Green and purple: color combination inside to tend –

Green and purple: color combination inside to tend

Deco furniture accent colors

For the interior design, green and violet are unusual and original colors. Yet combining giving rise to a very creative and warm design. The freshness of the green and deep purple flower garden create an atmosphere, that gives you energy for the winter.

To start, you need to choose a pair of shades that go well together. For example, pastel shades naturally intermarry. If you prefer to focus on "one of the two colors, then add the other in a neutral shade. It also depends on the room you want to decorate. If it's a room, the combination of too bright colors can make it appear smaller and cluttered. However, in a salon you can experiment more freely by adding multiple colors and even other accent colors. In a setting of trend colors green and purple, blue and pink fit very well. Neutral colors like white and blades and yellow can serve as a backdrop for your stage in green and purple. Finally, do not forget the furniture, objects and decorative accessories. They alone can contribute to your interior trend colors green and purple. Look at our pictures and stitch decoration ideas.

Choose shades and materials

Interior classic purple color styleTrendy colors for the season

Inside soft purple green button
Darker, warm shades

color purple trendGreen Wall, purple furniture

purple accent living roompastel yellow and blue buttonopals living color yellow greenultra-modern kitchen green color purple kitchen trendSoft shades for the children's room

green color purple children tend The decor with flowersdeco salon purple flowers keyFrom flashy green-yellow groundInside purple green nurseryChildren's bedroom in purple and pink

pink purple children's roomA very purple wall decor

room bright purple childA colorful kitchen

colorful kitchen purple accentFocus on the wall colorkitchen purple accent wallGreen, purple and orange accentgreen purple bedroom design child

green living room purple black key

color purple and lime green living

purple nursery blades

Retro-style room

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