Stone siding for a modern facade

exterior cladding stone color house idea

The natural decoration materials with organic look is becoming increasingly popular, both with regard to accessories for the different rooms of the house that the choice of coatings for indoor and outdoor private residences.

And while such coatings ideas for walls and interior floors are often subject to interesting publications, external to suggestions are fewer. To fill this gap, we have created a collection of images of 24 residences with modern facades in stone siding. You can read it here:

House siding with stone gray slabs by Alexander Parent

exterior cladding stone house façade slab plate

As is known, the siding is a term that refers to beautify the outside of a structure that can be obtained using several different methods. When there is a stone facing for the facade of a house, it is possible to choose between several different materials and colors. Moreover, on the facades of modern houses, the stone is often combined with another kind of material, usually wood.

Modern residence with stone siding gross appearance by Roca Homes

exterior cladding stone gray home architect design

The exterior cladding stone can be used to decorate the facade of a house built in another type of material, which is often the case with modern residences. In this vein, this finishing process is convenient because it lightens the front view of its construction but it is also important to the overall cost of the work. In addition, this type of natural siding contributes to the isolation of the residence.

Photo architect of modern style home with stone facade Omni Customn Homes

Wall cladding façade stone house outside Layouts

In addition to providing many options for customizing the exterior of your home, exterior cladding stone has effects on the overall appearance of your exterior. This is a point to remember when choosing the siding of a house with terrace or garden to create a more harmonious exterior.

modern wooden house in a mountain chalet style and stone Ward-Young Architecture

coverings wall outside stone house siding

This residence Ward-Young Architecture has an exterior cladding stone wall combined with wood. Inspired by the look of mountain chalets, cozy home is located in the region of the town of Truckee, in the state of California, USA.

Idea facade mountain chalet in wood and stone

Design exterior wall stone facing modern wooden house

The coating of the facade is combined with glass walls overlooking the terrace on the other side of the house.

modern house exterior with gray stone cladding and wooden buttons by Narofsky Architecture

exterior cladding stone façade house Design Layouts

The exterior cladding stone gray is often preferred in house projects in modern style.

modern facade and stone flooring idea of ​​garden path

Facing stone house coating floor tiles stone façade

In this stylish accommodation, a shade of that color is associated with wood accents and stone slabs for the floor of the outside coating.

Stone cladding and exterior wall cladding design house by Cornerstone Architects

exterior cladding stone house frontage idee coating

This remains impressive size provides another illustration dressed facade exterior cladding stone highlight. The natural material, crude appearance, is embellished by large windows on the first floor of the house.

Private residence with modern wood and stone façade Pozas Arquiectos

Facing stone exterior white wooden house color idea

Architect house picture modern style and idea of ​​natural wall coverings

modern stone façade slabs wood siding

The house on the picture above is called Casa Sac I and it is in the Monterrey region of Mexico. Completed in 2008, it shows a combination of stone and wood, the colors are highlighted by green lawn garden.

Front organic materials beige hue by Dick Clark & Associates

modern stone façade gross siding

This house with beige shades stone façade is located in the region of the city of Austin, Texas.

modern villa photo with stone facade and pool

exterior cladding stone house modern exterior design

The architects at Dirk Clark & Associates decided to contribute to the development of local crafts, choosing exterior cladding stone type after the region was built home.

architectural residence and wall cladding organic outside stone and wood Mariane Adamson

stone facing wall house exterior coating design

The color of the facade determines the first impression your home gives. To enhance its visual effect, you can select a stone wall cladding interesting hue, such as the top residence.

Deco idea of ​​home gateway with stone siding

house wall coating exterior wall wood stone facing

For a more harmonious effect, we will pay attention to details associated with the facade: the front door of the house and the green areas around it.

Photo exterior house design by Bernbaum Magadini Architects with white stone walls lining

stone wall frontage house light colored exterior design

In Europe, light color of the stone is almost automatically associated with areas near the Mediterranean. That's probably why it makes us think of holiday homes!

Villa with outdoor wall covering in light colors

Facing stone terrace outside modern swimming pool design

Large modern house with stone wall siding

facing frontage stone wall modern design house

But this coating stone exterior facades is also suitable for homes in urban areas, where it gives a modern and clean look to the structure.

Asymmetrical wall cladding house of modern design by Allen Bianchi

exterior cladding stone wood stone house modern design

This house very dynamic and modern forms is characterized by an asymmetrical look, with white stone siding and dark wood.

facade paint color and exterior siding organic material Cablick Enterprises

exterior facing stone facade coating raw wall

In this image, we still see another example of a modern facade with stone and wood. These natural materials are developed, in the specific case of this house, a mural of white.

exterior wall detail dressed natural stone

beige stone siding modern home architecture picture

Idea facade with stone facing and wood Alchemy Construction

Facing stone wall façade exterior wood house

The asymmetry is not mandatory for outdoor modern style, as shown by the architects of Alchemy in construction with this home design, where wood and stone are on two separate levels.

Luxury home with wooden siding and stone wall and pool design

stone wall coating exterior façade house design

Wall with stone facing and wood and exterior design by Solar Design Solutions

house frontage stone house exterior wall covering