The contemporary house always ecological wood

General view Contemporary wooden house

here is contemporary wooden house you may be dreaming! Anyway that is my preferred choice for modern and ecological house. Checkwitch POIRON architects designed this house called Double High House in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

The wooden contemporary house - the open living room overlooks a chic terrace furnished with elegance

The contemporary wooden house, open lounge terrace chic furniture
The plan of this house, as you can see through the photos above, is a kind of elegant and efficient remodeling a typical suburban residence. The structure of this wooden contemporary house is set against along the north entrance to the building to minimize the southern sun exposure. Wood and glass are the main components and actors in this house.

Social kitchen open to the dining room

Social open kitchen dining room

The huge sliding door 7 meters serves as opening to the main space of life with the deck, the system ingeniously blurs the line between inside and outside. Passive solar system serves as an energy source, a radiant floor heating hot water ensures effective role.

Suspended fabulous lights illuminate both floors of the house

suspended luminaires illuminate two storey house
The breakdown dual thermodynamic flow is also included in the concept of the ecological character and designing efficient lighting. The furniture design and decoration of the house reveal the taste of the owners and their modern trends. Contemporary house High House Double wooden boasts of a beautiful garden. The careful selection of plants offers a generous wedge of greenery, with a spacious wooden deck with sofas and chairs.

A modern kitchen in white and natural wood

modern fitted kitchen white natural wood color
Private premises on the first floor connect by stairs and a long corridor

private places first floor long hallway stairs