Idea deco apartment with texture two examples –

Idea deco apartment with texture two examples

idea deco elegant modern apartment

What type of decor with the texture you prefer - cozy or elegant and modern? It is difficult to choose between two decorative styles that are so beautiful. The choice becomes even more difficult when one realizes the impact patterns and finishes have on the interior decoration.

So need a idea deco apartment with the texture? If you plan to decorate the interior of your apartment with texture, in this article you will find two apartments with designer colors and the like, but have completely different look because of the textures used in the decorations. So choose the example that you like the most.

Deco idea modern and elegant apartment

apartment living room decoration idea

The first apartment you'll discover, is located in Tel Aviv. It was decorated by Iryna Dzhemesiuk and its decor includes rooms with comfortable and warm textures that stimulate the senses. This space really mix tactile experiences to make each one decorated square meter. The salon uses warm and soft textures through objects patterned ornate spheres and silk finishes - all in a modern floor mats. The accent wall concrete acts as a decorative panel that accentuates the beautiful piece of decoration.

Deco design apartment living room

Deco modern apartment idea

The second apartment, located in Moscow, is a luxurious space designed by DEnew studio. It is decorated with many elegant textures such as brass and glossy stone. Even the ceiling is richly decorated with shiny brass! It will be very difficult to find an apartment where metal textures are as well integrated as in this home. Of course, this opulent style will be very difficult to emulate without great attention to detail, but it helps to understand how each piece fits perfectly into the background. Here are two images in apartments:

Modern Design Show

idea Deco design apartment

Deco kitchen with dining room

idea deco apartment kitchen

Deco lacquered modern kitchen

Modern apartment kitchen idea

Contemporary kitchen with island

contemporary apartment deco idea

Deco salon with two orange armchairs design

Deco idea appartemen lounge chairs

living room decorated with an accent textured wall

Deco apartment modern design idea

lounge open to dining room and kitchen

Deco idea open space apartment

idea deco dining room apartment

Deco idea contemporary living apartment

Deco modern apartment living room idea

modern idea deco apartment


Modern elegant kitchen decoration idea

modern apartment decoration idea

deco dining room design

apartment decoration modern design

deco bedroom elegant

deco room has gray bedroom

apartment contemporary design decoration

gray deco bathroom

deco bathroom toilet

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