Painting girl room: 12 modern and feminine ideas –

Painting girl room: 12 modern and feminine ideas

painting photo modern girl bedroom wall deco

After the summer months during which much of his time to outdoor recreation was spent, autumn marks a period when one focuses primarily on its domestic and invites us to think about ways to improve the appearance of certain parts of our homes.

Certainly, cool days are not necessarily the perfect time to embark on a project to repaint the walls of a space.

Painting girl room: some modern decorating ideas for children and teen

daughter painting room harmony of neutral beige

However, many people use the month of autumn to plan interior design work to be done in the spring. These few girl's room painting ideas will help you choose the best color for the space for your child. Take a look and keep this page for discussion with your daughter when the time comes!

Select daughter painting room, a task that is not always easy!

renovated room color girl painting

The choice of a girl bedroom painting is not always obvious because the room has several functions, some of which are difficult to reconcile. How to dress the walls of a space that is both intended for rest and creativity, preparation of assignments and moments shared with best friends?

To choose the paint color of a child's room, it is guided by his personality

wallpaper modern room decoration girl child idee

The best answer would probably be to give the range of paint colors girl's room with the personality of your child. Color options, wall decor of a modern girl's room are far from limited to shades of pink. In fact, as can be seen in this case, all the nuances are now permitted.

Photo painted girl's bedroom in bright colors

girl room decoration painting wall model

Whether rafraȋchir inside the room or change its appearance completely, bright colors are a good choice for a space that is dynamic and seeks to stimulate creativity.

girl room image with clear paint

color decoration furniture girl nursery

Light colors are regarded as soothing and conducive to relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom of girl or boy.

Combining bright colors in the girl's room

painting bright colors girl teen room

The wall decorations with stickers or paintings will be useful if you want to further customize the appearance of the walls of a little girl's room or teenager.

Original Wall Deco bright pink girl's room *

daughter painting room wall decoration pink floral pattern

The floral motif is very popular in recent times and, as he evokes the image of youth and femininity, it often adorns girls chambers of all ages.

Idea to combine clear, vivid colors

idea of ​​decoration red girl's room bed linen beige wall

Combining light colors with more vivid colors and more vibrant is a good idea to avoid too monotonous room painting daughter. If you want to try this combination, several options are at your disposal. In the image above, a clear chamber girl painting artwork associated with vivid shades of keys on the machine and the decor of the room accessories.

Decoration teen girl's room in bright colors and pastel colors

daughter painting room combine colors

And in this very pale yellow interior is harmonized with pastel accents on the floor carpet and the bed covers

Office corner image of girl's room in purple and white

girl painting color palette office Kid's room

You would have understood, paint options modern girl room are truly unlimited. Even the color black, which was once banned interiors for children, it is now accepted, provided they are accompanied by decorative objects of feminine style!

maid color: black and white with pink accents

Scandinavian idea deco girl room paint

Photo and design by Kate Thornley-Hall

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