Covered terrace to take his time anytime

terrace table buried served dinner greenery view

La dolce vita is also spending much time on the terrace to admire the greenery, the view, the sea. The covered terrace allows to sit even longer and to enjoy more of what we watch and find beautiful .

covered wood and brick design Terrace buried in greenery

covered wooden terrace buried Design green bricks

The covered terrace allows to furnish their outdoor space more or less permanently and can enjoy it at any time. That the weather is mild or less nice, it does not matter. The cover is fitted can protect furniture and let you relax long time without worrying about the vagaries of nature.

Covered terrace in a villa in Dubrovnik with sea views

terrace sea view villa Dubrovnik

The terrace allows to invite nature at home. You are surrounded by nature while keeping the comfort of home. You do not specifically planning an outing but you still remain not locked home. Knowing that with sheltered terrace you can stay out when you want, you offer a luxury gift.

Covered terrace casa Arabela Ibiza sunset

terrace covered ibiza casa arabela sunset

You tame nature somehow because your space nature is neither wild nor random. It is you who have laid the way that suits you the most. The furniture you have chosen the location you imagine have nothing hazardous. You've put the personal taste and love. Your vision has left a visible trace that everyone can enjoy.

terrace shelter for a warm

sheltered terrace warm

You change the look of the atmosphere in your garden or courtyard via furnishing your terrace cover. You choose your own perspective when you furnish your garden as you make the choice where to put a particular chair or table. The decor is twofold because, firstly, you create by building the covered terrace and, secondly, you contemplate a very special part of the whole exterior that opens before you from said terrace.

terrace shelter for a relaxing atmosphere near the pool

sheltered terrace relaxing poolside atmosphere

This terrace allows you to better enjoy your pool. Instead of storing sun loungers and parasols to fully enjoy the sun without still become a victim, a terrace with shelter gives you the opportunity to spend hours beside the pool. For example, we invite you to take another look at the photo shown above.

chic terrace shelter to spend dinner with friends

shelter chic dinner parties terrace

The living room looks twice as large with the covered terrace row in the same style as the said show. So, you have a salon two seasons. A lounge for winter and one for summer. Exterior view, your traditional home thus becomes a villa.

Sheltered terrace facing the sea and chic

sheltered terrace facing the sea chic

Jacuzzi can find its place. Like spas where you can enjoy hot water in winter and open-air vapors, your porch may house a Jacuzzi where you can find your happiness.

Shelter modern and chic terrace with Jacuzzi

shelter modern chic side terrace jacuzzi

Spend whole nights with friends over a drink or dinner with friends on the terrace presents only assets. Without worrying about obstructions or requirements imposed an enclosed area or even open as a restaurant, you can afford a lot more freedom when you consume fun at home on the porch.

terrace shelter to spend time with friends over a glass of good wine

terrace sheltered spend time with friends over wine glass

Keep all you want, light, possibly a cigarette, knowing that smoking seriously damages your health and that of others, will not be seen as a shameful act. You can invite as many guests as you want and who you want. They will certainly feel more comfortable at home than in a restaurant where you invited them or where you have consented to spend the evening.

terrace shelter take dinners in peace

terrace dinners take away peace

Hiding from the sun, rain, prying eyes, all of these are good reasons for why he did not have to deprive a terrace shelter. Made of wood and stone, this one (shown below) has a more practical aesthetic.

terrace shelter to stay in the shade or swim in the pool

sheltered terrace swimming pool remain shadow

If we talk about aesthetics, here is a covered terrace that deserves your attention. This Italian style with beams and terracotta tiles, lamps, beautifully rows plants everywhere, is a wonder to behold.

Tuscan-style terrace shelter with chic Italian

sheltered terrace Tuscan style Italian chic

If you are looking for modernity, you can get inspiration from the example of shelter next terrace and store outside of your home in a style similar to the one chosen for your interior. Outside and inside - a living room, two sides.

