trend colors for a contemporary interior –

trend colors for a contemporary interior

color trend contemporary interior modern sofa lounge chair orange flowers deco floor mats blue armchair suspended luminaire

Want to dress your walls and restore color tend to your home? The choice of color is a delicate stage. The right color combination is an exercise not to be taken lightly.

Each color has its field of action within the human emotional palette. Like a painter who draws, we choose the colors according to our psychological state. Loving a particular color is not a coincidence. You certainly color clothes you like to wear because you feel good inside. If you start listening to yourself in the morning, you will naturally feel what colors are right for you to start the new day. What is the trend colors of this year ? We are here to give you the answer to this question.

Trend colors: Contemporary interior with original decoration

trendy colors deco original color combination trend idea gray lounge chair cushions deco frame

Orange lifts the spirit, boosts energy and brings a cheerful feeling. For a dynamic day, you can put the red. It symbolizes the strength, passion and ambition. Yellow is associated with intellect, while green is blue are harmonious colors, balance, of purity. Purple is the color of meditation, white is a color representing the freshness and purity. Finally, a curious detail. One of the most worn colors - black - is actually synonymous with elegance, but also a shade that tends to put distance between him dressed in black and others.

Trend colors, interior by High Fashion Home

color trend lounge furnishings idea Association low heel color painting table wall decor glass ihigh-fashion home

For this reason, it is very important to find the right color that will make your home a special place and that will fit best with the mood you want to make. The golden rule when you want color in your home says, never combine more than three colors. A contemporary interior is a harmonious and functional interior.

Trend colors: blue combination, yellow and white for harmonious interior and tender

trendy colors living wall decoration idea blue chair floor mats ottoman blue curtain

What colors are trendy this year? In fashion and interior design, we always find the same range of pastel colors, tonics, neutral, bright and fresh colors and different associations. Here is a selection of fifty examples contemporary interiors beautifully combining different shades. Warm colors and cold, light and dark, the choice of colors will depend of the room, your living and your tastes.

Trend colors: red and light blue combination

trendy colors match colors kitchen center island kitchen light fixture hanging red stool dining table white wooden chair flowers

The colors should be part of a logic with the decor. When you enter a room, often one can experience two feelings: a sense of well-being or a feeling of discomfort. This feeling keeps the balance and harmony. Regardless of volumes and colors, indeed your impression is caused by the balance between the various component elements the room. A light color enlarges small parts, a dark color can bring intimacy and heat sensation in a large room. White enhances the bright colors that surround it. The living rooms like the kitchen, the dining room or living room are "social" places. Strong and bright colors will go well. The most intimate rooms like the bathroom or the bedroom like soft, fresh colors.

Trend colors: Modern living room with blue sofa

trendy colors furnishings living room sofa idea blue carpet of yellow gray wooden chair design floor

Contemporary interior room in a house

Modern living room sofa idea color white blue armchair cushion mats

original decoration trendy colors match colors kitchen deco salon white blue red

Bedroom in blue and yellow

combine colors tend idea pendant light

Lounge with a light blue painted wall

colors trendy lounge decor painting wall blue transparent curtain redwood office design

Contemporary interior living room in blue and red

trendy color blue chair cushion red patterns beige sofa

Kitchen modern interior combining more than three colors blue, red, brown and blacktrendy colors kitchen wooden table blue chair suspended luminaire design Contemporary furnishings modern living room decor trend colors associate color contemporary bathroom design idea Modern living room sofa combination colors wall decoration idea color trend idea yellow armchair coffee table living room deco design wall painting color design idea bedroom interior modern yellow khaki white design stool design sheets amy lau interior bedroom floor mat soft color idea blue design modern white kitchen refrigerator mat red bathroom furniture design room color design idea Deco bed lamp idea blue color lounge chair yellow chair composition decor frames contemorain room Interior color idea color living room sofa white blue idea blue ottoman stool floor mats idea Planning shelves blue orange cushion seating mat mirror shelf gray lounge coffee table Association colors idea bath room tiled bath red design room floor mats black bed luminaire design shelves furnishings soft color room bed sleeping two up Deco Deco modern lounge furniture transparent framework wall flooring design development kitchen layout idea central island yellow chair deco trend colors plant modern kitchen color combination blue chair suspended central island lamp color combination yellow room carpet floor white stool orange cushion blue child design wall decor picture frame color paint parquet pattern light blue wall trendy color orange blue bedroom wall decor bedroom lamp design modern gray development bedroom papeir painted bed idea gray sofa cushion design orange suspended luminaire units kitchen layout central wood pendant light wood chair island Deco trend wall yellow blue mat bed cushion Stonewood modern bedroom interior design contemporary interior mat brown wall blue paint room design idea interior white wall deco bed layout design green gray cushions gray wardrobe associate the color pink sofa white black floor mats modern lounge chair deco design yellow table mat contemporary lounge furnishings original idea blue pendant luminaire design sofa bedroom bed frame deco mirror floor mats'room bedroom blue chair blue furniture

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