is great, and to ensure that it is a very good project for your bedroom sometimes with limited or large spaces. Here are some illustrations.

A bedroom with a retractable chair bed

bedroom gain up bed idea

Bedroom with a convenient bed
room bed with bed chair

A retractable and hidden bed in the lounge for more space

room bed with bed cover

Here the bed exposed to the middle of the room

bed exposes middle bedroom

The space saved can be beneficial for small children in their providing a play area if this idea is also applied in rooms for children. In offices, too, since this will give you an opportunity to relax a little after a hard day's work.

children's room with a bed that hides to make room for a play area

bedroom for children with bed cover

A corner for reading and relaxes with two folding beds

bed bottom cover

A work desk with two beds hidden under a platform

office work with two beds caches

An aesthetically bold design furniture with a bed that hides a simple gesture behind shelves

furniture design with bed hidden behind shelves

A bed can be completely hidden or half, and use that as chair is a gain in both cases. The new designs for luxurious bedrooms have also collaborated in the matter. Raise the bed to the ceiling or recessed in an aesthetic way, hidden bed from the living room and vice versa. Nothing is left to chance but everything depends on the imagination of the artist designate and taste of the owner.

Bedroom with bed that descends from the ceiling

bed chache on ceiling

Bed hung with solid metal son

suspended ceiling bed solid metal son

very great royal bed

bed and living two levelsbed living room share the same spaceroom bed with bed without living space

ceiling that hides bed
bedroom space saving idea

bedroom wall wallpaper wooden bed head idea

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