Beautiful houseboat with a simple interior –

Beautiful houseboat with a simple interior

barge fitted to New York with sliding doors

No time or money to an offshore getaway? Then opt for a barge Fitted like this and spend a weekend on the water. This houseboat is located in New York and the interior was decorated with Fredericks & Mae.

The exterior is clad in wood and entry advantage of very modern sliding doors. The interior and deck, meanwhile, are very minimalist.

The barge deck enjoys a simple white decor

deck of the barge where the dominant white wood

White walls, simple decor with a maritime theme, light wood and rattan furniture. The living area includes a used hammock and we love cooking, punctuated with color accents with its sparkling red utensils. An ideal retreat to forget the indignities of the earth ...

In the living room, wood and rattan furniture are everywhere

space clear and welcoming living rattan furniture

The decor is rustic lounge with its old fireplace and wood predominating

living room rustic style light wood beautiful round rug

The interior benefits from a storage space for firewood

interior light wood rustic retro deco fireplace

The living room of the barge is fitted with a used hammock

barge fitted furniture rattan hammock

The relaxation area includes a corner sofa and a minimalist table

den sofa corner pot plants

Utensils punctuate the kitchen in bright colors

color accents tidy kitchen with utensils

The open plan kitchen includes a bar with a view outside

open plan kitchen bar overlooking the'extérieur

The utensils of sparkling colors give the kitchen a lot of freshness

Deco kitchen utensils bright colors

Simple minimalist interior white walls

single office space decorated with bookcase

fan vintage style bedroom clean design

tidy room screen wood elements

children's bedroom minimalist light wood decor

superb element deco wooden whale

simple decoration fruit wicker

den American flag

welcome booklet humor button

Deco rowing fishing net marine theme

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