sumptuous Venetian mirror, majestic, eternal –

sumptuous Venetian mirror, majestic, eternal

antique Venetian mirror wall decorated exceptionally

The Venetian mirror is one of the finest mirrors ever made. It is so wonderful that we prefer to admire him than his own image. It is also a masterpiece since it is simply excellent.

The image reflects the Venetian mirror is picture perfect, the effect of a technique of true masters of works.

Venetian mirror silver horizontal glass

Venetian mirror silver horizontal glass

For millennia, man seeks to know, to see his image to be observed. Before the chemical technique and the production of glass mirrors on Murano and Venice islands by glassmakers come into play, man first counted on nature.

Venetian glass mirror with a thin layer of metal and lined with blue

blue metal glass Venetian mirror

He first looked at her reflection in the calm waters and rich volcanic rock used in silica and used later polished copper and bronze.

Venetian glass mirror wealthy upper ornament

Venetian mirror glass opulent ornament

To successfully have a clear and without distortion of its image reflection, we had to find a flat surface that returns a perfect reflection. Everything depends on the reflectance of the substances we use to carry our view of ourselves.

Venetian mirrors of exceptional beauty reflecting a salon with blue tones

Venetian exceptional beauty parlor blues mirrors

Elements with a strong metallic luster such as silica, copper, bronze, silver, gold, tin, mercury or aluminum have a high reflectance. Some of these elements are metals, other non-metals and certain transition metals.

Venetian mirror in a Victorian-style bathroom

Venetian mirror Victorian bathroom

Anyway, over time, they corrode, oxidize, black. Thus, several reasons for the preference of some of these elements and not others: gold is very expensive, mercury is toxic, silver darkens with time.

Venetian mirror Wall: brilliance and sheer elegance

Venetian mirror Wall gloss elegance

It was also alloys of tin, lead and bismuth and later tin amalgams and mercury but mercury was abandoned as highly toxic. Amalgams with tin tin are called amalgams, still used today, as the amalgam of tin and lead.

Venetian mirror by designer Alberto Pinto

Venetian mirror designer alberto pinto

It was then necessary to protect these against corrosion, oxidation, blackening, etc. In addition, the amount of metal used for the reflective surface has been reduced to a thin metal layer such as a sheet that was able to attach to a plate so that it can stand upright.

antique Venetian mirror reflecting blackened stay

mirror reflecting ancient Venetian blackened stay

Glass, saw the strength of quality, durability and above all transparency (to let the light pass and do think for the metal layer), was the only material that could meet the protection requirements while serving plate to which the sheet reflective substance could be attached.

Venetian mirror period end nineteenth century

Venetian mirror period end nineteenth

Initially, the glass was yellowish, translucent rather than transparent. He had to be transparent. Here the glass vénitiensм craftsmen and especially the island of Murano, come in. The glassmakers have developed such a clear glass that rock crystal. The Venetian mirror was born. Brilliant, beautiful, extraordinary.

Venetian mirror and former French chairs in a living room

antique Venetian mirror French lounge chairs

Venetian mirrors majestic, magnificent and wonderful

wonderful lavish stately Venetian mirrors

The Venetian mirror has improved with time. Thanks to the evolution of chemistry and especially thanks to the German chemist Justus von Liebig who discovered that money could be deposited on glass by chemical reduction of a solution of silver nitrate. From there, the Venetian mirror has become more affordable, more durable ... eternal.

splendid Venetian mirrors of all shapes

splendid Venetian mirrors all forms

The 19th century Venetian mirror is a mirror made of a high quality glass plate covered with a layer of silver salt. Today, the Venetian mirror uses the tin, that is to say, the amalgam of tin and lead.

Venetian mirrors in luxury bathrooms

Venetian luxury bathroom mirrors

With regard to tin, for manufacture of flat glass, the method used is the floating glass on a molten tin bed.

exceptional old Venetian mirror in a bathroom

exceptional old Venetian mirror bathroom

The Venetian mirror is unique because it reflects not only the material, the physical, but also the inheritance of historical events, the course of life, the appearance and disappearance of great men and women. He is the witness of the time.

antique Venetian mirror in a modern interior design

antique Venetian mirror modern design interior

In terms of symbolism, the mirror reflects a true and inverted image, which means that we will see face to face with such defects. "Mirror, mirror, O trusted advisor ..." said the beautiful and jealous queen in "Snow White".

old Venetian small but sumptuous Mirror

mirror old Venetian sumptuous

Virginia Woolf wrote in "Mrs Dalloway" the mirror gives meaning to his face. Le Clezio, in "Giant", compares the mirror impassive gaze of snakes while saying that "mirrors are your very eyes," that is to say, your eyes drained of passion that lands on you who are devoured by passion and uncertainty.

antique Venetian mirror blackened with time

Venetian mirror old blackened with time

The psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan calls the post-natal period, between 18 and 24 months, the "mirror stage". The child who looks in the mirror begins to be aware that he sees in the mirror. This is the beginning of self-knowledge and the emergence of feelings like pride, shame, empathy, inversion.

old and luxurious Venetian mirror in an imposing interior

Venetian mirror former luxurious interior imposing

"... The pond is also a mirror, a strange opaque mirror that doubles any airline actually a picture underground."

antique Venetian mirror reflecting the zeitgeist

antique Venetian mirror reflecting the times

And it even seems that "... there have even been many people who drowned in a mirror ...". We'll conclude with this thought of Ramón Gómez de la Serna, who wrote in his novel "Gustave incongruous."

antique Venetian mirror, luxurious, timeless

Venetian mirror former sumptuous timeless

square glass Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirror glass square

Venetian mirror with octagonal mosaic edges

Venetian mirror octagonal mosaic edges

deformed old Venetian mirror reflecting without distortion

deformed old Venetian mirror reflecting without distortion

former bright and beautiful Venetian mirror

ancient beautiful bright Venetian mirror

antique Venetian mirror with beautiful original

beautiful original old Venetian mirror

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