The restaurant decoration: a full time job –

The restaurant decoration: a full time job

royal style restaurant decoration

It may not be there to pass time more enjoyable and therapeutic and dinner in a sophisticated restaurant. The exquisite cuisine associated with the beautiful design and the friendly company create a wonderful atmosphere.

As the theme of our magazine is the design, we have decided to focus on the decorative restaurant. The selection we made for you reveal the interiors of upscale restaurants around the world. Although they are not among the top restaurants in the world, each of them has a specific character that makes it worthy for the most demanding people. Quite different styles, all the examples chosen show an extreme attention to detail, a choice of materials and colors impeccable and an aspiration towards perfection. You still are not convinced? Browse through the following photos then!

Decorative wooden contemporary restaurant

decorative wood ceiling restaurant tables

restaurant decor with bright colors


simple design restaurant with luminaries suspensions

decorated glass suspensions restaurant lighting

Restaurant in richly decorated columns

restaurant design ornaments columns

chic Hotel Restaurant white decoration

White luxury hotel restaurant decoration

multicolored chairs in contemporary restaurant

decorative restaurant brilliant colors

Decoration saturated colors in unusual design restaurant

original decoration black red restaurant

Luxury restaurant with wooden furniture and classic paintings

Deco classic chic restaurant

Yellow restaurant decoration, green and white

Deco rich green contemporary restaurant

red bar design modern restaurant

Unique Deco restaurant design

Contemporary restaurant decoration paintings

Deco walls modern restaurant posters

Modern red black deco restaurant

Japanese restaurant unusual decoration

spacious restaurant dark brown wood furniture

romantic restaurant style developed chairs

rich tapestry decorated restaurant

blue velvet curtains white restaurant decoration

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