Children’s Room Decor: 25 unforgettable ceilings –

Children’s Room Decor: 25 unforgettable ceilings

idee child room ceiling decoration

Ideas for child room decoration conquer a new space: the ceiling. Discover 25 room ceilings unforgettable images for children. The layout of the nursery, girl or boy, can be a challenge.

Recently, we focused on the design trends for children's room decoration in 2015.

room decorating idea child on the water theme

child room decoration original idea ceiling

Here is a new trend is conquering the very specific world of decoration for children: the design of ceilings. We have a gallery of beautiful ideas, fun and very creative for baby room decor, girl, boy and teenager. The tour begins!

boy room decoration on the jungle theme

decorating idea boy room

A first creative ideas for decorating small room comes with the pirate ship! With a wall decoration that reminds the paradise islands of adventure novels, a treasure box and a pirate flag, this idea decor extends to the boy room ceiling with a canvas using the imagination of young and world travel distant.

Decorating room and playroom on the nature theme

decorative bedroom ceiling playroom idea

This idea of ​​decorating kids room is inspired by nature. To add colors on the walls and ceilings of your daughter's room, no need to choose the geometric applications. You can now use imitations of plants and butterflies that fit nicely with pink paint in the room!

Room Decoration on geography theme

how to decorate children's room ceiling walls

Another creative idea for the small chamber decor is centered on "geography", with world maps used instead of wallpaper. Globes hanging from the ceiling were a fun effect that awakens the curiosity of both boys and girls.

Idea original decor: harmonization wall decoration and the ceiling

idea ceilings rooms teenage girls

And other clever ideas deco child and teen room, check the images in the gallery below.

Deco idea girl or boy room in soft color

decorating ideas girls room boy

Room Decoration with ceiling that tells the whole story ...

how to decorate girl's bedroom ceiling wallpaper

Beautiful boy Deco themed room aviation by Satprans Design

Wall deco ceiling teen boy room

Original idea for decorating teen girl's room with the ceiling covered with canvas

decorate walls ceilings room teen girls

decorating kids room painted ceiling

idea decorate children's room ceiling

idea decorate ceilings boy rooms

how to decorate bedroom walls painted child

boy wallpaper room decoration girl

idea decorate ceiling nursery walls

Deco nursery paint

Deco baby girl room

decorate original room boy

decorate kids room sky

baby room decor bedroom ceiling

Original Deco room crib

room decorating idea garcçn

girl color design room

teen room ceiling paint child

deco ideas girls boys room ceilings

room decor girls original boy

Rooms boy wall decoration ceilings

decorative ceiling boy boy nursery

ceiling Wall girl's room decorations

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