Mountain Chalet Interior decoration: 50 inspiring ideas –

Mountain Chalet Interior decoration: 50 inspiring ideas

Mountain Chalet modern interior decoration

The interior decoration mountain cottage is warm, peaceful and welcoming. In short, it is ideal for your home or a vacation home. Even if you do not necessarily have a real cottage, you can have fun decorating a room or rooms in your home mountain chalet style.

Here are our tips for interior design in this style.

Interior decoration mountain chalet style: quiet and warm

deco open mountain cottage kitchen

Element characteristic for interior mountain cabin, wood is an essential material for a nice, cozy and warm decor. Depending on your preferences, you can use wood more or less generous way: on the walls, on the floor and also for ceiling decor or furniture. In the photo below, a lovely room decorated children of mountain chalet style entirely of wood: is not she beautiful?

Idea deco child cottage style

mountain cottage decorating kids room

Ideal for the construction of a part of the interior decoration mountain chalet is also suitable for an entire residence. It usually inspired décor interiors outside major cities; This does not prevent some homeowners to borrow design ideas for their urban chic apartments!

Idea interior design in mountain chalet style and wooden furniture

mountain cottage deco nursery

If the space you want to decorate in country cottage style with wooden beams, remember to enjoy and develop them. Underline in silhouette with LED lights, for example. This type of decorative wood, unpretentious and completely natural, is certainly a decorative element that you can enjoy!

Room mountain cottage suite with exposed beams

mountain lodge decor bathroom

Modern interiors in mountain chalet style is historically inspired by the decoration of the old houses in the mountainous areas in Europe. In these regions, the climate is harsh and sometimes difficult not only during the winter, but in early spring and late fall. For this reason, large fireplaces and stone fireplaces were an essential part of interior in this part of Europe.

mountain lodge style interior decor pampering

Deco lounge mountain chalets

If you want to create an atmosphere deco mountain cottage, we advise you to think about installing a fireplace. If you like the style of traditional mountain chalet or if you inherited a traditional fireplace, you could use its old stone fireplace.

Deco Lounge with fireplace and modern mountain cottage

Design deco mountain salons

For those who prefer the look of modern cabin, there are fireplace inserts. Use them where you want, in the living room, in the bedroom or even in the bathroom for a guaranteed mountain cottage effect!

Idea for accessories and interior mountain cottage

mountain interior decoration wooden cottage

As for accessories, decoration inspired by the mountain chalets is characterized by the use of natural fabrics and fluffy. These fabrics are a nice addition, especially for wood. Enjoy it up by placing the nearby wooden furniture.

Bedroom with deco mountain cottage

bedroom mountain cabin design

If you like lighter shades, you can choose fabrics in white or beige transform your bedroom or your living room via the Scandinavian style accessories or decoration to cocooning.

How to associate colors with typical natural elements of decoration mountain chalet

deco mountain cabin-interior-room-open kitchen bar

Those who prefer the darker tones, can use throws or red carpet, blue or green. Thus they get an atmosphere reminiscent of the decoration of the Christmas season. The black and dark fabrics, in turn, will contribute to an atmosphere quite classic inspiration mountain cabin to the US.

Tips and ideas deco mountain cottage for small spaces

mountain cottage small space stair-colimacon-coating wood

Many cabins and mountain lodges are building small area. With the abundant wooden elements in their interior, these spaces need much light to not end up having a stifling atmosphere. So plan some large windows to the outside, even a bay window in the living area.

Large windows and the windows contribute to the cozy atmosphere in autumn and winter

mountain cottage decoration room-cozy-small-space

In autumn and winter, the days are short and natural light is limited. In these times of the year, you will need artificial light sources able to compensate for the lack of sunlight. Your interior will therefore benefit not only from a fireplace or an open fire but also LED lights.

Embellish his mountain cabin interior inspired by the Nordic style

cottage mountain-facing wood-deco-room-a-bed

Like the lighter shades? Here is a Scandinavian Deco tip that will seduce you. The inhabitants of the Nordic countries faced long to absence of light problems, found an ingenious solution.

mountain lodge style living room decoration

mountain scenery lounge

They prefer light colors for the mural of their living spaces. Then choose a white paint, applied directly to your wooden wall coverings. Your home would be better informed!

House with mountain chalet-style decor

Deco house interior mountain cottage

These light colors like white and beige, easily associate with the hues of wood. If you like Nordic design, try out the cool, clear surface of the wood elements in your home. The pin color is typical Scandinavian houses, so why not enjoy it in your living room or bedroom?

How to soften the atmosphere of the mountain lodge-style interior

Mountain Chalet idea-deco-fireplace-facing-stone

The soft and natural light from the fire softens the ambience of a mountain chalet style and makes it more enjoyable. Therefore, in addition to the fireplace, the decorations of this style usually have candles. More or less numerous, they adorn almost every room of the house; starting with the living room, through the dining room and the bedroom to finish with the bathroom and toilet.

Idea deco mountain chalet with candles and fireplace insert Modern

Deco style mountain chalets

So we do not hesitate to showcase its decor with bright accessories. The mood mountain chalet could be supplemented also by candles, lanterns or lighting design, such as those manufactured by Santa & Cole, for example.

cottage style decorating for authentic interior

Following Deco intéreur mountain cottage

They will give your interior a soft and warm lighting, typical of old mountain houses - calm, peaceful and inviting. If the deco mountain cottage tempt you and if you are looking for inspiration for interior design in this style, check out the rest of our photos devoted to it:

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