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baby room decor daughter: 99 ideas, photos and tips

girl baby room decor idea carpet floor

When you welcome your baby home, you want the Baby girl room decoration you made, reflects all the love you feel.

Think of all the beautiful things that are taking place in this room - it will not be just a practical and functional piece but a space where your daughter will make his first memories. And with a little planning and forethought, you can give your little princess her beautiful royal suite. Even if you do not have much time or resources to spend on Baby girl room decoration, there are always plenty of ways to create a warm and inviting space for your daughter.

baby room decor vintage style girl

Vintage Baby room decoration girl

It is very important that your baby's room is quiet. For this reason you should place the bed of your baby in the most remote corner of the door and windows. But do not forget that the bed should be located in the most airy corner of the room. Regarding the furniture for the nursery, it should, in any case, fill the room. If there is a spacious room, you can afford to have a large closet for clothes and toys for your daughter.

Baby girl room decoration with wall stickers

Baby girl room decoration stickers

Why not put a play area in the bedroom and an accessible space for the diapering your baby? To create a cheerful atmosphere in the girl's room you need, right now, choose a decor theme to inspire you. This may be the beach, the sea, butterflies, flowers, ballerinas, etc. Nature is also a great source of inspiration you can use if you like bright colors. Cartoons are also very often used for decoration of baby room. In recent years the baby room or shabby chic retro style is very fashionable and the Deco styles are perfect for romantic baby room. Remember to find bedding and accessories that follow the theme or colors of the room.

baby room decor girl in pale pink

room decor baby girl pink

The pink color is by far the most chosen color for girls room of decoration. It exists in several possible colors: pastel pink as decorative background, candy pink to give color to the room or dusty pink for a more sophisticated decoration. You should, in any case, limit yourself to just the color pink. Your daughter will also worship a blue room, purple, yellow or green if it is well decorated.

If you like the more neutral colors such as gray, beige, chocolate or white, you can pretty much use them in the room decor. Choose bright colors in accessories - so you'll be able to later change the decor of the room without having to redo everything - just by changing the accessories. You must paint the room of your daughter at least two months before birth using environmentally friendly paints and non-toxic.

Deco baby girl bedroom with wooden bed

baby room decoration modern girl

Babies do not need much furniture, but there are still some items you can do without - a bed, a changing table and at least one comfortable chair where you can sit and spend time with your baby. Soon, you will need space to store toys your daughter and if the closet is not big enough, you will need to purchase an additional shelf.

The furniture is what cost you the most in baby room decor. However, you should avoid the cheapest furniture or of poor quality. Cheapest furniture, made from laminated wood, may be beautiful to look at, but they will not be very practical, not very durable. Opt for convertible furniture that will serve you for years to As your baby grows. There convertible cots and changing tables that turn into vanities.

Baby girl room with bed-like carriage

baby room decoration modern girl

If the room you have chosen for your baby has a wooden floor, or is tiled, you must purchase a soft carpet where she can sit and play without getting cold and without hurting on the hard ground. If you want to put a large carpet in the entire room, choose a well-padded plush carpet. If the decor of the room is rather neutral, choose a colorful rug or interesting patterns. If the walls are bright colors, opt for a neutral color carpet to create balance. Curtains or blinds are mandatory elements for decorating the baby room. Choose them according to the style of the room.

Nursery girl decorated in pink and white

baby girl pink room decoration

Accessories are the most fun part of the decor of the room baby girl. You can customize the baby room by buying letters with which to write his name and put it over his bed or to another location on the walls. Please note, stuffed animals can be dangerous for babies, but you can put them on a high shelf where children can not reach them. Even if you try to do a more neutral decor of the room, you can place some cushions in pink, frilly a lamp or wall sticker ballerina. These are elements that you can change or replace at any time. For now, simply pamper your baby with beautiful and sweet things. Here are 99 examples of baby girl rooms that will help inspire you:

interesting ideas for girls room decor

decoration baby girl room ideas

Idea deco girl and boy roomroom decor baby girl bed

Recently, the habby chic style is very fashionable for baby girl room decor. The interior below is a perfect example of how to recreate the blue and light purple. The photographed room was arranged for two girls and a large wardrobe of the same color as the frames of the beds. The purple curtains are very chic and bring the old world charm to the entire room.

Baby girl room with two beds vintage

Baby girl room deco decoration

Opt for a universal decor that you can keep for long. The wall stickers and floor mats are two solutions decoration long terms. It will probably think about removing them when your child becomes a teenager. For carpets, avoid pink and blue classic, choose a green, brown, yellow or orange. In the nursery, it almost always puts a floor mat under the bed for safety reasons.

