Baby room decor: in search of inspiration? –

Baby room decor: in search of inspiration?

baby tree design room

One of the favorite activities of mothers during pregnancy is to dig up the latest news in baby room decor : Choose a crib, dresser, changing table, curtains, wall colors, all indices that announce the imminent arrival of the newborn.

But it is not that easy to prepare a cozy nest for your little one: the products available on the market are so many that do not know where to turn. It becomes difficult to give a uniform style in order to obtain a satisfactory result. Fortunately Designmag is there to help you make sense of things!

Deco room with baby stickers

bebe modern fashion design room

It must above all plan everything to the last detail; know the dimensions of the available space and requirements to meet in order to keep the budget under control. As for baby room decor, it is easy to get overwhelmed by a desire to offer everything to our future baby, and to forget his reason. We will together discuss a foolproof methodology to establish the list of what we will have to consider.

keep a healthy simplicity

baby horse design room

Let us ask the question then our preferred style, is it minimalist, eclectic? These colors we like them because they make the room more joyful? To avoid the risk of falling into extremes of too austere or too gaudy room, we recommend to color just a section of wall in bold colors and leave the other walls in white, for this are accessories to as they arrive, that will decide the style of the room.

just a colorful section of wall

baby room furnishings marsala

An essential element for a successful baby room decor is the choice of the carpet. This is where your baby will spend most of his time, also when you play together or he will explore his little universe. Do you want a small rug or covering the entire surface of the chamber? What color will it be? The carpet is an essential accessory, and there are that will help your baby's first learning shapes and colors.

the choice of carpets is essential

baby room decoration yellow ottoman

Finally, it is important to think of the illumination of the room, which should have a dual function. It must be able to ensure optimum visibility when necessary, but it must also allow you to go in the room during the night without disturbing the sleeping baby. A good compromise is to have a nice shade to light up during periods of activity, and a bedside lamp when you go to his bedside that will not create a sudden and intense light.

utility of a lampshade

Deco gray baby room

Once you have thoroughly studied these aspects, you can stop a moment to admire the result and think about the next step: how will you arrange the room now? And then you'll be pleasantly surprised that you made the most of the work, in the sense that the style of the room is present. It'll just see a few catalogs to help you choose the curtains and linen in shades of colored wall and carpet. And with these accessories, you'll be ready for the last step before the arrival of your child, choose the furniture. This course choice will be greatly facilitated by the fact that everything is in place, you can easily visualize the room when you hesitate between different furniture. Consider taking a picture of the room when you go to the furniture store, which helps you to visualize how it will fit in the room for a baby room decor mastered from A to Z. Good fun!

the last step is the choice of furniturebaby room wood furnishings

importance of the bedside lamp

Baby clown room furnishings

united colors baby football room furnishings

lighter shades of blue and white

baby bright room furnishings

light colors

baby bright room furnishings

a fancy furniture set

baby room furnishings set clouds

a painted wall only

Baby gray turquoise room furnishings

poster bed and drawers

baby room decor poster drawers

the decor white

Deco plain white baby room

a pink decor for little girl

Deco baby room pink hearts

designer furniture

Deco baby room design

kind of monsters

baby room decor nice monsters

elegant white

baby room decor white fluff

the tree with pictures

baby room decor pictures

baby room decor striped hearts

Deco baby room pink flowers

baby deco fantasy pink room

deco baby room turquoise wall units

apple green baby room decor

Deco baby navy boat room

brown beige blue baby room decor

Deco baby room wood furniture

baby room decor stickers dream

baby room decor yellow lettering

decorating baby room model

baby room decor beams

decorating baby room robot

baby room decoration spheres

decorating baby room tables

decorating baby room set table mat

baby room decoration white mirror

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