modern interior ceilings for each 45 interesting ideas

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Many people prefer ceilings simple design to decorate their interior. Sometimes it is the fact of not knowing that there are other more interesting options for the ceiling but mostly it is believed that simply cap is easier to maintain and therefore the best solution.

The ceilings Simple white and are fine but there are also other more modern ways for the ceiling decoration.

Ideas modern and interesting ceilings

elegants idea deco ceilings

In this article we have made a small selection of 45 original ideas and design that can perhaps inspire you and help to make a ceiling unusual decor of your rooms at home. You will find decorative ceilings in colors other than white, with wooden beams, with moldings etc ... Look!

Design ceiling decorated with wooden beams

Design wood beamed ceilings

When one refers to the ceiling for our homes, what comes to mind is white, smooth and flat. Despite all the incredible steps that are performed in the design and decoration of the rest of the house, the ceiling seems to be something that escapes our mind quite easily.

Deco Modern patio

Modern design patio ceilings

Whether it is the living room or dining room, the kitchen or the bedroom, a beautiful ceiling in all its originality can give a room a unique, inimitable and individual that also leaves a special impression in spirit of all who see it.

House with interior design and original ceiling

wood ceilings design idea

The perfect ceiling design varies according to the room and the house and according to the available space. It also depends on the walls and the general theme of the house. There are countless designs and colors to choose from.

original ceiling geometric shapes

white design ceilings interesting

Idea wooden rustic style

deco ceilings rustic

wood and metal design ceiling

ultra modern deco ceilings

The wooden ceilings gives a natural and rustic style to any interior. Wood is not only easy to install, but also thanks to him, the indoor temperature is always nice. Besides, if you can, opt for a wooden floor, also. The two complement each other perfectly.

modern interior decor with interesting ceiling

wood ceiling decoration idea

What ceilings choose coverings for your home? There are indeed several types most used of which are the ceiling tiles, which is an economical and made of polystyrene or polyurethane.

Deco patio with contemporary ceiling

deco ceiling patio design

Wood paneling, they are to be fixed on a suspended ceiling. They are very pretty and usually wood or metal imitation. The drywall are equally suited for suspended ceilings and are ideal for more creativity.

Contemporary interior with white ceiling

deco white wood ceilings

There are a variety of different colors and textures. The ceiling coating provides additional decorative touch to your room, the warmth and brightness, depending on the type. Some ceiling coverings are decorative enough, but if you want even add a personal touch you can do it with wallpaper or paint.

Wooden ceiling Deco deco ceiling modern idea

Remember that this custom modern ceiling is a great way to add depth to a room using interesting geometric structures.

interesting interior bed bedroom ceiling deco wood

Modern ceilings have a significant impact on each piece. The ceiling is something you see often, especially if you stay lying on your couch for your moments of rest. A room with a high ceiling can look more cozy appearance when covered with a hot or dark. On the other hand, lighter ceiling shades visually increase space, as well as patterns or colors similar to those walls.

Bedroom with white ceiling wood bed bedroom ceiling white deco design

Keep things in proportion is generally a good idea - keep the big reasons for the spacious rooms and delicate textures and ornaments for small spaces.

Bedroom with modern decor bed bedroom ceiling original design

Modern ceilings made from wallpaper

deco ceiling idea

The wallpaper is generally suitable for flat ceilings, inclined and irregular, and the wide range of patterns and textures on the market offers endless design possibilities. Your house she beamed ceiling or other characteristic that you want to get attention? Choose a color or an interesting pattern. If your ceiling is sloping and irregular, so choose a solid paper and put it to the places you want to highlight.

Interior decoration industrial style industrial interior deco ceiling

If there are exposed pipes, ducts or electrical son ceiling you want to hide, then the suspended ceiling or ceiling is for you! It is made of lightweight materials on metal structure. This type of ceiling to good thermal insulation and is known for its ability to easily hide imperfections of the main ceiling.

Original decor in black and white interior black white modern deco
Let us return to the colors. The painted ceilings of dark colors like gray, navy blue or black create a dramatic feeling and at the same time intimate in a room. As you know, these shades can give a lower ceiling appearance. The spaces with high ceilings and abundant natural light are a great choice for experiencing a darker color. To emphasize your dark ceiling, use a light color for your walls that will contrast well with the ceiling. Then, add an original luminaire and light to sublimate all.

Interior design wood deco inner timber ceiling

Paint the ceiling a bright and brilliant color like turquoise, orange or yellow, adds energy and interest to any space. This is an excellent choice if you have white walls and neutral furnishings. The ceilings with bright colors, they are perfect for spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms for children.

Deco furniture with wooden ceiling deco ceiling wooden house

There are a wide range of ceiling that you can discover through our images, so keep contemplate and use your imagination to find what will your interior space.

deco wall wood ceiling

deco ceiling patio design

interior decoration modern ceiling house

Design modernbe wood ceiling

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Design interesting wood ceilings

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Modern ceiling design idea

Original deco ceiling modern idea

interior wood ceiling design

deco design rustic interior

original ceiling design timber interior

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Original ceiling deco house

wood ceiling skylight design

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Design wooden ceiling beams

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deco ceiling white idea

decoration original wood ceilings living-deco-original-idea

living room design interesting ceiling

deco ceiling room bed

deco ceiling wood beams

decoration false ceiling light

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ceiling original design

false suspended ceiling

ceiling original design

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ceiling lift-dark lounge


modern interior ceilings for each 45 interesting ideas