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Apartment for a young couple – 2 design concepts

deco apartment for young couples

Being a young cut is a real chalenge in itself. You begin your careers, saving to buy a house and try to find your place in society. And the beginning of cohabitation you is still a fairly stressful time.

But if you are wondering how to decorate your apartment young couple in this article you will find the response of two designers and their projects.

Decoration apartment for a young couple by Int2architecture

apartment for a young couple int2architecture

Both concepts apartment for a young couple we offer you to see are very modern. These are designs that will give each member of the couple enough space, while instilling in them the desire to live together. The first apartment is made by the team of Int2architecture studio, while the second is the work of designer Art Ugol. Look:

Dining compact

deceo compact dining room

Decoration modern kitchen

deco modern open kitchen

open plan apartment decoration

decoration open plan lounge

contemporary design furniture

apartment for young modern design cut

Landscaping bedroom with work space

Interior design torque apartment

Room Decor Bedroom

decoration apartment for young couple

Bedroom with wooden bed

bedroom apartment for young couples

Decorating an apartment terrace

modern terrace apartment Layouts

Small enclosed patio furnishings

decoration interesting penthouse

laundry practice

deco apartment laundry practice

The plan of the apartment

Young couple plan apartment

Decoration of the second apartment

Original modern kitchen decoration

Kitchen with wooden bar

deco bar design kitchen

Small Kitchen design

small kitchen original design

Living room with furnishings in bedroom

modern living room small apartment

deco lounge modern design

apartment living room decoration torque

Layouts small room bed

modern deco original entry

Contemporary bathroom room decoration

minimalist design bath room

convenient laundry room bath

second apartment building map

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