The ottoman children’s room: an original selection –

The ottoman children’s room: an original selection

poof purple look sophisticated nursery

The development of a child's bedroom is one of the most fun tasks. Yes, the children's room always exudes good humor and should reflect the personality of your child.

Today, it offers an original selection that focuses on the ottoman children's room - a decorative object enjoyed by young and old (like Haribo).

kids room decor with two ultramodern giant poufs

Ultra modern room with a corner poufs

The pouf giant was prevalent in the 60s but now re-entered in our home, especially popular with children. Unlike chairs or armchairs that can choose to arrange a children's bedroom, the poufs are actually giant cushions filled with polystyrene beads.

Pouf child room with orange accent

teen room with red pouf

Perfect for a session of video games, reading her favorite book or just for a nap, the child's bedroom ottoman lends itself to all kinds of activities and comes in many models.

A yellow giant ottoman match the furniture in the children's room

ottoman yellow accents to match the furniture

The children are often multicolored beanbags, funs and ultra-modern. Many are similar to cartoon heroes which can greatly entertain your children.

Children's room with a beautiful ottoman multicolored patterns

children's room with colorful ottoman

There are also many ottomans that have the form of a vegetable or fruit such as pear, widespread even among the great model.

Two bunk beds and two ottomans in a beautiful children's room

children room with two poufs

Side patterns and colors, you can find happiness: there is something for everyone! Multicolored cushions, floral motifs, a pouf that looks like a football, more efficient models in one color ...

Contemporary room boy with a giant beanbag

contemporary room boy

Most of the time, over the ottoman was stained, the more your child will want to sit on it. You can use the children's room ottoman to animate the scene with a bright color such as orange, apple green or yellow.

The alternative to a four-poster bed: the child room ottoman in a magical veil

idea nursery furnishings with ottoman

Easy to maintain, ottomans can often be Facilier are removable for washing and their tissues are resistant to all children's games.

A decor dotted with green apple that is also found in the giant pouf

a giant ottoman near the office

The ottoman is truly a fashionable accessory in a child's room. More comfortable than the chair or the ottoman, he invites to rest and games among children.

Pouf nursery: a decor that exudes good humor

ottoman room child colorful

With its flexible shape and fabric, it can adapt to any morphology. The pouf becomes easily arrange the perfect companion for a child's room.

Several giant ottomans that form a circle for children and pets

giant cushions in the corner

Do not be surprised if your pet is seen tempted by these giant pillows so comfortable!

Two children read on a giant beanbag: comfort is waiting for you!

two children read on a giant beanbag

The ottoman is an essential item that can have multiple roles. It can in fact replace the chair, sofa, bed sometimes, even the sun lounger by the pool.

Feast of terrace anniversary with a variety of poufs for children

giant poufs for children's party

It can also be used on the terrace as in the photo above. We can also notice the variety of shapes of ottomans. There is a model for everyone and these poufs are perfect for a child's birthday party.

Pouf nursery for Star Wars fans

ottoman inspired nursery star wars

We like the child room ottoman above, inspired by the movie Star Wars. It may crack your child, if he is a fan (and who is not!)

A giant ottoman for all artistic creations

great chic pouf

The giant ottoman is also an excellent platform to give free rein to his imagination. If the form is appropriate, your child can lie on it and draw.

Ottoman children's room that gives fishing

pouf green apple nursery

One can place an ottoman everywhere in a room. However, it seems to register in the corner as in the photo above, near a small cabinet.

The ottomans are perfect for play video games ...

pouf giant to play video games

Perfect posture, the ottoman offers the possibility of playing video games since it can be adjusted to different positions.

... or to relax and watch TV

pouf giant room for girl

But you can also watch TV or relax.

Pouf children's room with floral and colorful patterns

little girl on a giant beanbag

The pouf is available in several materials. The fabric is very common but there are also velvet cushions, faux or real leather, polyester, cotton, nylon fabric (perfect for outdoors) or even jeans.

A giant ottoman that comes with footrest: absolute rest!

giant beanbag and matching foot rest

The pouf in the photo above comes with its own matching footrest. Comfort is at its peak!

Giant faux leather ottoman - a chic, minimalist look

super giant ottoman in faux leather

Yes, bright colors are very popular with children, but this does not prevent you to consider lighter shades, especially if your child's room is already colorful. The faux leather ottoman above exudes elegance, you'll even be tempted to borrow for your room time to time ...

Pouf nursery pastel shades

pouf giant floral

We end this article with a pouf designed for babies. We had told at the beginning of this article, the ottoman is enjoyed by large, small, and as you can see, very small. Ultramoelleux and comfortable, this ottoman wants to be very ergonomic since the shape of the baby.

There are also small beanbags specially created for babies! *

ottoman special room for baby


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