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teen bed – 40 interesting ideas for the modern teen boy bed

teen boy deco theme bed

Seeking a teen bed Modern boy? You are in the right place! In this article we will present the best of pictures with teen beds options to help you develop the dreams of your child's room.

The teen years are also the time when boys begin to be pretentious regarding the design of their business including their rooms, and you can expect that the choice of the bed is not easy. But no matter the decor of the room and the desires and needs of the teenager, here are the types of available beds:

Modern room with a bed with storage teen

teen boy bed storage

The bunk bed teen

The bunk bed is a great choice for the teen room boy. This type of bed is solid, practical and available in lots of different colors and styles. It also offers an extra bed in case your boy invites his friends to sleep in his room. Since it occupies the vertical space, the bunk bed is perfect for small rooms.

The futon bed

The futons are still an excellent choice for small teen rooms. It is convenient for the night the futon takes the form of a bed and the day it turns into a comfortable couch. The futon beds are available in different colors and materials and the price is not excessive in any case.

wooden bed with shelves teen

teen boy wood storage bed

The bed platform

If your teen's room is decorated in a modern style, then the platform bed may be the best option. This type of bed has no box springs and it is placed directly on the floor. You can find it with frames decorated or rather simple according to the preferences of your child.

The bed with storage

If your teen loves to collect things like DVD's or BD-s, then the bed with storage offer him extra space for storage. These beds have shelves or drawers integrated above the headboard or below the bed frame The bed with storage can really help to keep the room clean and tidy.

Modern teen room with a bed on wheels

teen boy bed castors

The options for girls beds are endless but this is not the case of beds for the boys. It is important to let your boy himself choose the style, color or decor from her bed Bedding is also a choice that can be left to him to encourage his creativity and sense for decoration. Here are some interesting images that can help you decide on the type of bed and the decor of the room teen boy.

practical decorating teen room

bed teen original design practice

teen boy bedroom with beds practices

teen room deco bunk beds

Boy room decor with a comfortable bed

teen storage bed bedroom design

Idea room decoration with two teenagers beds

Original design teen room

teenager's room in orange and gray

teen room bed boy practice

Teen Lit interesting design

teen room boy bunk beds

Modern teen boy room decoration

Modern teen boy room

Original design of teen bed

teen designer bed room

Deco themed teen room

teen room bed original design

Idea of ​​modern deco room boy

teen bunk bed chamber

teen room vintage style

room boy teen vintage style

boy bedroom modern bed castors

deco teenager bed timber chamber

deco room teen boy

deco vintage style teen room boy

teen room deco theme

deco gray white room boy

modern deco room boy

deco contemporary teen room

deco elegant room teen boy

deco interesting teen room

deco modern teen room

deco original room boy

deco original boy bed

teen room deco idea

deco teen boy bed idea

deco idea practice teen room

teen room decoration idea

idee deco ultra modern room boy

Modern teen bed castors

Modern teen boy bed

Storage bedside table teen boy bed

bunk bed integrated office boy

Modern wood bed teen boy

wooden bunk beds teen boy

wooden bunk beds boy

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