Bed with storage – creative ideas for small spaces –

Bed with storage – creative ideas for small spaces

adult bed with small storage room

Today we chose to talk about an interior Layouts idea is the bed with storage. Practice is the word that best describes, but the benefits do not stop there.

What is his strongest asset is its space saving magic force - something valuable for those small apts. The closets are often too big and, let's be honest, a bit boring and too simple.

Bed with storage version wooden platform

bed with wood storage on platform

That is why we are interested in bed with storage. The design often consists of a wooden platform on which you install the mattress. So simple, is not it? The idea is also great practice for the nursery. You will see beautiful bed with storage designs for small - it frees a lot of space and they will have all their room to play, they will enjoy great idea!

Design for children's bedrooms with plenty of closet and inlaid bed

bed with storage drawers arrangement nursery

You have a few options - to have storage on the sides or just below the bed But in both cases, the effect is still the same. This can be as perfect place to hide your secrets and treasures. But no kidding, it's really a very interesting way to use the space and especially to free up some. Watch our gallery and you'll see great examples of this that can inspire you even for a small craft for the bedroom!

A true wardrobe under your bed
bed with storage space saving idea Layouts adult room

Full of colors and a bed with convenient storage

bed with adult bedroom furniture storage

Bed with plenty of storage to save space

true wardrobe space under your bed economy

Idea bed with drawers, shelves and integrated nightstand

regular design symmetry with storage under bed

Cabinet with storage and bed bedroom

Full color storage bed hidden under practice

Idea wood bed with cupboards and bins for small items

Bed with storage rand bedroom wooden platform

Idea of ​​children's room decor bed with storage and built the wall

kids room design with plenty of closet small inlaid bed

Bed on high platform and stairs

high platform bed stairs cupboard drawers

romantic retro rustic bed

rustic bed style retro romantic vintage elegance

room bed bedroom interesting style, industrial and raw

room bed sleeping and industrial raw stylish

Another platform with huge drawers

Still platform bed storage drawers huge

very convenient for a student room furniture such

Furniture useful a dorm room, for example beige

Two drawers levels for this bed with storage

Two floors drawer small a person bed with storage

cottage style room under the wood storage bed

best small apartments no place
Version open sides bed storage room

Practical and friendly interior design idfée bed with storage

perfect practice out drawer breakfast table

Single bed storage stylish wooden platform

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