Curtains – modern ideas to decorate the interior –

Curtains – modern ideas to decorate the interior

curtains ideas deco adult room

In this article we will present an original idea of ​​interior decoration makes each piece more complete. Those are the curtains who embody the style, luxury and originality.

These curtains have replaced the pompous curtains of a light and elegant way. Check our gallery of 25 beautiful curtains of original design and get inspired to decorate the windows in your home nicely.

Double elegant and modern curtains - 25 beautiful ideas

double room curtains modern design ideas

The curtains, as already mentioned, are very elegant and give the bedroom, living room, dining room and baby room, an original charm. They will make the warm and intimate atmosphere by attracting romantic tones and fine inside. Pastel colors in combination with the thin and light material, are two qualities that make them perfect for curtains every room. By combining a dark color with a pastel color, you'll get an incredible harmony. The curtains are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their functionality and elegant design.

Double light and thick curtains for every modern home

Double deco contemporary bedroom curtains

One of the most important steps is the choice of fabric. The two main types are: lightweight fabrics and heavier fabrics. Choose the perfect fabric for the room, furniture, colors and your personal taste. In general, curtains play some important roles: they protect us from prying eyes, insulates against cold and a touch of charm and warmth. We can choose from len, organza, lace, sailing etc. (Lightweight fabrics) and from taffeta, wool, velvet, cotton etc. (Heavy fabrics). The tissue that is best for a particular room depends on its size and placement of windows. If the room is small and quite dark, opt for a thin, lightweight fabric that will make the room optically, more spacious. If the bedroom, for example, is spacious and sunny, do not hesitate to opt for the heavy curtains and thick.

Metal rod and curtains blue

curtains decoration design ideas living room

Double elegant curtains in beige and white in the romantic bedroom

curtains deco style romantic bedroom

curtains in white and colored cappuccino in the bedroom

double curtains-for-transpatents-white thick-cappuccino-room bed-curtains

curtains in white and silver color

double curtains-white-light-thick silver-colored curtains

A golden curtain rod and curtains in white and gold

double-thick double curtains-color gold-fine-white-curtains-gold patterns

elegant curtains in soft lilac - thick and thin

double curtains thick lilac-reasons-smart-for-transparent lilac accents light-curtains

A golden metal curtain rail and curtain luxurious elegant patterns

double curtain-colored sand-units-luxury-thin-thick curtains

curtains in white and soft lilac

double curtains-white-lilac-reasons-for-light curtains

Double elegant curtains in white and gray

double curtains luxury-white-purpose thick-gray silk curtains

thin and transparent curtains and thick curtains in beige

double curtains-for-pale orange-beige-thick curtains-reasons

double and elegant curtains in green and white

double curtains-for-thick-patterns-flowers-green curtains

Doubles beige and white curtains in the bedroom

double curtains-for-white-light-beige-bed-room curtains

Curtains purposes in pale blue and white in the baby room

double curtains-for-thick-white-light blue-baby room curtains

Curtains - fine white curtains and thick cream

double curtains-for-white-coucleur-elegant cream

and white curtains and thick curtains in beige with tree patterns

double curtains thick beige-patterns-for-white-trees

double curtains-color-fishing-elegant-transparent light-Lounge

double curtains-white-light-thick-white-elegant-bedroom-bed

double curtains-white-light-colored sand-thick-elegant-sand

double curtains-for-elegant-white-striped thick-beige-light brown curtains

double curtains-white-for-thick light-beige lounge

double curtains-white-purpose lightweight thick cream

double curtains-white-purpose thick-heel color-fishing Lounge

curtains design windows sails living room sofa

color curtains design itself marsala living cheap

pale pink curtains luxurious lighting design carpets with patterns

lounge idea itself gilded decorative object design table decoration flowers

blue curtain nursery chair plush elephant mirror bed curtains

curtains cheap white curtains wire cloth black white coffee table lamp black candle and white deco table

room idea purple curtain deco flowers white wooden table

lounge chair ottoman idea curtains beige flower patterns coffee table lamp cushions

curtain cheap white curtains curtains white wooden chair cushions white coffee table table flowers

double curtains lilac sweet-thick-thin-transparent-room-bedroom-romantic curtains

double curtains-for-white-floral-pattern-color-thick curtains fishing

double curtains-for-thick pale yellow-light blue curtains

double curtains, silk-rose-pale-purpose lightweight thick-floral-pattern-for-blue-pale-pink curtains

double curtains-room-bedroom-for-thick-white-beige elegant curtains

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