Deco suite: 6 bedrooms modern design –

Deco suite: 6 bedrooms modern design

Deco suite modern design

The master bedroom is your personal retreat. This is where you rest after a long day's work with a good book in hand or watching TV until sleep comes.

The bedroom is more than a comfortable bed - the Deco suite always reflects what you are. Therefore, we selected 6 different examples but equally amazing as each other Deco suite which undoubtedly inspire you to refresh your own room.

Deco suite with wooden walls and pastel colors

Deco suite modern pastel couelurs

The first deco master bedroom visualized by Olia Paliichuk is minimalist, airy and simple. The flooring in herringbone pattern provides excellent feminine touch to the space and the soft pink on the wall reflects the nuances of wood.

wood clad walls and simple TV stand with shelves

Deco suite TV stand

The TV stand is white and also very minimalist style, as well as the sleek design lamp in one corner. This will focus on the room, wooden walls, flooring and large windows.

Decoration bathroom with mosaic tiles in black and white

Deco suite bathroom design

The room has a beautiful bathroom with modern tiles with motifs reminiscent of the feminine feeling of flooring in the room. The decor of the bathroom follows, once again, the minimalist rule.

Room decorated in the minimalist style

Deco suite industrial style

The second example comes today as the talented architect Olia Paliichuk. This room accentuates the calm and provides a sense of relaxation from the moment you enter. The walls are wrapped with a nice texture that creates the impression of being damaged and immediately attracts attention.

Industrial room decoration in gray and white

Deco suite-parental-contemporary-design

The two pendant lamps above bedside tables with their simplicity create an industrial touch in the room and accentuate the walls.

The room has several different corners creative design

Deco suite-parental-originame

The creation of different corners in this room is very interesting. No matter if it is the corner along the bed or reading corner next to the window. It is these parts that give real character to the space.

Decoration bathroom with two round mirrors

Deco suite luxury bathroom

The bathroom with this room is very zen and relaxing. The change takes tiles decorating the walls in the room. The two mirrors softening the rather geometric style in the room.

luxurious master bedroom decorated with stylish

Deco luxurious master suite

The following parental room displayed by Max Studio is the epitome of a master suite. It is absolutely decadent - its plush furniture, the walls decorated with golden elements and the large mirror in gilt frame.

design room with large headboard and gold accents

Deco suite Elements dore

Modern and luxurious, this bedroom is dressed in retro charm of gold and brocade patterns with the head of geometric beds, night tables and minimalist wardrobe.

design and integrated shelf TV stand

Deco suite interesting design

Besides the golden elements, this room is decorated in a minimalist and subtle style. Everything is light and airy - the patinated walls in gray, purple curtains and accents.

Bedroom minimalist style with wooden bed

Parental minimalist design result

This room, designed by Studio VAVO is both modern and minimalist. The room does not even have a wardrobe or storage shelves. Instead, the focus is on the floor and the result is simply delightful.

Wall Deco table with blue and red

suite head bed of wood

The paint on the wall, surrounded by two bulbs in red, is the centerpiece of the chamber. The bed is dark and the white walls serve as background.

Decorative accents are placed on the floor next to the bed

suite deco wood

There are still a few decorative items in the room, but they are laid on the floor. All the decor is very accessible and comfortable as well as being ultra modern.

Room Decor accent wall with wooden panels and LED lights

contemporary design suite

Decorative panels in this room by Sequoia are simply extraordinary. They are cut into various shapes and some of them are illuminated. This is the element of surprise this beautiful room.

Wood is very present in the decoration of the bedroom

suite furniture design

The walls are rich brown with golden undertones but the rest of the room however remains very dark. The palette of contrasting colors makes this airy and cozy space.

The rest of the room is in neutral colors

suite design gray chaise

Natural light passing through the room is very refreshing. It lights up the piece which, in this context, appears as a completely different area.

Dressing modern design

Modern master suite dressing room

And finally - a dream of dressing! Spacious, well organized and filled with light - this can be the perfect place to prepare before going to work in the morning or a romantic dinner in the evening.

Design room with blue wall design

master bedroom deco blue gray

The next piece displayed by Hoang Nhat Nam is very masculine and comfortable. With finishes plush and beautiful colors, this retreat is perfect to rest.

The room is cozy and male

Parental deco practice room

The night light in this room is amazing and gives a certain dimension to this space otherwise decorated in cool colors.

The decor is enhanced by the abundance of natural light

elegant master bedroom idea

During the day, natural light fills the room. White walls let in blue and gray shades out really strong.

Head of simple but elegant bed

Parental blue accent wall room

The bench beside the bed seems very successful for the role of reading area or just to get ready in the morning. Its lines repeat the accent wall behind the bed

black and white TV cabinet

master bedroom furniture white black TV

Looking to the bed, this room looks quite colorful but by looking away, we see how the white walls reflect any natural light to the rest of the room. Yes, the beauty of this area is in the details.

View from upstairs room

Contemporary master bedroom design

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