Baby girl modern room with wooden bed

Baby girl room decoration idea

Do not forget to install a chair next to the cot. It will be very useful, believe us! When you no longer need, you can simply incorporate into the decor of your living room or leave it in the room of your child. Choose a chair with a color you can easily match after.

Deco "princess" room for baby girl

decoration baby girl bedroom furniture

The main unit and the largest in the child's room is the bed This is the first item to install and decorate. So we chose the rest of the decoration depending on the bed's style

Baby girl room decorated in pink and brown

room decor baby girl bed

Original Deco idea of ​​baby girl room

baby girl bedroom contemporary decor

interesting idea Deco baby room

Modern children's room decoration

The purple color is universal. Halfway between pink and blue, it is ideal for baby's room if you still do not know its sex. You can easily combine it with white, beige, green or yellow. The great advantage of purple is its soothing energy. Meditations rooms are often designed in this color, for example. Dress the walls of the nursery purple means to create a soothing atmosphere for your little toddler.

girl's room with original furniture

baby pink white girl's room decoration

When we think of the baby room girl, we immediately imagine a pink interior. This color is very feminine and can very well be combined with brown, gray or white. If this is the color you've chosen for the walls of the baby room, he must keep in mind that arrived at the teen age, your daughter may want to change it.

Decorating baby room pink and chocolate

chocolate baby pink room decoration

girl's room with interesting decor

decoration girl nursery

A baby room interior in white? Why not ! White is calming and universal. It also goes well with the maid at the boy's room. You can keep your white interior even during the years teen of your child! The white walls enhance the decorative wall.

Idea of ​​baby room furniture

baby room decoration white girl

baby room with pink walls

baby girl room furniture

The children's room below is an example unisex inside. There are several universal Deco themes that you can incorporate in the room for girls and boys: animals, jungle, nature, sky, cartoons.

Designer bed for baby girl

baby animals deco room

Deco room child in pink, purple and whitedeco room baby pink white ground pink ottoman carpets

Idea deco room baby bluebaby room decor idea blue chair bed

Baby Room with wooden furniture

deco baby room idea

The mint green is one of our favorite colors for the nursery. Universal and very soothing, it is a very good alternative to the classic white. Combine it with wallpaper in peas and a thick, fluffy carpets.

Modern decoration for baby girl's room

baby deco interesting room

A gray and white baby room? It is neutral, stylish and very Scandinavian. Girl or boy, this combination is everywhere and in every room. For a little pep ', add some decorative wall accents in bright colors.

Nursery decorated in neutral colors

baby neutral deco chamber

Idea baby room with walls in bright pink

baby room decoration idea

original baby room decor

baby brown green bedroom design

Nursery vintage style girl

baby girl original deco room

Idea baby room pink girl

baby girl pink deco room

purple and white room

baby girl floral room

Interior room baby girl shabby chic

romantic girl baby room

baby room decor girl in neutral tones

baby girl retro style room

Idea decoration baby girl in green room

Green baby girl room

soft purple for baby girl room decoration

white purple baby girl room

Wallpaper with daisies patterns

baby deco wallpaper room

baby room decor Girl in White

Vintage white baby room

baby violet green room

child room wall stickers

deco room baby girl

deco retro baby girl room

room design baby girl

Wall deco girl's room

deign original girl's room

white girl gray room

girl blue bed room

Girl wood bed room

deco baby girl room

deco green baby girl room

deco baby room furniture

deco baby room walls

deco room baby yellow walls

deco baby pink room

deco white baby pink room

deco girl nursery

deco room baby girl

modern deco room baby girl

baby green decoration chocolate room

decoration baby room design

baby room decor white gray girl

decoration blue baby pink girl's room

baby room decor pink green girl

Vintage room decoration baby girl

modern baby room decor

Baby decoration design modern room

baby girl room decoration

idee decoration girl room

decoration girl room furniture

decoration modern girl gray room

neutral girl's room decoration

pink girl room decoration

decoration blue pink girl's room

chocolate pink girl room decoration

chmabre decoration baby girl pink gray

Original room decoration for baby

etagere girl nursery

Layouts baby room idea

Layouts nursery idea

deco nursery idea

deco baby room idea

idee deco baby girl room

deco modern baby room idea

deco room enfat baby idea

deco nursery idea

deco room baby girl idea

deco original baby room idea

baby room decoration idea

Modern room baby bed

Modern design baby bed

baby girl wooden bed

bed for baby girl deco retro

bed for baby girl retro design

baby girl retro style bed

baby bedding modern bed

modern wooden baby bed

Modern bed for baby girl

baby girl room furniture

bedroom furniture enfat girl

bedroom furniture baby child

bedroom furniture girl bed

girl's room wallpaper

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