Asian decor in modern interior: 47 inspiring ideas –

Asian decor in modern interior: 47 inspiring ideas

Asian decor inside saloon

The Asian decor seems to seep gradually into the contemporary decor. It attracts with its serenity, its soothing shapes and balance that is in harmony with the modern interior design.

But how does one integrate the Asian style in its interior? Can we create a modern and elegant décor with elements of Zen Oriental beauty?

Asian decor modern living

Asian decor IDEA lounge

Zen decor involves almost ethereal effect of harmony and perfect balance. You can create this effect in your home by incorporating natural materials, a palette of neutral and calm colors and simple and minimalist design furniture. As with other decorating styles, exquisite balance is a key concept in the Asian decor.

Original decor inspired by Asian style

Asian decorating ideas interesting

The open and airy plans are highly sought in Zen Oriental interiors where positive energy is encouraged to flow through the space. Subsequent harmony created by the objects and their negative white space is enhanced by using other natural design elements, such as, wood blinds, bamboo detail and Asian art paintings.

Asian decorative wooden living room furniture

The circle-shaped patterns are also very important in the Asian theme as they represent the sun (Japan is known as the land of the rising sun and this important symbol has always been present on its national flag) You can use decorative elements in a circle for the decoration of the front door or the doors of your cabinets.

elegant living room with Asian-style decor

modern Asian decor living room

Chinoiserie represents the visionary Chinese influence through imaginative and complex designs. Chinoiserie can create an almost magical atmosphere and is found most often in embroideries and textiles, such as decorative patterns on the furniture or on porcelain objects. Do not hesitate to integrate colorful Chinese motifs in your minimalist decor.

Decorating room and bathroom with bamboo

Zen deco room bathroom

The Asian decor is also characterized by the use of a lot of screens. No matter if it is a simple screen placed in one corner of the room or a sliding screen door between two spaces, screens create a beautiful decoration Asian style. They also act as room dividers for privacy without the need to build real walls.

modern Asian interior decorated with wood

Asian wood interior decoration

One of the easiest and most versatile to incorporate Asian decor elements in contemporary interior is to use bamboo. The options are truly endless and bamboo can be present as flooring, blinds for windows, furniture and even as picture frames and mirrors. Some bamboo rods in a high vase to decorate the living room is also a very good idea.

Asian interior decor in neutral colors

Asian decor neutral colors design

Red is an exciting color and its presence is very strong in Chinese culture. Color of the sun, red and all shades symbolize life, energy and vitality. It is not without due consideration as red and other strong colors are to be incorporated in a space. But when they are there, this is done with confidence and strength.

Asian bedroom with canopy bed

adult Asian decor room

Mix and match Chinese printed on fabrics and furniture gives wealth and taste to space. As for the effort to succeed harmony in the interior decoration, looking to combine the rich shades elements with elements of simple designs and neutral colors. Remember that the purpose of your interior decoration is to feel good and serenity.

Original idea deco salon

Asian modern living room decor

Bathroom Deco Zen

Asian decor modern bathroom

Stylishly decorated bedroom

Asian decor bedroom

Asian minimalist bedroom

Asian style adult room

Asian deco wood furniture

Asian decor living room design

Asian deco bedroom

deco interior Asian style

Asian decor design interior

Asian decor bedroom wood

Asian decor bedroom modern

Asian living room decoration design

Asian decor storage cabinet

Asian decor dining

Asian decoration idea bathroom

Asian-decorated living-dining-room


decoration asiatqiue interesting idea

asiatqiue living wall decoration

asitique modern living room decor

Asian decoration living room idea

deco Asian style bathroom

Asian deco living room wood furniture

Asian contemporary deco lounge

Asian deco modern lounge

Zen deco bedroom elegant

Zen deco bathroom

Zen idea deco bathroom

Deco Zen room red hot

Zen deco modern lounge

Asian style bathroom

Zen deco living room idea

Asian style deco lounge

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