How to enlarge his house – 10 Dream extension projects!

enlarge his house garden house brick bay window extension project

How to enlarge his house to enjoy a more comfortable living space and better suited to the needs of his family? Conservatory or extension of house, garage, expansion module on the roof or the garden ... So many possible solutions to add one or two more rooms at his residence.

And since we know that the best way to decide through an informed choice, we have crafted for you a collection of ideas that will help you select the best expansion option for your home!

How to enlarge his house with a small design extension Nimtim Architects

enlarge his house veranda model extension on outside

Enlarge his house with a small extension is one of the most popular options for those who want to earn some extra space in their homes. This extension was designed to meet the needs of a young couple who need extra room.

Expansion house with windows and original door to a vitamin facade

idee expansion house extension'architecte modele porte fenetre

This demand Nimtim Architects clients demanded the reorganization of the interior space. The expansion module and housed a fully renovated kitchen and an open space where the family can enjoy activities together. The piece thus released become a extra bedroom.

Idea to enlarge a house on the garden with a plug and decor in trendy colors

model for larger cottage on the idea Garden Layouts

The small modern extension overlooking the urban garden adjoining the residence. It is characterized by its window frames and bright yellow door, vitamin color that brings a cheerful touch to the space.

Enlarge a small house with a modern construction and design idea of ​​living in an enlargement

enlarge its architecture house petiteextension modern design model

The kitchen is fitted in the corner of the extension, the rest of the open space accommodates the owners desires and serves as recreation area, game room or corner to watch TV with the family.

Enlarge his house with brick extension and glass contemporary style, idea by Rise Design Studio

enlarge its model house veranda glazed how amenagr kitchen

Enlarge her home garden is an obvious option for those who live in a small building and have a green outdoor area.

Renovating a house and expand his living space: Expansion model garden

idea to enlarge his house with a veranda small white kitchen dining room

The main idea behind the expansions of this kind: develop a kitchen with meals (or even a dining room) that can be opened on the green garden.

construction model to develop a kitchen with island in a brick house expansion

enlarge its modern extension home furniture low center island kitchen

Among the advantages of this type of construction: a living space increased and better organized, modern and practical kitchen and a meal can unite with the green space outside with a glass door .

Enlarge his house with a concrete module and glass, idea and design by Exchange Office Architects

building expansion glass house architect concrete

A concrete module for extending your home? Why not ! Change Architects Office of home Architects have applied this approach to the redevelopment of a house in the London area, UK.

Plan for a larger home and give it more volume with windows

house extension built on garden glazed modern expansion bays

The space built ultra modern materials overlooks a small garden that can be enjoyed through a bay window. This architectural element, accompanied by the beams of concrete, is to give more volume to the room.

Model house expansion with kitchen, LED lighting and central island in blue

model of'extension maison d'architecte agrandir une residence idee

The interior of the expansion has two zones, a minimalist living room with sofa corner and wall bookcase and an ultra modern kitchen with center island and shades of blue paint.

How to enlarge his house small wooden extension and roof windows design by Alma-nac

enlarge his house on small garden wood house expansion

Even the smallest surfaces can be used to build a functional home extension, especially when they have access to an indoor garden very charming fair! This extension proves that one can enlarge his house by weaning with an area of ​​2, 3 meters!

How to increase the area of ​​his house with a bright extension and roof windows

idee small extension area Layouts home kitchen meal picnic table

It was built in an area with access to the old stables of the house to which he belongs. The small expansion consists of two levels. The ground floor contains a kitchen and a dining space. The latter is equipped with a picnic table - lunch and compact and functional wooden benches.

Build an extension with roof windows and contemporary decor idea for bedroom

building extension idea house roof window Room Layouts

Upstairs, there is a mini bedroom dominated by light colors and illuminated by several skylights.

window model home for enlargement and natural lighting

roof window extension example house brick color paint idea

In fact, the absence of light was a major problem in the construction and planning of this expansion. To overcome it, the architects used a palette of light, neutral colors as well as a range of roof windows and various interior lighting.

expansion of home construction wood and metal building with red brick facade by Denizen Works

idea to enlarge his house brick wooden frontage glazed sliding bay

The extensions and conservatories are usually built in areas outside a limited area. Therefore lighting often causes difficulties when creating contemporary expansions.

How to enlarge his house on a terrace: kitchen model with corner meal

enlarge his house on terrace veranda white deco kitchen and wood photo

Roof windows are one of the best ways to address a problem of lack of natural light in a contemporary extension. The proof, with photos of the next project!

Skylights idea for home decoration expansion in white and wood

extension idea veranda house window modern kitchen roof Layouts

Install as many roof windows as you can within your reach, especially if it must house a kitchen, office or whether it should be used in another activity that requires good lighting.

Window envelope for cooking and notion of brick house expansion decoration

enlarge its wood home kitchen decoration house extension plane

Accompany your light source colors of clear paint, like white and beige, and you have a perfectly illuminated interior 24 on 24!

