exposed beams: how intérgrer in your home –

exposed beams: how intérgrer in your home

Layouts apparent wood beam chamber

Basically, the visible beam is part of a building of an old or modern home device: it is therefore a foundation ensuring the soundness of the structure.

Wooden beams have existed for centuries and have been used since that time, construction of various buildings. They are part of the oldest construction elements operated throughout the world until today. As in the past these had architectural value, they were sometimes carved for a more impressive visual effect.

visible beam: interior spacious house

apparent ceiling decoration idea beam

In the modern design, the beams continue to be regarded as highly prized decorative accents. And rightly so, because they give more character to the room in which they are located. The proof is that there are companies specializing in the production and design of false wooden beams. If you are among the lucky homeowners with visible beams, you have at your disposal several ways to integrate them into your home.

room interior room and living room with exposed beams

Contemporary idea interior visible beam

The first thing to know when we decorate a space with visible wooden beams is that they should in no case be neglected. They will produce a strong impression on all who visit your home, you want it or not; Then, as the highlight!

How to paint the exposed beams: the example of an attic

exposed beams deco modern ideas

An easy and effective way to do this is to turn them into visual accent by painting the room's walls in a light color and preferably white.

rustic style kitchen with exposed beams

rustic kitchen deco apparent beam

It is also possible to paint the beams themselves in a color of the same shade, which is otherwise similar to that of the wall they adorn. These grades are, most often white or gray. This procedure will allow you to merge the beams and shades of this wall. It is recommended in cases where the space is too small or in the interiors too visible construction elements.

How to harmonize its exposed wooden beams with Deco style of its interior?

exposed beam wood-idee-Layouts loft

In addition to these two basic ways to deal with visible wooden beams, there are still ways to integrate them into the interior through the different styles of decoration. One way to do this is to use a decorative style that is characterized by the presence of wooden objects. Examples of these styles are rustic, the sea, the shabby chic, Scandinavian and cottage style. All these types of design are based, more or less, a way of life close to nature. They ask wooden elements to function properly.

Roof wooden cathedral and visible beams living under the roof

apparent beam roof-cathedral-lounge under the roof

In addition, the beams could also be part of a decoration of a different style. The trick to a successful interior design in this case is to use the wooden beam to create a surprise or contrast effect. The styles with which you can play to achieve such decoration are those where wood appear as a complementary material.

Decorating industrial style with brick wall and exposed beams

apprente beam industrial interior fittings

Here's an example: wood fits well with the interiors with walls of brick and stone, softening the look of these raw materials. For this reason, the beams blend perfectly with the parts of industrial and modern design feature of such surfaces.

The apparent wooden beam is back in the interiors modern design

exposed beams decoration-interior-kitchen-dining area open

the apparent wood beam was used to associate with retro decor and architecture of buildings constructed in the past. But to listen to several professional decorators now, the beams are back. And they settle permanently in modern interiors.

exposed beam ceiling-painting-room-child

The industrial style, deco loft mountain chalet style, modern or Scandinavian country ... All these styles are open to architectural solutions that involve the construction with exposed beams. How to explain this deco trend?

beam apparent wood rustic kitchen-wall-facing stone

First, remember that the wood beams are part of the natural deco elements is one of the major trends. Formerly being a single element of the architecture, it now participates fully in the creation of a modern and environmentally friendly atmosphere in our homes. All this, thanks to the fact that the apparent beam comes from sustainable production.

traditional white kitchen with exposed beams

country style kitchen ideas exposed beams

In addition, authentic beams have an extremely long lifetime. The old beams, usually made of wood from local production, are treated with products guaranteeing their longevity and resistance to insect attack.

Beams and modern interior styling

beams deco interior modern design

As for the wooden beams manufactured more recently, they can be of two kinds. Some are carried out according to old production techniques; others are made of more resistant materials. This is particularly the case of certain components intended for outdoor spaces made of wood specifically resistant to weather conditions.

The exposed wooden beams version DIY decor

And since this element of the architecture is so coveted these days, it is also the subject of DIY projects and DIY decor. You will understand, it is now possible to make wooden beams to make it yourself!

ideas deco villas

The exposed beams are a decorative solution is usually applied to ceilings of modern homes. They are manufactured from single fixed wooden planks so as to imitate the appearance of genuine beams. Often hollow, these imitations of solid supports are not suitable for supporting particularly important. However, they faithfully reproduce the look of exposed beams classics!

apparent and rustic kitchen Beam

kitchen rustic exposed beams

Make this project to complement the decor of your modern rustic kitchen or your contemporary living. You will benefit from a natural trend and inside at once!

Idea of ​​interior decoration with exposed beams

home decoration ideas wooden beams

Whether you have an old home or a modern house, you can enjoy exposed beams to give more character to your home. The photos below come up you ways to integrate the exposed beams in indoor built in several styles:

Dining room design and modern living room with exposed beams

modern wooden beams interior

Bedroom contemporary design

how to paint beamed rooms

Home decoration beamed by Saint Dizier Design

deco interior exposed wood beams

Example exposed beams and modern interior design

ideas beamed interior modern style

Exposed beams and interior with cozy decor

Layouts beams deco chic

Beamed ceiling and interior room decoration

wooden beams interior living pictures

exposed beams and modern interior ceiling

modern interior exposed beam ceilings

exposed beams and home with interior decoration

exposed beam interior home decoration

Photo of apparent and beam interior modern style

apparent interior modern design beam

exposed beams and country style cusiine

beam apparent campaign deco kitchen

Photo salon with exposed beams

Photos idea deco lounge beams

Photos kitchen with exposed beams

Photo beamed wood kitchen

Photo open on the living room with exposed beams

idea open kitchens decoration beamed

Country house and modern decor with exposed beams

mountain home deco modern design beams

Scandinavian interior design wood beams

deco lounges rustic beams

Interior apparent industrial design beam

visible beam design living room

Interior deco beams

ideas deco adult room visible beam

beautiful bedroom house apparent beam

staircase apparent beam design

contemporary interior Layouts

Contemporary decoration beams

decorations design beamed lounge

Industrial decoration visible beam house

deco design beamed lounge

Interior decoration roof visible beam

design modern interior beams

beamed lounge interior

deco idea of ​​rustic wood beam style

adult room decoration visible beam

decoration visible beam pub kitchens

idee deco open kitchen visible beam

color paint white beam seating

Italian design beamed lounge

contemporary design visible beam seating

exposed beam wood kitchen island

decoration small kitchen wood beams

design and interior lounge apparent beam

decoration beamed ceilings

Layouts attic wood roof beams

beams decoration bedroom

apparent white beam deco

Interior decoration visible beam

exposed beam dining room seating

visible beam bedroom deco

exposed wood beam room bath pictures

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