Design house extension Photo: Architect 8 projects

Image veranda glazed design house extension

With this folder on the theme of picture extension design house, we cross the Channel to visit eight residential expansions projects signed Adam Knibb Architects.

The office is based in the city of Winchester and gathers a small but effective team working on residential projects but also on larger scale sites. The office was fone Adam Knibb and has already won a series of awards for his work. Browse images down to find solutions truly magnificent modern and contemporary buildings!

Picture house extension contemporary design Crowsport

Photo Contemporary house extension idea building style plan

The first photo extension design house is that of a project in the Southampton area. The expansion seen in the picture above comes on top of a Bauhaus-style building, with a beautiful garden, part of which overlooks the river Hamble. The architects wanted to use materials similar to those of the main house and enjoy the natural features of the site to build a house full extension of natural light.

Photo expansion Bauhaus design house in England

Photo enlargements design house extension pictures

This project was linked to a reorganization of the interior space of the existing home, so that the owners can modify the organization of space and distribution of rooms in the home.

Photo expansion house modern design: The Beckett House

Photo Contemporary house veranda glazed extension

We continue with a series of design house extension picture of Beckett House, a property in the town of Crawley, in Hampshire. The project consisted in the expansion of an old English cottage overlooking a beautiful green space.

house enlargement interior with sliding doors

Photo extending modern residence with garden house

The expansion, defined by a sliding glass door, has completely transformed the remains of the family that Beckett now has a surface area much brighter and more spacious. In the picture above, shows part of the interior design of the extension and terrace of the house.

Design house extension Photo: Suspended expansion Austen House

Photo expansion house modern design expansion

This remarkable house extension is in the center of the city of Winchester and it was carried out to meet the needs of a family that had bought a building owned in the past, to a school.

original house extension with wooden facade and glass

Photo expansion house modern wooden veranda

Construction of the extension required a lot of creative effort by the team of Adam Knibb Architects pusique the building in question is located in the historical center of Winchester and was part of the listed buildings. This is what determined the original appearance of the floating extension with wooden and glass facades.

wooden house Enlargement Photo: Hurdle the House

Photo expansion house modern residence timber construction

This extension of wooden house is accollée a historically listed building which dates from 1792. As in the previous project, the architects have therefore worked to add a contemporary complement to an older structure.

wooden house extension with glass windows

veranda wooden house image magnification

The contemporary design of expansion includes a large kitchen open to a dining room, a space of social life and relaxation and a work area.

Idea of ​​old house with wooden structure expansion

building extension modern wooden house design plan

As you can see from this photo, the new structure was built in the front yard of the historic building and near a forest.

Home improvement extending wooden house with sliding glass doors

expansion and extension of house bay window

The outer wall of wood siding was chosen because this surface echoes the forest surrounding the house and she brings the same time, a contemporary look, is in contrast with the building that already exists there.

Design house extension image in white and wood: The Cube

amenager a veranda extension of modern design house

This is another wooden extension which sits on a building from the early 20th century. Its organic facade combines perfectly with white coating of the old house.

Small extension of modern style of a house from the 1900s

Wood house modern expansion picture

Set in the courtyard of a building located near the city of Winchester, this extension was completed in 2013 and occupies an area of ​​65 square meters.

interior design idea of ​​architect house enlargement

Interior wood extension house enlarged photo

Photo expansion house design wood and glass: Springfield modern conservatory extension

picture house modern extension enlarge his house

The modern extension on the complete top picture a residence built near the city of Hambledon in Surrey, which was conducted during the 1960s.

Kitchen open to dining room and the interior living space with a modern extension

veranda modern house building expansion

Inside, there is a kitchen and a dining room painted white which overlook the garden of the property.

Picture house extension furnished as modern style veranda

Layouts verande modern house extension

Seeking to emphasize the beauty of the site's natural environment, the architects opted for a bay window and a glass ceiling in part of the extension.

Architect house expansion project: Everton Road

Photo Contemporary wood extension house expansion

Architect house with wooden facade and original solution for more natural light

Photo extension plane outside house expansion
We conclude with two modern wooden houses that provide interesting examples of natural light provided through original architectural solutions.

Modern style house with natural materials in England

Photo expansion outside wooden house plan design

House original architect suspended

Photo expansion house contemporary wood structure

The first example is that of Cedar Lodge or natural light was introduced through glass Display Film installed on the upper part of the facade. This effect is enhanced by using large windows symmetrical about its lower part.

House wooden garden with panoramic window near a modern pool: Bluebell

design wooden extension pool house with garden

The second example, known Bluebell, shows a rectangular structure with green roof. Installed near a swimming pool, it has a large window through which natural light. Its originality? It serves as a pool of water mirror reflecting the sun's rays directly inside the structure.

garden with swimming pool and landscaping architect house with green roof

home photo enlarged garden shed wood design

terrace house image modern design with panoramic window

Modern wood house extension expansion design

Photos and design by Adam Knibb Architects