Colonial: what is it and how to integrate it? –

Colonial: what is it and how to integrate it?

colonial idea indoor chair round wooden table

What is the colonial ? This style, often referred to as ethnic, has no particular design. It is often described as a mix of styles from many cultures.

It refers to the colonial era, of course, furniture and decoration created during that period. He was greatly romanticized in literature and the cinema - cinema.

Colonial modernized in a salon trend

Colonial style chair mat seating idea deco wall frames

This period of history makes it possible the flow of a large number of shapes and design styles. We should also mention that the mention of this subject is still sensitive and controversial. In our article, we will focus on the aesthetics of the design style and how it is possible to recreate one of the rooms of the house: living room, bedroom, desk, entrance hall, kitchen.

Modern living room decorated with colonial elements

Colonial style chair inside sofa cushions deco blackboard white wall shelf

Interior open with furniture and decoration inspired by the Colonial style

lounge-style interior colonial idea ethnic style wallpaper chair cushions

The colonial style is indeed coping style to a climate and a different culture. Any European who settled in one of the colonies, was to meet a different lifestyle. The materials, furniture, decoration, diversified, with its unique way of what was already present in the West in interior design. It is this meeting that the colonial style was born, a style described as "simple and functional, which reconciles the beautiful and the useful." One of the major works that is interested in this topic is that of Jérôme Coignard and Roland Beaufre, entitled "Colonial".

Living room with furniture and ethnic style décor, design Jonathan Winslow

ethnic style room Interior design idea chair mat beanbag white sofa

It was at that time that the planter's chair appears for the first time and enters the interior design of the colonized countries, and the rocking chair, mosquito net draped four-poster inspired by the style Georgian and extensive bench caned Louis XV style. In return, teak, rattan, but also the bungalow, the porch and the safari chair invade ancient Europe.

An interior with authentic style objects, source: AD Magazine

Inside idea ethnic style low wooden table chair floor mats floor mats idea

This design style is made taboo for decades by the bad conscience of the former colonial countries: France, England, Spain. The colonial theme is a decorative style in itself, from Mexico to Trinidad via the Maghreb and Indonesia. Let's explore how this theme is introduced and integrated into contemporary interiors through our gallery of 24 images.

An office within Spain designed in this style of design

lamp interior design Wood foot office floor mats sofa cushion coffee table

An entry with a layout and décor inspired by the colonial theme

entry table decoration idea wall carpet floor pattern wooden bench cushions

Solid wood is very present in the interiors of this design style as varied furniture: table, desk, chair, dresser and many others.

elegant style and tastefully chair planter

colonial theme inside planter chair mat beige coffee table cushions

In 1997, Roche Bobois group, created COLONIAL HOUSE, a series of furniture inspired by Indonesia and Indochina French nineteenth and early twentieth century. Its main idea is to renew the exotic and inviting contemporary interiors in the form of the original furniture, where velvet, linen and wood (teak, sheesham, bamboo, acacia, mango) dominate.

The veranda invaded ancient Europe with the colonial theme

ethnic theme interior style cushions floor mats benches coffee table

Idea of ​​colonial-inspired décor with authentic vases

Inside idea colonial deco vases entry

It is possible to design an entire room with pieces of furniture and decoration in this design style. This will require still some investment, because such objects are generally quite expensive.

Living room with an interior design inspired from the colonial era

style bench seating idea interior floor mats chairs armchairs suspension fixtures

It is also possible to install an object, furniture or decorative, colonial theme and accentuate it. A large wooden dresser with finely crafted decorative details will never remain unnoticed.

Rustic interior furnished and decorated with authentic objects

coffee table style interior design in wood bouquet of flowers wooden bench

Have you ever heard of Georgian? This design style is also called "colonial". Basically, it was rustic and refined, as were the Georgian carpenters who do enter the US territory in the seventeenth century. It is then that it becomes increasingly rich and worked. It is, nowadays associated with interiors designed with materials and noble and luxurious materials.

A Georgian interior stylstye, designer Charles Faudree

design of'intérieur contemporain tapis sol zèbre bureau bois fauteuil bibliothèque

Dining room designed in Georgian style with nice curtains

interior design idea style curtains table rustic wood chandelier flowers

Idea of ​​a kitchen rustic and colonial style with a central island

rustic kitchen interior design wood islet suspension luminaire wood parquet

We see an interesting object, very present in the interiors designed in colonial theme: the palm. This plant, which has become synonymous with exoticism because it does not grow in Europe at the time, is a historical decoration.

Large terrace decorated with floor mats genuine reason

interior design wicker lounge chair blue carpets idea

The prize: an exotic plant that calls to Western interiors

interior design bedroom palm plant bed decorating ideas

In the bedroom or living room, you can afford the installation of pillows and blankets with patterns that evoke the exotic: flowers, palms, bamboo and others.

Bedroom with décor and ethnic inspired furnishings

Design bedroom headboard wall door decoration idea Persian

You do not have to spend much money to recreate a little touch of this style in your home. Watch this bedroom where the wall was decorated with an African mask:

decorated bedroom with African objects

bedroom wall deco african art brown mat bed frame

Candlestick, often associated with Shabby chic style and vintage style are also very present in the interiors designed in colonial theme, as is the case of this bedroom:

Bedroom with a bed frame and a vintage chandelier

bedroom black metal bed frame sails idea gray mat

The veils and curtains are also very present, especially in the design of the bedrooms and living rooms.

Bedroom of modern style with carpet in ethnic style

bedroom idea armchair sailing deco design ottoman carpets

Finally, you guessed it: this design style has been a taboo subject for many years for several reasons: historical, cultural and political. Today, he invites contemporary interiors as a subtle blend and "global" from the past, which took the best design of the West and the East ...

Bedroom decorated with ethnic-style objects

Deco idea bedroom decor ethnic style frame wall

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