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original crib for a cool room and practice

original crib wall unit chamber

How to decorate a child's room for it to be cool, practical and easy to clean? Today, we investigate the furniture solutions for this part of the house and, in particular, on the original crib.

The bed is an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom. In an area dedicated to the smallest members of the family is often a piece of furniture that participates in the games, which impresses and must predispose children to relax. In addition, given its large size, the bed must often respond to the constraints of the available surface and cleaning of the room. original crib models below seek to meet all these requirements, which are sometimes difficult to reconcile.

original wooden crib for practice and organic chamber

mezzanine decoration wood crib

When it comes to organize a nursery of small size, the loft bed is one of the most popular choices on the market. This type of furniture takes up little space and free space below the bed can be used for the development of an office or play area.

original crib modern design *

Layouts loft bed children's room design thomas durner

The design of the modern loft bed is becoming more original. The children's furniture manufacturers are seeking in particular to make their interesting creations for small defying the forces of gravity. And what could be cooler than a bed that seems to float in the air by some magical force?

Children's loft bed to maximize space in the room

Layouts mezzanine bed small bedroom child

The loft beds can literally double the gaming space and storage available in the piece.

Idea of ​​raised cot with storage

loft bed nursery decoration

Most modern models have built-in storage, which still leaves more space available in the rest of the room.

Furniture for modern children's room: space saving bed

child modern wood bed room

In addition, girls and boys do not stop to find amazing ideas to enjoy this kind of furniture within their favorite games!

floating bed for fun decorating children's rooms

deco room crib floating mezzanine idea

The floating bed attached to the walls of the room is another version of the raised bed. He deserves to exist independently of a carrier and it is precisely for this reason that it is a very convenient option for children's rooms very small area.

Deco idea of ​​children's room with wooden floating bed

Children's furniture space saving wood beds

This kind of floating bed can be tailored to incrire in the shape of the room and even set up any second level in the high-ceilinged rooms. In this case, one could also choose furniture manufacturing materials and rely on wood to show his little darling how important it is to live within nature.

original crib shaped wooden boat

original children's bed room furniture floating deco

The floating beds of this kind sometimes take very interesting forms that stimulate the imagination of little girls and little boys. On the picture at the top, an original crib-shaped vessel accessible via a timber bridge and rope. Complemented by a decorative wall around the TNEME sea and ocean, this piece is truly spectacular!

mezzanine bed of mixed baby room

bed'enfant chambre partagée deco

If the original beds for kids are so popular is because they are a great option for the decoration of a family house with two or more children sharing one bedroom.

Shared room and cribs to save space

bed mezzanine bedroom wood furniture child

In such inside, the original crib to play with the available surface. Some parents decide to develop two raised beds while others prefer asymmetrical solutions, as pictured above.

Idea of ​​optimizing space with floating beds for children

original bed suspended decoration nursery

The beds are arranged in height as an excellent solution for the development of a shared room of schoolchildren.

Nursery decoration little girl or little boy with wooden bed

original crib decoration room idea

hanging beds to facilitate cleaning of the nursery or teen

idee room Shared child boy floating beds

Whatever organization you will prefer, floating beds will simplify your life: as they stand above the ground, they facilitate floor cleaning.

original crib for a fun, modern room

original girl bed bedroom boy child

If you are looking for a bed quirky and fun child, think about furniture that takes the form of a small house where your daughter or son will feel safe and can play safely.

Idea DIY hanging bed for child

DIY nursery hanging bed

If you like DIY and crafts, get inspired by this model of suspended bed and yourself manufacture similar unit for the room of your little sweetie!

original crib and boys shared room

original crib deco boy room

Design Cot Cloud by Lago *

original bed room decoration girl child

Lago The Italian company, which our readers are already familiar with this product, specializes in the design and manufacture of furniture and floating suspended for the entire home.

Modern bed for original decoration of children's rooms *

Original cot space saving furniture

This is its catalog of products we are inspired for the following Deco solutions transofrment the crib in a truly unique piece of furniture.

original crib for fun games at home *

Modern hanging bed room design child

For example, this floating bed room boy allows parents who wish to develop a whole corner of separate games. It is located high and it fits perfectly with the decor of the room!

modernly designed space saving bed for child *

original child boy suspended bed chamber

This mini fun area also leaves plenty of space for all kinds of games. We could even install a folding bed for use during extended visits to friends of your son!

Furniture for children's rooms: original bed for girl *

bed room furniture original girl child

And, with this model of original crib, your daughter will have the sensation of floating in the air while she rests!

Deco idea - child's bedroom with floating bed *

Modern floating bed room design child

Floating bed for child and idea of ​​modern design room *

girl crib room wall unit

* Photos and Design by Thomas Durner and Lago

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