Landscaping small apartment – some ideas –

Landscaping small apartment – some ideas


Thesmall apartment development may not be easy but with a little imagination and creativity, you can transform the small size into an asset for your home decoration.

Usually the small apartment is the perfect choice for a single person but it can become a practical and comfortable space also for a young couple. The apartments that we will introduce in this article all measure less than 50m2 and yet have everything necessary to their owners feel at ease, not to mention their amazing designs. Look at the pictures and you'll certainly find original ideas for your small apartment development.

Landscaping small modern apartment

layout design small apartment 1

The first apartment that you will see is located in the city Surgat in Russia and belongs to a young couple. The apartment measures 46 m2 and decor is creative and artistic. Although the kitchen and living room are one space, the pieces are differentiated by a room divider without interrupting the integrity of the space. A decorative wall Asian style has the role of hide the TV when not in use and adds a lot of color inside. See also the pictures to find still a lot of ideas of how to decorate your apartment small space:

Design of small apartment

planning small cozy apartment 1

room decor bedroom modern

1 small bedroom apartment development

Small bedroom with cot and corner work

planning small apartment room Bedroom 1

Decorating small bathroom

planning small apartment room 1 bathroom

living room decoration idea

decoration small modern apartment 2

Deco salon with corner work

idee small apartment room 1

Kitchen decoration design

deco kitchen small space 2

designer kitchen with bar

deco dining room small apartment 2

deco hallway small apartment 2

2 bed room design

Original deco small bedroom sleeping 2

decoration small bedroom sleeping 2

work space deco apartment 2

2 bath room decoration design

2 bath room design

deco living room small apartment 3

design idea small apartment 3

deco elegant small apartment 3

elegant dining room small apartment 3

interior decoration elegant 3

kitchen living apartment 3

deco interior small apartment 3

3 bath room design

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