Set up a microphone studio- apartment Mighty Mouse –

Set up a microphone studio- apartment Mighty Mouse

develop a design studio sliding panels

The apartment Mighty Mouse, designed by Australian architect Nicholas Gurney is an interesting solution to the problem of urban space limited. The tiny apartment has an area of ​​only 27 square meters and is located in Woolloomooloo, a suburb east of downtown Sydney, Australia.

The mini studio is using some white sliding panels that allow access to different living areas while hiding others and includes all the essential elements of modern apartment. This is how to manage a studio successfully!

Up a studio successfully

develop a micro-studio apartment Mighty-Mouse

The project is an exercise in quality design, small and cheap. The micro apartment presents the solution for the future in terms of demographics. The density of the population, still stronger, requires measures to facilitate urban life and Mighty Mouse apartment has the solution.

Drawing up a studio

develop a micro-kitchen-minimalist studio

The palette of black, yellow and red is inspired by Mighty Mouse or Mighty Mouse. It's is a cartoon character with a punch well above its size. An allusion to the possibilities that the microphone apartment offers and its enormous potential.

The kitchen in the micro apartment

develop micro-studio-design-Nicolas-Gurney

Bedroom of the future

up a studio room-bedroom-red

There's even space for bicycles

develop a micro-library-yellow studio

The exterior of the building in Sidney

up a studio apartment Mighty-Mouse

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