Console extensible- modern furniture, practical and aesthetic –

Console extensible- modern furniture, practical and aesthetic

entensible console design Glass-M.-Pozzoli G. Mauri

Many people believe that the consoles are generally decorative. their sole purpose is believed to display candles, vases and other decorative items. But in fact, this unit is very convenient and it is particularly easy to note, examining the extensible console.

This practical and aesthetic furniture serves several functions and adds a lot of charm with a modern interior. Examine the different models and their versatile applications in the living room, dining room and modern corridor.

Extensible console in different rooms


The idea of ​​a console table comes from classical architecture. At the time, the console was a flange on the wall serving as a support. Nowadays, the consoles are varied as to their design, manufacturing materials and their applications. Apart from perfect to store decorative items, they became functional furniture great. By placing a console in the entry, generally, it is used as storage space for the key, the phone and the storage compartment. In the bedroom, adding a mirror, it becomes the perfect hairdresser!

Extensible console and dining table


Expandable consoles, on the other hand, are much more functional, like the surface of their trays becomes much more important. Some models can be transformed into tables, making their use in the house or the apartment open plan handy. For short-square meter, extensible console is an indispensable piece of furniture. Put a console in the living room open onto the dining room and you'll discover as is practical. Other models have drawers that are well suited to store tablecloths, napkins and cutlery. Check out the following examples and ideas on extensible console and you'll probably find a place for it in your home.

Extensible console Giravolta, available Arredaclick

extensible console Giravolta-Arredaclick design

Italian design Metro'xelle by Ozzio

Extensible console Metro Italian design'xelle-Ozzio

Elvis, Design alberto Danese, available Cattelan Italia

extensible console Elvis Alberto Danese design

Desire by InFabbrica

extensible console design Desire InFabbrica

leather tray Console by Saxon Clark Interiors

stretch leather console tray-Saxon-Clark Interiors

Aluminum and glass table by InFabbrica

extensible panel-metal-glass-Wake-InFabbrica

Table Golia via Ozzio

extensible console Ozzio Golia m pozzoli g mauri

Corinto, available Arredaclick


Minima by Ozzio

extensible console design Minima Ozzio

Extensible console That, by Ozzio

This scalable console design Ozzio

Golia, design by M. and G. Pozzoli Mauri

Console-entensible-Golia-design-M.-Pozzoli G. Mauri

Convivium available Arredaclick




console-expanding compact-aesthetic

Extensible console modern design Pinocchio


Expandable console table eat black

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