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Radiator cover design over 60 original ideas

white cover design radiator cabinet
What Cache design radiator to choose ? Discover our selection of over 60 ideas of modern radiator covers and design. It is true that the radiators are rarely aesthetic. If your radiators are not very decorative patterns, but you do not want to renovate your entire house or undertaking complicated jobs to replace with designer radiators, then the best way to make discrete and elegant, is to hide!

There are many solutions. You can opt for a wooden radiator cover, a casing with standard grid or melt into the background by painting.

Radiator cover design in white with grid

design radiator hides grid

The radiator cover has many advantages. It obscures the radiator, but some also offer additional features: storage space, shelves and other. If your radiator is next to the window, you can create a reading corner by placing several cushions on your radiator cover and a small library next.

Radiator cover design wooden

Cache design radiator wood furniture idea

If you are not a great handyman, it is advisable, instead of installing your radiator cover yourself, to hire a professional carpenter. Otherwise, when you are quite an experienced handyman, it is possible to manufacture it himself. If your heater is old and cast iron, radiator cover will not apply very well because of its heating power efficient.

Cache design radiator with grating

design radiator cover furniture living room

How to hide your radiator? One of the simplest solutions, the least expensive and least expensive is to repaint it. You can ensure that he founded with the decor in the repainting of the same color as your wall. In this way, it will become very discreet, even invisible throughout your home.

Radiator cover design Jaga

design radiator hides bath room furniture

We must choose a special paint radiator. In general, for standard sized radiators (4 m2), a can of paint is sufficient. In addition, you will need brushes (experts recommend those tail Cod), a brush rechampir for inaccessible areas and a paint roller for the flat parts.

very original idea: radiator turned into library

radiator cover radiator storage deco idea mat

Another simple solution is to cover up your radiator with furniture. easy solution to apply, simply take the measurements of your radiator and to find the right furniture or tinkering yourself. This trick will save you an extra storage space. This can either be decorated is used to deposit your keys and mail.

Cache conventional radiator

hide design radiator inside table wall decor idea blue room

The radiator cover may be completely invisible when an extension of a cabinet. A tip handy in this respect: do not forget to provide easy access to the radiator if necessary!

How to hide his radiator with a wall bookcase

Cache classic wood design radiator shelves modern interior storage idea

Furniture that may well hide a radiator cover are diverse: wall bookcases, closets and cabinets ... It all depends on the space available in the area above your radiator or around it.

discreet and elegant wooden model with shelf or bench

Cache radiator idea deco design houseplant

The cache radiator bench is one of our favorite solutions. If your radiator is located next to the window, so why not give this a try? In this way, it will become a full cabinet that you can turn into reading corner. Sitting in the hot, with a book and a beautiful view of the outside, is really a tempting idea ...

Example cabinet with wall shelves and closed storage concealing a radiator along a wall

Cache wood-shelves-Lower-office automation idea radiator

We talked earlier solutions that include conceal a radiator behind furniture with storage. This convenient option is ideal for small interiors. The cabinet, with open or closed storage, will conceal your radiator while offering additional space for your books or decorative items.

Optimize the space in the bathroom with a cabinet that conceals its radiator

design radiator with cover-storage-shelf-toilets

The same option is ideal for the installation of a bathroom or toilet toilet. Here, additional storage space is always appreciated. We advise you to paint your cabinet in the same color as your walls to facilitate its entry into the decor of the room.

Organize a corner around its radiator cover

Cache radiator furniture-design-wall bracket

In the living room, a cabinet-shaped radiator cover can also allow you to create a little piece apart. It's a beautiful idea for large open spaces that require organization in several areas. Transform the space around your heater in a console cabinet. Use it to put it a vase, a bedside lamp or some magazines. To make this even more cozy corner, think about Deco options with an armchair or mini sofa.

Manufacturing a pallet wooden cabinet to conceal its radiators

design radiator cache-to-oneself-pallet-wood

A designer radiator cover that takes the form of a DIY Deco furniture? Make yourself such an element is not that complicated. To save money, we will use wood pallets that can easily recover from a shop or a construction site. DIY project will be realized by removing the pallets and cutting pieces of sufficient size to his radiator. We will not forget to paint the boards thus obtained to harmonize its creation with the rest of the interior!

Furnishings: modern radiator cover

modern interior idea modern wooden radiator design screen

Devotees design furniture can choose between several furniture models to hide their wall heaters. In addition to conventional models that occupy much of the wall around the heating source, it is also now less demanding solutions in terms of space.

Radiator cover design wooden radiator cover deco design wood windows plant idea

They are designed to wrap only the gates of the radiator without spread around it. This model is ideal for those who dream to hide their radiators without losing space around their windows.

bathroom for space saving model

Cache radiator white high-idee design

Discover our selection and choose the solution that best suits your tastes and your needs:

Furniture idea radiator cover

White wooden radiator cover interior design modern living room idea

How to hide a radiator

dressing room designer radiator hides storage shelves window decoration idea

Idea of ​​modern radiator cover

Cache radiator integrated plant design idea wood floor deco interior mats

Cache wooden radiator modern style

Cache design wooden radiator idea jaga reading corner window bench

Radiator cover blank design

hide radiator modern interior design idea

Cache radiator design idea wood flooring modern design furnishings living room decoration idea

Cache design radiator decoration idea wall frame flower bouquet

Cache radiator design idea interior decorative plant

Cache design radiator design wooden decoration idea entry

Modern design radiator grille hides bed cushions design ideas gray curtains

convenient idea to hide inside a radiator modern furnishings design idea

white cover design radiator wooden window reading nook cushions

Cache radiator design idea modern interior decor wall art deco lounge chair

metal radiator cover design elegant modern interior living room idea

radiator white design idea table conceal a radiator input black and white tiles

hide radiator idea original wallpaper design entrance

hide radiator modern interior decor idea wood flower carpet parquet wood

hide design modern deco design parquet wood interior radiator idea

Cache design radiator wall deco painting flowers chair cushions design idea

idea hide a wooden radiator shelf storage room design

Cache radiator grille design ikea decoration idea

hide radiator hide radiator quilted design concept living room sofa cushions gray

Cache design wooden radiator cheap brick wall idea industrial style design frames Deco

Cache interior design radiator grille decoration idea development

idea hide a table wall mirror entry radiator design wooden floor mat

Cache dressing radiator design idea white wooden bench deco wall idea interior design living room wooden floor cushions

hide radiator idea modern lounge chair deco design idea design idea design

Skin design radiator frame design idea interior deco apartment idea stool wood library shelf

dress radiator idea deco wall frames design white wooden radiator cover deco armchair bed wall idea interior room idea to hide a radiator Deco candles books storage idea Cache classic white design wood bedroom furniture wood chair cushions radiator idea desing design wall tiling window idea hide a table design radiator wall gray mat invisible interior art deco wooden radiator cover modern interior design idea bedroom conceal a radiator idea table mat wall decoration cushions frames Cache radiator DIY decoration idea flowers round mirror idea wooden floor lamp radiator cover wood design modern interior idea radiator idea window hide a radiator corner reading luminaire suspension Cache radiator idea bamboo plant modern interior decor idea radiator furniture design idea modern design radiator hides inside wall decor bamboo mat frames dining room design idea wood table lamp white chair suspended Deco table radiator hide Cache design white radiator idea salo gray sofa coffee table plant white armchair Cache design radiator idea room decor plant development bath Radiator cover design over 60 original ideas

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