Deckchair suspended and recliner –

Deckchair suspended and recliner

white deckchair pool furniture

For maximum relaxation at home, inside or outside, treat yourself to one of these models suspended lounge chair or chair to relax! Like rest by lying down on a deck chair in your garden, on the terrace or in your favorite room in the house?

In this case, you can choose from today, a recliner model through this article.

Deckchair suspended garden in red and black

relax furniture hanging chair

The main model of relax chair that we present today is suspended lounger, also sometimes called "dream chair." The origin of his form there, both, long classic chairs and those used for sunbathing. The modern lounge chair is an heiress to a kind of bed that already existed in ancient Egypt and was very popular in the Greco-Roman antiquity: it was used in banquets during which the guests would gather around food and not sitting beverages, but lying in chairs of this type. It was a clean habit to those who lived a comfortable life and probably since the time that chairs of this type are associated with comfort and pleasure.

deck chair suspended wooden model

lounger suspended deco outside of idea

Today, the chaise longue has changed some function, because it is a typical accessory for terraces and outdoor gardens. However, it remains synonymous with relaxation and pleasure. In his current position, it also covers a part of the task lounger chairs, folding furniture, used early, on ocean liners. By the mid-20th century, this chair has become very popular with the development of beaches where it was adopted for sunbathing.

Example suspended lounger chair with dual recliner

transatlantic design chair sunbathing

The chair suspended along over the functions of the furniture to give us maximum comfort today, inside and outside. It exists in modern and ergonomic versions for one or two persons, equipped with additional accessories that make its use even more enjoyable, such as sheltered sun. The lounge chair on the top image is from the collection of the British company Jarder, spécilalisée in producing outdoor furniture. With its products sold in more than 100 countries around the world, it is one of the important brands of outdoor furniture design, appreciated for comfortable and aesthetic solutions it offers its customers.

Deckchair suspended for one person, with cushions, by Jarder

lounger cushions suspended design

The characteristic shape of the suspended deck chair and those of others hanging recliners, is borrowed from the hammock design. Originally invented by a part of the American population, the hammock was recycled to become a bed in large ships where he was appreciated for saving space it offered. With the evolution of manners in the 20th century, the hammock has become a popular accessory for Travel and for the development of gardens and terraces. Just like the lounge chair, it is a synonym of relaxation, relaxation and far niente warmer days of late spring and summer.

Deckchair suspend in white rattan

lounge chair rattan hanging furniture garden

Because of their popularity and convenience they offer, chairs and hanging chairs have now found their place not only outside holiday homes, but also in the design of the interior. Models of the suspended lounge chair and foot to chairs are manufactured in several types of material, more traditional, such as iron, wood and rattan, and more original like copper.

Deckchair suspended copper inside

chair interior design and decoration

Furniture for outdoor use are also suitable for closed spaces such as porches and patios. However, the reverse is not always the case, as some materials reserved for use inside did not support well the climatic conditions in open spaces. Now here our entire collection of photos on suspended deck chair and recliner:

suspended deckchair for relaxation in the garden

deckchair garden chair relaxation

Transat garden lounger

lounger chairs outside

Chair deckchair and sunbed suspended

lounger hammock hanging chair

Relax chair for black garden

deckchair recliners garden

Double deckchair for relaxation on the terrace

relax chair double terrace

relaxing furniture for the garden: the deck chair suspended in white

garden design furniture relax

Double deckchair up

double hammock up

Deckchair hanging up red

design armchair relaxation chairs on feet

lounger model suspended with shelter from sun

deck chair garden furniture

Deckchair suspended for two

chair garden terrace transatlantic

pool deck and lounge chair suspended green

deckchair relax garden chairs

Glider wooden design

design chairs wood swing

Interior example with suspended lounger

chairs on lawn chair foot

Outside with resting suspended copper

models of suspended lounger

Recliner garden - two people

swing chair relaxing gardens

Armchair Double up for sunbathing

chair up sunbathing

lounger suspended white Proposal

deco deck chairs suspended

Relax chair in green garden

relax garden furniture chairs

design garden chair detail Jarder

development of garden design armchair

relaxation double armchair outdoor garden

garden swing chair relax

suspended Deckchair Deck by Jarder

hammock chair design ideas

dream chair for garden

Dream chair deco garden

Garden landscaping with suspended lounger

swings garden designer chairs

hammock chair outside design

relaxation chair furniture Resin

ideas garden and terrace long hanging chairs

lounger hanging gardens and terraces

garden outdoor recliners

Interior furnishings hanging chairs

deco design idea Outdoor garden armchairs

canapes ideas hanging garden

chair deckchair swing up

recliner armchairs gardens

Hanging chairs recliners

Design suspended garden chair

pool lounger hanging chairs

suspended garden chair

garden furniture copper chair

relaxation of chair design'interieur

Hamax relaxation foot on chair

hanging chair rattan furniture

deckchair sunbathing suspended

suspended modern outdoor lounge chair

chair hanging terrace pools

lounger suspended garden swing

hanging rattan chaise lounge furniture

bamboo chair garden swing

chairs terrace and garden

long garden chair chair up

chair relaxation garden chairs

ideas lounger gardens and terraces

black chair garden decoration

suspended patio lounger

garden long chair design

swings suspended garden chair

sunbathing terrace hammock chairs

deco chairs suspended from terrace

hammock chair up

dual recliner chair outside

chairs transatlantic garden design

chairs dream outdoor terraces

outdoor sunbathing

bath soileil hammock up

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