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Floral art: unique ideas for your home

Floral decoration home dining kitchen

Floral art adds a touch of elegance and freshness in every home. But how to choose the best flower arrangement? With our unique ideas gallery for each room, it's easy!

The flowers are initially a great accessory in the kitchen and in the dining room because their freshness and colors stimulate appetite.

Floristry in the kitchen and in the dining room

kitchen decor floral composition

At the same time, they encourage us to eat more healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. If your kitchen or dining room have a simple decoration, you can supplement it with richer floral compositions, as do ZeroEnergy Design designers on one of the pictures above. Conversely, dark rooms benefit from floral art in white or yellow, for example.

Floristry in the living room

how to decorate flowers room design

The floral arrangements in the living room allow us to feel better by helping us to keep in touch with nature and maintain the natural balance of our body. In the living room you can usually choose any type of flowers, provided that their colors are in harmony with the rest of your accessories.

Flower arrangements in the bedroom

flower deco house design ideas

The flowers that are suitable for the bedroom are those that have a look and a soft, delicate scent, such as chrysanthemums, orchids or peonies. Indeed, it is these properties that will boost your energy and help your rest.

flower arrangements in the bathroom

Flowers Art room bathroom

As for the bathroom, the advice of professionals is again creating contrasts between your floral art and furniture. It's also a room where we can show personality and away sometimes too strict rules for our tastes at all.

Bouquets and flowers in the office

deco floral design home office

Finally, if you work at home, you can choose indoor plants and colors that allow you to calm you to do your job with serenity!

Floral decoration idea to dining room and kitchen

dining room and kitchen design flowers

Flower arrangement for bathroom

bathroom deco flower idea

Flower Arrangement for bathroom in dark

floral arrangement bath room

Flower Decoration ideas for cooking and dining minimalist

kitchen decoration idea flowers

Ideas for floral art work areaoffice design idea plants

floral decoration modern kitchen

flower design kitchens dining rooms

dining room decor floral composition kitchen

minimalist decor flower bouquets

room decoration composition flowers

Deco floral white kitchens

deco flower white bathroom

kitchen wood floral composition

floral vase modern lounge

store room red white flowers bath

how to decorate flower design

floral art room decoration

arrangement flower plant house

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