Cover terrace and integrated lighting for a chic

cover recessed light terrace chic

such comments, the show has two parts - one inside and one outside. Everywhere it was the same style and the same atmosphere. On the outside we have the advantage to fully enjoy nature.

covered wooden terrace to spend pleasant evenings

covered wooden terrace to spend pleasant evenings

This superb villa is located in Mexico. With windows are sliding, the entire ground floor can be transformed into a covered terrace. Same for the first floor.

Cover terrace on the ground floor of an ultra modern home with large pool

coverage terrace ground floor ultra modern house large pool

Cover terrace of a Mexican villa with pool

Mexican blanket terrace villa pool

Ultra modern shelter, recessed lights, bamboo furniture, here is a modern terrace and cover design designed by an architect whose headquarters is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Cover terrace of a villa in Johannesburg by Nico van der Meulen, an architect known in South Africa

Villa patio cover johannesburg by Nico van der meulen architect known south africa

Here is another example where there is less modern and more charm. With his style very special and sunny colors, this terrace covering wooden houses stylish furniture and a very nice terrace.

Cover a wooden deck to a charming and pleasant space

cover a wooden terrace make nice charming space

Another example of the same type and style. The veranda, a simple extension of the existing house, is all you need to spend the long summer evenings in peace and in any intimacy.

Cover a terrace house surrounded by greenery

cover green surrounded house terrace

Our heart stroke - a beautiful covered terrace with even more stunning views of the very distant horizon. This place is charming, as you see. It looks like it has a story to tell.

Cover a terrace to spend time anytime

cover a terrace to spend time any time

Between winter garden and terrace, this space of rest and relaxation has also, charm. Close to half by large windows and half by sliding windows, you can take shelter during rainy periods.

Cover terrace for shelter when it rains

cover a terrace to find shelter when it rains

The following terrace shed this very original because it lets places by the sun while protecting the covered area from heat and direct light.

Cover a terrace to enjoy the space at all times

covered terrace space to enjoy any time

Cover terrace of glass and wood to find refuge at all times

a wooden cover glass terrace refuge anytime

Where the fireplace can not do anything for you, you have your space to keep you warm during the cooler months while remaining virtually outside. However, in summer, a place like this will give you a lot of freshness.

covered wooden terrace for a modern interior in front of a pool in the garden

modern interior covered wooden terrace pool garden

Covered patio with fireplace and lounge type furniture overlooking a park

covered terrace Fireplace lounge furniture park

Covered patio with fireplace and colonial style furniture

Indoor fireplace furniture Colonial Terrace

Covered terrace with outdoor fireplace and a house with swimming pool

covered outdoor fireplace house terrace pool

As a cabin in the woods that covered terrace with fireplace, on the first floor of the house has lots of charm and wit.

covered top deck of a house with a cozy fireplace for ambiance

terrace house high chimney cozy atmosphere

Located on an incline, this luxury home and design, designed by architect he was already talking a little earlier in the article, offers great views and lots of luxury with swimming pool and unique style.

Covered terrace in a house of the architect Nico van der Meulen in Johannesburg, South Africa

terrace house architect Nico van der Meulen Johannesburg South Africa

With an even more spectacular view, this beautiful and full of style terrace offers the comfort and finesse.

Covered Terrace, white furniture and view breathtaking

terrace covered white furniture for cut breath

Still stylish, yet charming. Who would not admire this beautiful garden for hours and hours?

Covered terrace facing a green park and classy white cabinet

terrace green park white classroom furniture

Covered terrace with wooden beams with fireplace and white modern furniture, wood and glass

wood beams covered terrace Fireplace white glass modern wood furniture

The charm is in the oriental style with latticework elements. If you could get inspired and design your own deck so, or if you could just find such a place to spend time, please! Good relaxation!

Covered terrace chic oriental style and classy

covered oriental chic class style terrace

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