Painting living room: 2015 trends illustrated by 30 photos

Painting living room: 2015 trends illustrated by 30 photos

The choice of color is an important step in the decoration of the house. It defines the atmosphere perceived in each space. What colors to choose for your living room?

Here are some ideas and tips to enhance your walls.

Painting Lounge

light and bright colors, dark and comfortable, warm or cold palette for your ... painting living room is wide. The most important is to choose shades with due account of your temperament. The colors you like, that reflect your personality and make you feel good. If, for example, you want a relaxing space, opt for green, blue or purple. If, however, you are looking to give energy to the room, orange, yellow and red are the colors that should dominate.

green paint Living Room

Green Room Painting

gray and white staircase overlooking living green paint

light green stairway Salon

Bright orange lounge

orange lounge Painting

clear paint furniture, furnishings and decor cheerful colors Etsy

living colors

Try to better define your parts. Want to optical illusions? Know that the light walls reflect light, tend to aerate and to enlarge. In contrast, dark colors create an effect of reducing the space. By adjusting this parameter, you can give the impression of a larger room, smaller, deeper, wider, narrower, higher, brighter and warmer.

Intervene finally on the decoration and furniture, to keep a balance and give a glamorous look to your home. If you choose to create a painting living room clear, opt for a floor, furniture and decorative objects darker (contrast to a dark room).

If we refer to Feng Shui, the warm colors like red, orange or yellow are energizing, and are suitable for rooms where friendliness and action are in order, while cool tones are reserved for rest rooms, meditation room or reading room, bathroom or bedroom.

The colors really have powers on the overall look of the home, but also on mood. To you therefore to choose which are made for you!

Blue lounge Painting

Painting living room: 2015 trends illustrated by 30 photos

Each person has his preference for one color more than another. Some love the red and orange, others prefer the shades of blue and green. This choice is indeed a reflection of our personality, our mood and emotions. The colors create the whole atmosphere in the room. In the living room, we can afford to experiment and choose the color features of his desires while taking into account its size. By cons, in rooms such as the bedroom and workspace, choosing shades that stimulate relaxation and concentration.

Idea clear blue paint saloonpainting blue living room decor wall white sofa

The aubergine is very trendy these days. It is permanently installed in the interiors of contemporary living. As paint for the walls, it is advisable to use it sparingly. Paint the walls of his living room in this color is not recommended because it visually overwrite your interior. Expressive and elegant, as soon as it is present, the color eggplant brings depth to the piece. Did you know that purple and purple was associated with royalty?

Painting gray area and sofa aubergine Painting living room sofa eggplant

white living room with blue velvet sofaPainting living room: 2015 trends illustrated by 30 photos

clear and bright living room

Clear Painted Room

The parlor imposes light colors for walls. This visually enlarges the workpiece and makes it faster. We reserve dark colors for furniture. With the large living room, we can afford to experiment with colors and create beautiful contrasts.

Stay cathedral with contrasting colors

clear paint Fair ground dark

The living room with walls in dark tones unfold very elegant. The black paint or dark gray suits very well to a salon that wants luxury and retro. It is combined with golden frames, a Moroccan table and silver velvet chair, thick curtains, dark wood.

dark paint furniture, furnishings and floor clear

Paint dark living room design

Former house with living in dark walls

cozy old fireplace lounge

very stylish loungeModern black living room

Marry white and gray is always successful choice. To bring more character to the room, add furniture and decorative objects in bright colors and potted plants. This formula is often applied in the Scandinavian-style interiors.

modern living light shades

cozy living room clear paint

The design of the living room designed by Ramy Fischler is extraordinary. Part of a private and modern Paris apartment located in the place of the British, the color of parquet wood fades gradually and becomes white.

modern Parisian apartment transformed by Ramy Fischler

Art deco Paris Salon

This small lounge designed by Jessica Helgerson is a perfect example how can we marry gray and white paint. The corner sofa with his Aztec patterns bring originality and a touch of very pleasant feel. The mural of black frames is very abstract and interesting.

design Show Jessica Helgerson

Design Show dark colored ceiling

Blue is the favorite color of over 80 people people in Europe. It is not surprising, as soon as you see, you feel immediately better. It is the color of the sky and the ocean. With its energy power, it is a hue that goes into every room of the house. The lounge included. You can afford to mix several shades of blue. Even in large doses, blue never seems too imposing.

blue paint Salon

Blue Lounge

Dare to mix different shades of blue

Art Painting Exhibition

blue walls Salon

blue living room stay

You are energetic nature and you love entertaining guests at home? The warm colors are then made for you! To bring the vitality and warmth to your living room, paint one of your walls in orange or red. A wall in one of these colors is enough to make the atmosphere of your room even more user friendly.

Idea orange paint pastel living room

orange lounge

If you like to relax at home after long day of work and you do not often organize parties at home, design your living room in light tones. Add more light wood furniture, potted plants and comfortable furniture.

Scandinavian interiorwhite Sejour

stay contrast pop

dark parquet living

brown beige walls stay

paint design stay by Hugo Diego

brown walls stay white ceiling

brown paint stay

paint whitewash lime stay

Paint your stay clear

living walls decorative effect

painting cream stay

color block walls stay

natural lime paint stay