How to enlarge his house on the outside with a glass extension design by Platform 5

model enlarge his house extension glass roof brick façade

Create small glass conservatory is another good way to increase the area of ​​his home, especially when you already have a tiny passageway off its external facade.

Small glazed porch and house with brick façade: kitchen layout with corner meal in the old one

enlarge its expansion model home decoration wall glass roof

This conservatory with glass roof was built precisely in such a space that is behind the brick house already there.

modern kitchen furniture and deco design idea veranda ave sunroof

enlarge his house on the garden center island white kitchen

She opens the completely renovated kitchen on a dining room with rectangular table and pink chairs Scandinavian inspired.

Deco glass conservatory: kitchen model in black and white

enlarge his home island kitchen to a house extension

The kitchen furniture with island is painted in black and white, two trendy colors that do not impose unnecessarily and leave the brick facade act as main decorative accent.

enlarge its glass house with a modern design extension

Architects and designers working on this project have decided to keep the facade in visible brick and thus play on contrasts between the modern style of the interior and the look of the old building.

Enlarge his house with a modern extension fitted in the basement of a hitsorique listed building, idea by Sevil Peach

expansion brick home decoration modern model

The contemporary expansion is often the only way to expand the area of ​​a classified house or building with status of historic monument. The facades of these buildings can not undergo interventions that alter their appearance, adding a module is, for many, the only way to increase the area of ​​a former small housing.

Idea to enlarge a house with an extension in sub - soil and historic building renovation

expansion contemporary house extension brick façade deco staircase basement

And sometimes, this option involves the construction of a space located in the basement of the building already there! This is precisely the case of the original extension located in the basement of the historic building from the late 19th century.

How to enlarge a house with a fitted extension in basement

expansion deco house brick basement design exterior stairs

The architects also managed to retain much of the typical elements of construction, such as brick facades, wooden beams and sash windows.

Small extension model home with slate facade by Architecture for London

enlarge his house how to build a stone façade extension

The next expansion construction project includes the construction of two extensions for increasing the surface area of ​​two adjoining houses.

Plan small house extension with exterior red brick by Architecture for London

make an extension of glass brick house and small garden glass door

Very similar, both modules are distinguished by the choice of materials for facades, one being made of slate stone shadows and another - in pale red bricks. In the center of the two facades, have found an identical element: a double glass door that opens a passage to the green area outside.

Idea of ​​expansion or development of modern garden veranda with kitchen and dining corner

example'agrandissement maison sur jardin toit vitre idee decoration

Both modules are a way to extend the house on a small area of ​​garden and each with a modern kitchen with central island and an adjoining dining area.

How to enlarge a house garden with extension for kitchen and meals in white and wood
enlarge a kitchen extension model idea home Layouts

The decorative accessories and furniture finishes distinguish between the two building appearance quite similar.

Photo extension wooden house with original shape, design by Scott Architects

enlarge his wooden house extension basement wood door glass frontage

Now to a rather original extension model that is ideal for anyone who dreams of extending your home with a full wooden building character.

house magnification image and idea deco white wood kitchen with corner meal Contemporary

enlarge its small extension deco idea home business cost

Located in the basement, the building houses a kitchen with dining room and also a terrace.

Skylight house extension in the basement built in conservation area

how to enlarge his house on top architect expansion model

The original form of space is dictated by its building site, an urban conservation area, which required the construction of an extension with natural façade whose forms are based at best on the landscape. The interior gets the same shapes and materials.

Gate house expansion entry with staircase and exposed brick facade

enlarge his house brick house extension Layouts basement idea

The expansion is accessible from two sides: from the garden, through an outside staircase, then across a terrace and from the inside, through some steps gray stone.

architect house extension project with kitchen, wooden bar and dining area

how to enlarge his house wood kitchen extension contemporary house design

To harmonize more easily decorating expansion with that of the residence already there, the designers decided to keep visible part of the brick facade.

Architect house brick and wooden extension built in basement

wooden model house extension glass door brick house

The expansion is also characterized by its green roof which is a very nice green accent for apartment dwellers around.

Enlarge her house through the roof or the garden idea of ​​glazed extensions by Studio 30

enlarge his house by the porch roof decoration modern design

We end with some images of an expansion model for the garden and the roof. The extension has been added to a single contemporary home.

How to enlarge a house with a glazed extension and sliding doors to garden

home interior expansion bay window veranda Layouts

The extension carried out in the ground floor opens onto a lush garden and is thus a transitional space between inside and outside occupied by a kitchen with dining room.

Deco house garden extension with glass door and idea of ​​bathroom furnishings room

modern idea veranda house extension built on garden

The spacious glass conservatory built on the top floor of the building has facilitated the installation of a spacious bedroom with its own bathroom.

How to enlarge a house on the roof with a glass conservatory on the top floor of the building

veranda room idea Layouts contemporary house extension

Enlarge his house on the roof garden with an extension and glazed veranda

enlarge his house veranda through the roof decoration frontage house building scheme

Photos and design by Nimtim, Rise Design Studio, Currency Exchange Architects, Denizen Works, Platform 5, Sevil Peach Architecture for London, Scott Architects, Studio 30