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original screen or how to divide rooms in an aesthetic way?

EXTETA screen-zen-screen-design-aesthetic-interior-exterior

The screen is a cabinet made of wooden panels or fabric, called leaves, connected by hinged allowing them to be steerable, retractable, collapsible, and a frame of wood serving as a framework.

The screen used to protect the corner of a room against drafts (hence its name) and provide privacy. The word comes from the Chinese Pinyin and there, in China, pinyin also served to protect the demons.

Modern Screen: futuristic aesthetic solution

We will present screens workshops Exteta architects (the above photo), Colé (the photo below) Deesawat Donostia, Wogg Rica Rossato, Nola Star, all registered on the website Architonic¹, a real source products, ideas and information architecture and design.

screen-school geometry-variable

The screens of today and tomorrow and will remain functional. What is changing and change is the aesthetic concept that really changed much lately. Beauty is in the variable geometry! We are looking for simple geometric forms, it makes sacred minimalism but idolizing and thus mixing techniques and existing styles.

Screen of Deesawat

The screens are usually made of wood. Wood is a noble material from which to create decorative objects and more massive furniture or thin and light.

Deesawat wood futuristic-screen

Screen Donostia

The screen can be made from metal. To search more malleability and lightness, the screen can be made of aluminum, a metal poor but easily deformable. And you see the result! You have a clean, modern and very stylish that can be placed in an office, a medical office or why not in a bedroom located in an ultra-modern space inside.

Product-screen donostia-blinds

Screen Wogg Rica

You are in the presence of the counterpart of the screen of Donostia (the above photo). Thereof, directed by Wogg Rica, wood, and is made of thin wooden slats horizontal rows. Ideal for the office canteen or possibly for the living room of your home, it is convenient, clean and modern.

screen wogg-rica-wood

The screen of Rossato

The examples we will propose you to see screens of Rossato are the most numerous. Their shapes are very interesting because really futuristic. Wooden panels cut into small partitions are adjustable in diametrically opposite directions to provide privacy for a screen which is acquired first.

Empire-screen Rossato-wood-fold

The image shown below shows you what the panels cut into small partitions look because it is taken to close.

Empire-screen Rossato-image-taking-pres-1

When the panels line up, you get a nice colored wall with small partitions each imitate a noble material, namely wood and marble. The screen can also have the role and look modern and pretty separator wall.

Empire-screen Rossato-wood

The second model we would like to present is that shown in the image below. The panels are always steerable but the principle is a bit different. Partitions are rectangular and represent over long wooden slats. The first function, namely to provide privacy is ensured through the complex geometry that takes the screen space.

Empire-Rossato-folding screen

The third model is one of the most original and interesting models that one can find on the market screens! Foldable, adjustable and retractable, this wooden object very dark brown color is light, practical and aesthetic!

Empire-screen Rossato-model-hudson

The following model, Stuart Rossato, is a piece of art. Taking almost the same colors as the first models of Rossato that we have shown, this screen is nevertheless made entirely of metal. Less original than the previous, it nevertheless has more aesthetic characteristics as previous undeniable!

Rossato-screen stuart-fold-design-variable-geometry

Rossato-screen design-geometrized

Nola Star Screen

Screens Nola Star are made of wood or plastic. Wood keeps its primary qualities, namely its material, its natural color, etc. The wood is naturally processed, that is to say cut, polished and lacquered. The unfolding of the screen itself is exactly like an expandable accordion door. Yet it has more the air of a pretty plaid curtain as a door accordion.

screen product-nola-star-wood

The model is available in color very, very dark.

screen nola-star-tile-wood

Nola Star offers other parts separators, this time into suspension. Like a giant curtain, the following screen curtain, in solid colors, falls freely, forming a large room divider screen and embellishes it with its image with rosehip rosehips scarlet color.

nola-screen star-image-floral-color

In a room or in an ultra modern loft furnished in black and white, minimalist style, such a screen curtain suspended in bright colors can qu'égayer sterile atmosphere. The choice of this screen is suspended preferred choice of installing a conventional type screen because of the dimensions of the room and especially the height of it. In the presence of such a height, a classic screen would be lost.

nola-screen star-separator-piece-nice

¹ https://www.architonic.com/en

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