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41 ideas for a design and modern mirror

round mirror design trend chaise lounge

The mirror is a cult object for women since the beginning of time but what is interesting is that nowadays it is men who spend more time in front of the mirror.

That's why a mirror design is something mandatory for modern and contemporary interior.

An unusual design for an original interior mirror modern design mirror wall deco glass table

And no, think again - the great deco mirror is not just for narcissistic. A beautiful wall mirror can be even a work of art if it is selected according to the interior design. The deco mirror reflects light and creates an optical illusion of a larger space. So if you have decided to refresh at your interior design start by choosing a beautiful deco mirror. Look at them design mirrors we found to help you choose:

square shaped mirrorsquare mirror design trend plant

While initially li mirror was invented as an object designed to look at his reflection, then today it has also become a decorative element at home. There is a wide choice of design mirrors of different shapes and styles.

interesting form of mirror designmirror original form trend

Besides being a decorative element, the mirror accentuates your interior while granting it a particular style. It provides more light and has the power to make the inner part in a more open area.

Mirror consisting of small round mirrorsRound mirror lamp design trend walk

In addition, the mirror can dress up some objects and furniture by transforming them into a room full of modern style.

modern mirror shaped tree , Iroir tree design

Looking for a design mirror for your bathroom? Indeed, this is the room where it was most likely to be watching and taking care of yourself. Moreover it is an essential place to have a mirror. Usually it is placed over the sink but you can also choose another location. The matter is that it takes a place with more light.

A design and original mirrormirror original design

Choose a small mirror or a large size? You choose according to your needs. Bathroom, you should know that you would have to clean it often because of the moisture and vapor. So have at hand is pretty important. Choose it depending on the style of the bathroom - simple, modern or vintage. It can also be equipped with light or a small cabinet.

Design mirror for an original interior

mirror modern design living room

Having a mirror in his bedroom is a real advantage. So you can take a look at your reflection first thing in the morning or just after you dressed. Some love to have mirrors everywhere in the room. Whether above bed beside, in front and on the dressing table. As in the bathroom, use a mirror design that is consistent with the general atmosphere.

Modern braided mirror effect mirror modern decor

What do you think of a mirror in the entrance? The entrance is the room we see first and last in a house. This is the place where you can take a last look at our appearance before going out, something that is very important. Many people want to take a peek at their look after putting on their coats and shoes. Choose a simple mirror and large enough to enjoy it. However, some avoid putting the mirror opposite the door because according to Feng Shui it can get energy through the door.

For an elegant decor - a stylish silver mirror mirror elegant design

The great seers generally mirrors are highlighted in the lounge. This is the room where we can afford more freedom and thus the mirror design will become an essential element of decoration.

unusual and original form of Mirrors Original unusual design mirror

There are mirror design that are only made to decorate your interior and bring the lights. Some are really not practical to look into it. So before you buy must be careful what one wants to have resulted in the end.

Beautiful and practical cabinets with mirrors armoirs living mirror

If your ultimate goal is to enlarge your room, then bet for a large piece of mirror design. Keep it simple for the impression of having a crystal extending to infinity.

round mirrors and retro design for input input round mirror

Very small mirrors, however, are for those who want to watch their reflection face. They are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens why not.

disco mirror-like pink lips mirror frame pink lips

And if your goal is to add a light in you, then you must ask your mirror facing a window to get the desired result. In addition, the mirrors can showcase your items if you lay nearby. Try and be surprised with the result!

very interesting mirror composed of small hearts Mirror design hearts

For a modern decor - mirrors "birds" Design mirrors animals

Large mirror in a living room with luxurious decor mirror deco design lounge

Original Mirror "array" mirror fan designDeco mirror to the wallmirror unusual design

Interestingly shaped mirror glassesMirror interesting design

Deco mirror with light frame original design wall mirror

mirror original design

mirror embossed design

bathroom mirror design

unusual deco mirror

Design LED mirror

original modern mirror

modern bathroom mirror

mirror round wall

original black frame mirror

bathroom mirror

living room wall mirrors

modern original mirrors

original touch mirror

mirror modern TV

mirror modern futuristic style

vanity mirror classic design

deco original form mirror

deco mirror door saloon

decorative mirror room bed

design decorative wall mirror

Decorative modern living room mirror

bath room mirror design

mirror modern deco living room

mirror living rectangular

large wall mirror dining room

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